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Margaret Chibwe is a young Zambian women of only 26 years old.

Posted by African Press International on October 20, 2007

At this age she is already a mother of four children. To many women having such number of children is a blessing.

One would however ask as to whether Chibwe also considers her four children as a blessing indeed.

Chibwe and her four children are today residents of Kaloko Village also referred to as Kalimanshi in Chief Chama.

Chief Chamas land is in Kawambwa district and those who reach this place connect from Kawambwa to Chief Mushota we Lombe and then take a canoe to cross Pambashe River whose source is Ulufubu streams.

To those who have no strength to hold their breath for some good 45 minutes while sunk into the dugout canoe can never be privileged to view the nature Pambashe river offers as they cross the vast valleys also known as amasapa in the local language.

In this case one can then use a vehicle and should be prepared to drive around Pambashe river from Mushota We Lombe heading southeast until they meet a point where they have to cross a small bridge mounted near the source of the waters. The Ulufubu Bridge, according to most people in the area, was mounted a long time ago during Dr Kenneth Kaundas reign and they say it is no longer reliable.

This method of reaching Chief Chama by road takes too long as one has to cover a long bush distance before they branch off the road heading to Luwingu and then come to Chibote Mission.

After leaving Chibote Mission one would count several prominent villages while driving on a one lane bumpy and dusty road before reaching Kalokos Village where Chibwe and her four toddlers are squatting in what she terms a borrowed grass thatched house.

Chibwe was once married to Francis Chibwe from the same chiefdom but of another village. Like per local tradition after getting married to her namesake, Margaret Chibwe followed her husband to his village where they settled until they were blessed with three children.

Albeit Chibwe encountered some hurdles during her marriage, she accepted them as common in every union of two married persons.

Even whenever she suspected her husband of having extra marital relations with other women she was comfortable that she was at least married and everyone new her for that.

It was all well with Margaret Chibwe until 19th May 2003 when she received the most surprising news she has ever seen in her life.

Narrating her story in Bemba on the night of 2nd June 2007 Chibwe said: My husband left me on 19th May 2003. He left me for the sole purpose of inheriting a widow of a relative who died.

To Chibwes surprise her husband abandoned her with their three children and concentrated on the inherited widow.

Continuing her narration amid tears Chibwe said: This is the most difficult life any young women can ever experience and I wish this does not happen to anyone else. My husband never returned to our matrimonial home for three years and I had to fend for my children and myself. It appears he was encouraged by some of his relatives to take care of the inherited widow and not me.

The slender, short, still younger looking but hard working Chibwe added that she has taken a challenge to clothe her children, grow food for them, build a house for them, educate them should she afford and most of all strive to provide both fatherly and motherly love.

After staying away from us for three years my husband returned in 2006 and because of peoples intervention I accepted him in. Honestly I was convinced that now he had come back but I was surprise that after he impregnated me for the fourth child you see on me he went back to the inherited woman who warned him never to return to me again, Chibwe shed tears as she said this.

When she told Francis about he pregnancy he denied it and called her a prostitute.

His relatives joined him in denouncing and branding me a prostitute. His relatives came one day while it was raining and dragged me and the three children out of our matrimonial house. I carried my children and walked through the rain to a village close to here called Sashi were people offered us a small house to sleep, Chibwe said.

She said when she entered the borrowed house there she had literally nothing except the little clothes for the children and herself.

Chibwe said life was strange in a new village and with no fields of food to feed her children she lived with great shame.

She received every help offered by anyone and visited people of Kalokos village, where she was born and bred who also helped her in various ways.

It was difficult to find food for the three children while pregnant. I had to work both for food to feed the children and clothes for the new baby. When I sent for my husband that I had a new baby he responded that he had nothing to do with the pregnancy or baby. The new wife also sent a word that if he ever hears that her husband had seen her she would fry him alive, she said.

Just when Chibwe thought she was fitting into the society at Sashi Village, one evening the owners of the house she borrowed brought her stunning news.

They came and asked me to leave the house saying that they now what to use it for. Because of the pregnancy and lack of resources I could not manage to build our own house to cushion my family against this new development, she added.

Because Chibwe had no where to go and stay she stayed in the borrowed house until the owner removed her by force again in the rain.

After being thrown into the cold, Chibwe staggered with her small children and pregnancy across the next village, Kaloko where again a Good Samaritan, Ms Rosaria Chansa well known as Bana Regina, offered her an empty house to stay.

