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Posted by African Press International on October 25, 2007

This year’s general election is promising to be an uphill task for the presidential and parliamentary candidates to be precise. There are legion of issues and challenges to overcome to get to the desired goal.

At the presidential campaign level there are several emotive and
explosive issues and interest groups to deal with. They among others include Majimbo, economy, the youth, the women folk, unemployment, land, consumer prices, education fees, western world factor, Muslim factor, infrastructure, succession, tribalism etc.

The big trick lies in the articulation and propaganda. ODM have an edge over the rest on this one. The PNU have an edge in articulating achievement on the economy under Kibaki administration. However cost of living and consumer prices are eroding the achievements.

But a great catch is on Majimbo. It is a very emotive issue due to the underlying issues as on land, distribution of resources and tribal emotions. Unfortunately majimbo in Kenya is associated with chasing non indigenous or rather emigrant communities in their areas they have emigrated to. This not without a very bad precedent in the tribal clashes which locked mainly parts of Rift Valley 1992,1993, 1997,1998 and in Likoni in Coast province in 1997.

But however if majimbo does not mean chasing away other communities as perceived, it could be not be a bad idea if only it is meant for devolution in re-distribution of resources. The worst Kenya need at present is another tribal conflagration of any nature. It simply cannot entertain even the thought of it. Tourism the leading foreign exchange earner and with potential to grow enormously, would for instance go up in flames.

But politicians need to watch out, as the ambers of tribal hatred are very deep in the nation psyche. Tribal competition is on a time high. It only needs a little spark to take it to the next bad level. But one can bet that politicians will exploit it to the fullest. Any of the leading candidates able to employ the best tactics to align majority in numbers with due regard to tribes plus be able to lure more of the youth, women and the unemployed is guaranteed victory.

ikunda6.jpgBy Harrison Mwirigi Ikunda, API/APN correspondent, Nairobi. Kenya.

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