Chibwe and her four children are still staying in this borrowed house at Kalokos Village with hope that one day the small baby will get off her back to enable her construct a own house.

It is sad to lose a mother. I now think that perhaps it is better for a father to die first and not a mother because if my mother was still alive I would have had a bit of dignity left in me, cried out Chibwe.

Chibwes mother died some yeas ago. She has a father and a brother both married and living within Chief Chamas chiefdom.

In fact Chibwes father is the current rightful headman of Kalokos Village but he has abandoned his traditional role and shifted to another village where he has inherited a widow.

Mr Kalinima has left the village in the hands of a matrilineal relative whom many villagers consider inappropriate to handle village affairs well.

Chibwes father well knows as Mr Kalimina has never bothered to intervene in the marital problems his daughter has been experiencing for years despite being sent for.

She now considers both her father and mother dead and being of no sister or brother.

According to Chibwe the mother to her husband is the architect of the idea that he inherits a dead mans wife.

It is well know and documented that Zambia is one of the countries in the sub-Saharan Africa grappling with the problem of HIV/AIDS.

The country has also joined efforts aimed at mitigating the impact of this scourge on its citizens.

Various methods have been used to disseminate messages on the adverse impact of the HIV/AIDS and how one can avoid catching the virus.

It has also been realised that traditional leaders holds a strategic position in the country as they are custodians of all traditions, cultural values and preside over millions of the countrys citizens.

This is the reason why most organisations engaged in fighting AIDS have targeted chiefs, village headmen and other traditional leaders to help identify and discard or relax on certain traditions such as widow inheritance.

Widow inheritance is identified as one clear way HIV/AIDS can be passed on to uninfected persons. This is why institutions such as the winded up Zambia Integrated Health Programme (ZIHP) embarked on a robust campaign targeting traditional leaders to identify these traditions and find a way of avoid them.

Chief Chama is one of the traditional leaders in Zambia that have received appropriate knowledge on the danger of wife or husband inheritance sexual cleansing.

It is however sad that despite such efforts women such as Margaret Chibwe and many other should be still recording as victims of sexual cleansing.

Sexual cleansing here is going on and it appears village headmen are the ones condoning it because if Chief Chama knew about it he would have stopped it, added Chansa Chishala, another abandoned mother of five.

Chaishala joined Chibwe in appealing to organisations based in towns to spread their activities of sensitising people especially women on various life serving initiatives to rural communities.

We want women organisations based in town to come here and help women exploitation. Men here just go to inherited other women and they marry them leaving you with five children suffering with no one to fend for them, Chishala said.

Chishala and Chibwe knows many other women, some with grandchildren, who are now abandoned by husbands who have inherited other young widows.

We urge government and organisations helping exploited citizens especially women not to end up in Kawambwa. You must come to Mushota and cross Pambashe river to Chief Chama to see for yourselves what life is made of here, the two abandoned mothers offered their last appeal.

Mr Joshua Kabaso who lives at Chitalas Village feared the cases of Chibwe and Chishala will remain rife in the chiefdom as long education remains at its lowest ebb.

How can we stop the untold exploitation of women particularly the girl child in our area where education is never a priority. Look at that Chitala Primary School which was opened in 1966 but it is like a bush camp. There is one retired teacher manning that school and the situation is common in all schools around Chief Chamas chiefdom, lamented Mr Kabaso.

Mr Kabaso said majority grade seven students of Chitala Primary school can not even read the alphabet.

We cry to the government and other stakeholders to come and help us here in Chief Chama because ignorance is killing us and our children. What unforgivable sin have we committed to all the governments that have existed after Kaunda to deserve such abandonment, Mr Kabaso asked.

Mr Kabaso believes that without a quick action to improve the education standards in the area, Chama will remain in its current quagmire and cases like that of Chibwe and Chishala will make daily stories.

He said since schools opened this term on 7th May 2007 pupils of Chitala Primary have not learnt any lesson because there are no teachers to teach.

By John Mwape, API/APN correspondent in Zambia

Published by API/APN tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

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Norway has indicated pull out from Zambia

Posted by African Press International on October 20, 2007

API/APN in Lusaka–Zambia has requested Norway not to pull-out from the countrys infrastructure development in the transport sector.

Norway is one of Zambia’s major donors. Last year, it assisted the Southern African country with US$68 and and has invested heavily in education, economic and political governance, natural resource management, and poverty reduction.

Norway has however indicated intentions to withdraw its financial support from Zambias Axle Load Control programme but Minister of Works and Supply, Kapembwa Simbao said the decision would negate his countrys development agenda.

The Axle Load Control programme is a project initiated by the Zambian government with support from Norway and is premised on the installation of electronic weighbridges on some of the nations core roads.

Simbao recently traveled to Norway to study the countrys road sector with a view of replicating some of the lessons back home.

In Norway, he met the Norwegian Minister of International Development Erik Solheim and tried to urge his government to stick to Zambia in the area of infrastructure.

We thought instead of pulling out completely, it would be difficult for anyone else to take the lead they have taken. So we thought we could have them stay, he said in an interview.

As you know we wanted eight weighbridges we have only installed two using Norwegian money.

wilfred-zulu.jpgBy Wilfred Zulu, API/APN correspondent, Zambia

Published by API/APN tel +4793299739 or +4763002525

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The 9th parliament will not be missed

Posted by African Press International on October 20, 2007

The first post KANU parliament will not be missed by many Kenyans after all. It had its share of successes but will be more memorable for its excesses and failures than its achievements.

It is true it did some good things by passing some relevant bills such as which led to the establishment of Constituency Development Fund(CDF) and it’s increment in funding, Sexual offences bill, privatization authority, the insurance regulatory authority, and number of funding and regulating regimes just to mention a few. But it’s more memorable on the down side of things.

To start with it will be remembered for its notoriety to increase
their MP’s remuneration and other perks with contemptuous abandon. It is true that MP’s finances are very committed due to the many demands of their jobs. But their approach to their emoluments were too selfish viewed in the prism of other hard working and suffering public servants like teachers, nurses, police and junior civil servants.

Secondly their management of CDF across various constituencies across the country has been very wanting. This also is replicated in various other funds under their control. Besides poor managements of the resources their skewed appointments to run the funds is quite alarming.

Thirdly and not finally, the MP’s will be remembered for attempts to gag the media through the media bill 2007, their attempt to clip the wings of Kenya Anti Corruption Commission (KACC) , and their ineptitude when it came to grasp of very critical matters in the August house, plus their poor attendance record.

As mentioned above that was not their last failing, suffice it to say that the 9th parliament did not live to its high expectation. As envisaged many will have it rough trying to make it back to the 10th parliament. But this not to say we do not have good MP’s in Kenya. They are there and some have made good contributions. Such are like Njoki Ndungu on the Sexual offences bill and others who may deserve mention in annals of history.

Hopefully Kenya will awaken to the reality and demand more
accountability from their MP’s. At any rate they are well rewarded for a quite demanding job.

ikunda5.jpgBy Harrison Mwirigi Ikunda, API/APN correspondent
Nairobi, Kenya.

Published by API/APN tel +4793299739 or +4763002525

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Nuclear weapons on the loose in the US

Posted by African Press International on October 20, 2007

A plane carrying nuclear weapons reportedly flew across the US almost causing a tragedy. Many who were responsible have been relieved of their duties for the mess that caused a disaster.

According to the BBC, the procedures for safety when moving the nuclear across was ignored by those in charge at the time.

Published by Korir, API/APN

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Benazir Bhutto’s return causes many to die

Posted by African Press International on October 20, 2007

Thursday, Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan from her self-imposed exile. She returns after the President of Pakistan Pervez Musharaf gave her amnesty against corruption charges.

The President has stated that he is doing so in the spirit of unity for his country.

Published by Korir, API/APN

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Darfur rebels meet in Juba to discuss unified political position

Posted by African Press International on October 20, 2007


Khartoum (Sudan) Sudans Darfur rebel movements which did not sign the Abuja peace agreement are meeting in Juba, Southern Sudan, to discuss a unified political position before the start of peace talks between the government and Darfur rebels in Sirte, Libya, at the end of this month.

A Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement (SPLM) top official in Khartoum, Luka Kowal, told APA on Tuesday that the meeting was a response to an invitation by Southern Sudan President Salva Kiir,sorsudanpresident-salvakiir.jpg who is also Sudans vice president, to revive the peace talks so as to resolve the Darfur dispute.

On Monday, representatives of seven Darfur rebel groups met in Southern Sudan to try to reach a common negotiating position ahead of the peace talks with the government.

The spokesman for the meeting, Moowa Aligo, said they were hopeful the founder of the rebel Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SLM/A), Abdel Wahed Mohamed el-Nur, would attend.

El-Nur has so far refused to take part in any peace negotiations, demanding a string of concessions from Khartoum before he could participate.

Huge doubts remain whether Darfurs rapidly fracturing insurgent groups will be able to agree on a joint set of grievances and negotiating points before they travel to Libya for negotiations with Khartoum on October 27.

The Darfur rebels took up arms in 2003, accusing the Khartoum government of neglecting the remote western region

Published by Korir, API/APN source.apa

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Lucky Dube, The South African musician killed

Posted by African Press International on October 20, 2007

Carjacking has become a huge problem in big cities. In most cases, the victims are let loose without getting hurt. Dube was not a lucky victim. They took his life.

We send our condolences to his family in this tring moment.

Chief Editor Korir, African Press International(API)/ African Press in Norway(APN)

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First black minister appointed in Norway

Posted by African Press International on October 20, 2007

Last year in December (2006), African Press International wrote the letter to the Prime minister of Norway demanding that he appoints Africans in Norway to join his government:

Letter to Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg

Herebelow is the letter dispatched to the Prime Minister today:

From: African Press – Norway


Cc: African Press – Norway

Sent: Friday, December 15, 2006 1:22 AM

Subject: Seeking for comment or a meeting to discus the situation of Africans in Norway: On top government appointments.

To the Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg

Re: Appointing Africans living in Norway to senior positions like Permanent Secretary or Minister.

So far, we have written 3 articles now on the issue. We have also mailed you directly asking for your comment on the issue we have raised.

It is important to be taken seriously on this issue, because Africans are part of the Norwegian system and would like to be part and parcel of the day to day running of this country.

We are requesting for comment on what we have raised.

If you prefer to talk to us, we appreciate having a delegation of 5 Africans to meet you, and discus the importance of inclusion that we now seek and fight for, on behalf of our people.

The articles written on the issue are here below:

A Direct approach to Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg: Appoint a black man/woman a minister in your government!

Africans in Norway will demand ministerial appointments at the end of this month!

We believe according to the forvaltningsloven we areentitled to get an answer within a 14 day period. We dispatched an email to you on the 2nd of December, 13 days ago. We hope to get a response.

With regards,


African Press International.

Oslo, the 14. December 2006


19.October 2007:

We in API/APN are pleased to see that the Prime Minister has done what was expected of him. We think it is still important that he appoints Permanent Secretaries among the Black people.

We thank the Prime Minister for recognising th black community.

Korir, Chief Editor


Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg (center) emerges from the palace with (from left) Brd Vegar Solhjell, Tora Aasland, Manuela Ramin-Osmundsen and Erik Solheim.



(The Prime Minister has finally understood the need to include the black people in the leadership of his government. API/APN wrote last year challenging the Prime Minister on the subject and now the appointment has become a reality. This is a good thing for the African Community in Norway, a community that is now full of hope that the new minister will open the gate for more black administrators in the ministry to serve as advisers and political planners. See the story below that indicates the reshufling and responsibilities tha tthe new ministers have been bestowed upon by the Prime Minister.

By African Press International


Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg informed King Harald of shifts in the majority ‘red-green’ coalition government on Thursday afternoon. Ministers – and ministries – have changed.

“Superminister” of International Development and the Environment Erik Solheim.


New Minister of Children and Equality Manuela Ramin-Osmundsen.


As predicted, Minister of International Development Erik Solheim, Socialist Left Party (SV), has become a ‘superminister’, having the duties of Minister of Environment and party colleague Helen Bjrny added to his portfolio.

Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stre takes on the duty of development assistance to the Middle East, slightly lessening Solheim’s workload.

SV’s Minister of Education and Research ystein Djupedal, stepped down, and this ministry has been split in two.

SV’s deputy leader Brd Vegar Solhjell and Rogaland County commissioner Tora Aasland take over the new education ministries, with Aasland in charge of higher education and research and Solhjell minister for compulsory education and day care centers. This shuffle means that the number of ministries and SV ministers remains unchanged.

Minister of Children and Equality Karita Bekkemellem, Labour, was replaced by party colleague Manuela Ramin-Osmundsen, the surprise change in the cabinet.

Osmundsen, born on the French island of Martinique, was educated as a lawyer in France. She is married to Conservative politician Terje Osmundsen, is a long-time resident of Norway and newspaper VG’s web site reported that she became a Norwegian citizen two weeks ago.

She has held a variety of positions in the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) and resigned as director of the UDI over the controversial granting of residency to a group of 200 Kurdish asylum seekers, which occurred when she was assistant director.

Stoltenberg said it was high time that the Norwegian government had a minister from an immigrant background.

“Now we get a government that reflects multi-cultural Norway better than before. I want Manuela to have a clear role,” Stoltenberg said, and added that there was a historic perspective to the appointment.

Stoltenberg said that the Labour Party had a tradition of fighting for workers’ and women’s rights and the time had come to make the same fight for immigrants, in cooperation with coalition partners SV and the Center Party.

According to Stoltenberg the two SV ministers asked to be relieved of their duties, and he refused comment on Bekkemellem’s exit.

“I believe it is important with renewal. I think every government should have some after two years,” Stoltenberg said.

“I am looking forward to working with all of the new ministers,” Stoltenberg said outside the palace, and thanked all the outgoing ministers for their work. The changes involving the two SV ministers were widely linked to SV’s poor performance in recent local elections, when voters complained that SV wasn’t doing a good enough job in the areas of higher education and the environment, where it’s traditionally drawn support.

By Elisabeth Rodum, Jostein Ihjebk and Jonathan Tisdall

Lifted and published by African Press International (API)

source.aftenposteneng tel +47 932 99 739

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Mullah Krekar linked to pro al-Qaida sites

Posted by African Press International on October 20, 2007

Mullah Krekar has denied any knowledge of who is behind


The web site, which is linked to pro al-Qaida web sites, is registered in the name of the wife of controversial mullah Krekar.

A photo of mullah Krekar is accompanied by an email address and his wife’s phone number on the web site.


NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) reports that mullah Krekar, born Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad, former leader of the Kurdish guerilla group Ansar al-Islam in Northern Iraq, runs several web sites from his Oslo apartment. is an Islamist news portal that reports on American setbacks in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as linking to sympathizers of the al-Qaida terrorist organization.

Despite being registered in his wife’s name, Krekar told an Oslo court last month that he “in the name of God, did not know” who was behind the web site.

On Tuesday the Supreme Court will begin to determine whether an expulsion order for Krekar should be reconsidered. Four days have been set aside for this process.

NRK also reports that the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) is monitoring mullah Krekar’s Internet activities. The PST considers Krekar a danger to national security, even if only indirectly.

“We must be prepared that a form of radicalization,including the support of violent Islamism, can also occur in Norway. We have some tendencies in this direction which we must take seriously, that young boys begin to waver and become dominated by a manipulative man,” PST chief Jrn Holme said in a debate two weeks ago.

NRK claimed that his remark was a reference to Krekar, among others. NRK also reported that they had been in contact with several translators who had worked on but none would come forward “for fear of what might happen”.

Lifted and published by API/APN source.aftenposteneng

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Gustavsen to take over as new highway boss

Posted by African Press International on October 20, 2007

Terje Moe Gustavsen, a former transportation minister in an earlier Labour government, has been hired to take over as Norway’s new national highway director.

Terje Moe Gustavsen, when he was Minister of Transportation in 2001.


Gustavsen, 53, was transportation minister for the government led by current Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg in 2000-2001. He’s been a member of the Labour Party’s central board and also was a former director of personnel for airline SAS Braathens.

He takes over a highway department that’s been the target of much criticism in the wake of collapsing tunnels and road safety concerns.

Gustavsen succeeds Olav Sfteland, the longtime highway boss (veidirektr) who resigned after an investigation into the collapse of the Hanekleiv Tunnel on the E18 highway in Vestfold identified serious problems within the department, called Statens vegvesen.

Lifted and published by API/APN source.aftenposteneng

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Norway: Keep boiling water!

Posted by African Press International on October 20, 2007

Uncertainty about the gravity of Oslo’s contaminated water supply persists, but authorities insist that residents keep boiling tap water until the source of the apparently minor parasite outbreak is found.

Truls Krogh, head of water hygiene at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) said that water should be boiled until the source of Giardia and cryptosporidium parasites are found, and that this could take weeks.

This applies to about 457,000 Oslo residents served by the Oset water treatment plant.

“It will probably take a few weeks to determine if the situation is serious or not, then it will take another few weeks to clear up, if the situation is serious,” Krogh said.

Krogh said that even though the parasite level is not likely to be anywhere near the outbreak in Bergen in 2004 that sickened at least 6,000 residents, authorities have decided to urge boiling.

Krogh has long had the condition of the capital’s water pipes as a concern. The network from before 1970 is so poor that contaminated water leaks into the potable supply in several places, he told Aftenposten in January this year.

From early 2008 a new purification system at the Oset plant, which treats water from Lake Maridal and services about 80 percent of Oslo, should provide full protection against the types of parasite now found in recent samples.

According to an NIPH survey, 1.5 million Norwegians get water that can contain such parasites and 60 percent of Norway’s waterworks do not meet purification standards.

Bergen’s medical director for contagion protection, ystein Sbstad advises the boiling of water for three minutes, and said that dishwashers are not a risk.

“The water in dishwashers usually is around 55-60C, which is not enough by itself, but modern detergents kill off parasites,” Sbstad told newspaper Dagbladet’s web site.

Lifted and published by API/APN source.aftenposteng

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Blood donor had syphilis

Posted by African Press International on October 20, 2007

A Norwegian man who donated blood to Ullevl University Hospitals blood bank for 14 years has tested positive for syphilis. He may have infected as many as 37 persons.

The blood bank claims it followed all established testing routines.


His syphilis infection was disclosed only after he became a donor at the Drammen blood bank this year, when his blood was subjected to a routine control test.

Ullevl is aware of 37 persons who are known to have received the man’s blood. It’s unclear, however, when the man actually contracted syphilis, and whether recipients of his blood are infected.

He gave blood at Ullevl’s blood bank (Blodbanken i Oslo) as late as March of this year. Blood donated at the Oslo blood bank is in turn distributed to hospitals in both Oslo and Akershus counties.

It also was unclear Friday afternoon whether those known to have received blood from the man have been notified.

Bjrn-Inge Larsen, head of the state health directorate, said he was first informed of the situation this week.

“This is serious, and we must evaluate whether the routines we have for testing blood are good enough,” Larsen told “Today, blood donors are only tested for syphilis before they give blood for the first time.”

Officials at the blood bank in Drammen say they sent results of the man’s blood sample to Ullevl on September 18.

Per Ivar Gaarder, acting leader of the Blood Bank in Oslo, couldn’t say why the syphilis infection wasn’t discovered earlier, but said the man had never disclosed any information to the blood bank that would have put him in a risk category.

Gaarder claimed the blood bank follows state health rules for blood testing, and did so in this case as well.

Lifted and published by API/APN source.aftenposteneng

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Cabinet reshuffle in Norway

Posted by African Press International on October 20, 2007

Erik Solheim tries the art of carrying water by head at an international campaign about water availability.

PHOTO: Cornelius Poppe / SCANPIX
After a poor result in the nationwide local elections, the Socialist Left Party (SV) has decided to change its line-up of government ministers. SV, a minority partner along with the agrarian Center Party, in the Labour dominated ‘red-green alliance’, will make former party leader Erik Solheim Minister of the Environment, NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) reports.

Aftenposten and NRK report the possibility of Solheim becoming a ‘superminister’ as he has made it clear that he does not want to leave his current post as Minister of International Development, and is so likely to get a post combining the two jobs.

Norwegian media began reporting an SV shuffle on Thursday morning, with Minister of the Environment Helen Bjrny and Minister of Education and Research ystein Djupedal expected to go in order to create a stronger party profile in the ministries closely linked to their core policies.

Aftenposten reported that the vote SV would lose by combining two of their posts would be regained by splitting the Minister of Education and Research into two posts, with the new second sector concentrating on children and child care.

One of several reasons for the reshuffle may be the desire to have a weighty figure at the coming climate talks in Bali in early December, where Norway is tipped to have a leading role in one of the negotiation sessions.

With a background as a peace negotiator Solheim has both the experience, skills and recognition to handle such a prominent international role.

Lifted and published by API/APN africanpress@chello.nosource.aftenposteneng

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Kenyatta Day Celebration in Oslo – Norway

Posted by African Press International on October 20, 2007

Welcome to Kenyan Party Saturday (today) the 20th of October starting at 6pm. Nyama choma, drinks and nice music available. Entrance: Kr 100.

Place: Trondheimsveien 4, Cafe de Brasil


Published by API/APN

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Kenyan arrested for Killing mother of his two children

Posted by African Press International on October 20, 2007

Dear friends.

Another sad news in the Diaspora. A Kenyan man kills the mother of his two children who happens to be a Kenyan too. Read all about it and see a video of the Kenyan woman in Click the link below.

Isaac Kariuki

Published by API/APN tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

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