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Kenya: Emuhaya parliamentary campaign hots up

Posted by African Press International on October 12, 2007


An internationally renowned business guru has voiced his interest to bid for the Emuhaya parliamentary seat, in the forth coming polls to be held later this year.

In an exclusive interview, Mr. Wilberforce Angatia who is a kisumu based motor vehicle dealer divulged that his bid has been prompted by the fact that the previous and incumbent Mps either deliberately swept below the red carpet or were simply ignorant, about their parliamentary roles.

Noted with concern the extreme levels of poverty, crimes, disease, dilapidated infrastructure that continues to take its toll unabated, as the respective elected leaders watches the other way.

And to that effect: I will provide quality and sensitive leadership focused on wealth creation, improved social welfare and political aqccountabilityobserved Angatia as part of his vision when elected to the National House, parliament.

Adding that his vision is to exploit constituents God-given potentials and plough back to the community.

Exuding confidence of bagging the seat, the charismatic Angatia unfolded other key areas to lay a lot of emphasis on, for the greater heights of development to be realized: Education, health, agriculture and livestock.

And, Community Based Organizations (CBO) and further devise mechanisms to curb the increasingly escalating global scourge, HIV/AIDS

shem.jpgBy API/APN correspondent Shem Kosse

Published by API*APN

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Posted by African Press International on October 12, 2007

Author : Michael Kirgen


Why or how can a democrat name his son after one of the harshest dictators (Cuba’s Fidel Castro) still alive, though no one knows for sure if he is still alive or under continued medical treatment.

Raila’s son is called Fidel Castro Odinga.

What attributes did Raila admire in Fidel Castro and does he want to implement them in Kenya?

And another thing, the favouritism with which his supporters are deffending him is worrying. You can be killed for pointing to out his wrongs andyet he is just in the opposition. Imagine if he were to be in power. Will anyone be able to question his deeds?

Kenyans, be aware. When one is outside the power circles, they potray a behaviour of an angel. What they do once in power is another thing alltogether.
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Posted by African Press International on October 12, 2007

API/APN in Nairobi: It is becoming apparent that the top presidential contenders in this year’s poll are Messrs Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga. While it is almost known Kibaki’s style of leadership especially on the economic front there is a dearth of exposure on Raila Odinga economic blue print.

Raila maybe having good credentials, charisma and probably good political intentions for the country but he should be by now telling the country how his economic plan looks like. Simply this is borne out of the experience and changes since beginning of a new era as from 2002 when NARC rode to power. The Kenyan economy has been registering good economic growths and the environment has become more business friendly.

Tax collections have been impressive and good social programmes like free primary education, Constituency development Fund and improvements in infrastructure have been registered. However there is a lot that need to be done as poverty and unemployment still pervades the Kenyan society. To achieve the dream to lift the country out of poverty the
economic growth need to be accelerated and the social programmes need enhancement to include such as free secondary education and make University and other tertiary training institutions training affordable as well as enhancing their capacity and refocusing them in relevant training to ensure an industrial take-off.

Raila needs to seriously do more on spelling out his economic agenda. And he needs to show his hand on what he will do to re-energize the economy. His vision for the economy needs to be known sooner than later. This not to belittle all the other political needs such as constitutional evolutions and governmental devolutions but a strong emphasis on economic revolution and strengthening will show that he has the determination and agility to make Kenya better. After all the
political changes and social changes need to be supported by a very strong economy of which Kenya is very capable of achieving!

ikunda2.jpgBy API/APN correspondent, Harrison Mwirigi Ikunda,

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Tales of the bizarre

Posted by African Press International on October 12, 2007

Mother & daughter feud over panties in Mumias, Kenya,
as appearing on page 2 of The Standard’s “Crazy
Monday” magazine of Monday, 21st May 2007

A woman caused mirth and shock in equal measure on the
outskirts of Mumias town when her daughter accused her
of putting on her panties.

The 39-year-old mother of one shed tears as she held
on tightly to the waistband of her hipsters trying to
conceal what her daughter was struggling to confirm.

The teenage girl accused her mother of trying to use
her panties to steal her boyfriends and rejuvenate her
love life. Giving the sizes, labels and colours of her
lost panties, the girl said her former boyfriend had
bought her two panties as a Valentine’s Day gift, but
the two had broken up when she discovered he was being
unfaithful. Little did she know that he had hooked up
with her mother.

She went on to say that when they met after a while,
the man spitefully laughed at her accusing her of
pretending to be beautiful and upright yet she shared
panties with her mother.

Threatening to curse her daughter, the woman later
recalled how for the past two years she had
desperately tried to woo men without success. She
could not understand her daughter’s luck with men
while her own love life was so barren.

That is why she stuck upon the idea of wearing her
daughter’s panties and ended up with her boyfriend.

Local elders who were consulted said the two could not
sleep in the same house until a black lamb was
slaughtered and both drank its blood to be cleansed

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Telling it as it is – A Nyeri woman

Posted by African Press International on October 12, 2007

A Nyeri woman in a big town ——-

A depressed young woman from Nyeri who was visiting
Mombasa was so desperate that she decided to end her
life by throwing herself into the Indian Ocean. When
she went down to the docks, a young sailor named Alex
Katana noticed her tears and took pity on her.

“Look, you’ve got a lot to live for, he said, “I’m
off to Europe in the morning, and if you like, I can
stow you away on my ship. I’ll take good care of you
and bring you food every day. Moving closer, he
slipped his arms around her shoulder and added, “I’ll
keep you happy, and you’ll keep me happy.

The girl nodded. After all, what did she have to

That night, the sailor brought her aboard and hid
her in one of the compartments and told her that she
should not come out. From then on, every night he
brought her some chicken sandwiches and fruit juice
and they made passionate love until dawn.

A week later, during a routine search, she was
discovered by the captain.

“What are you doing here?” the Captain asked.

“Eeeh, I have an arrangement with one of the
sailors, she explained, “He’s taking me to Europe, and
he’s screwing me.

“He certainly is! , said Captain Ogola, “this is the
Mombasa-Mtongwe ferry”!

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Kibaki’s way testing security

Posted by African Press International on October 12, 2007

The regular Kenya Police, the no-nonsense paramilitary
General Service Unit (GSU), & the CID are all trying
to prove to NARC that they are the best at
apprehending criminals. President Kibaki decides to
give them a test.

He releases a rabbit into Karura forest and each of
them has to catch it.

The CID goes in. They place animal informants
throughout the forest. They question all plant and
mineral witnesses. After three months of extensive
investigations they conclude that rabbits do not

The GSU goes in. After two weeks with no leads they
burn the forest, killing everything in it, including
the rabbit and they make no apologies. The rabbit had
it coming.

The Kenya police go in. They come out two hours later
with a badly beaten Monkey.

The Monkey is yelling, “Okay!! Okay!! I’m a rabbit,
I’m a rabbit!”

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Nobel Peace Prize for 2007 announced in Oslo, Norway today

Posted by African Press International on October 12, 2007

There has been a huge interest in this year’s peace prize because of the type of candidates nominated.

The global warming – environment issues has been topping the discussions.

The Prizefor 2007 is divided into two. One goes to Al Gore former US vice President and the other half to the UN panel for climate change

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Posted by African Press International on October 12, 2007

Tension is heightening in Kisumu town west constituency as the 2007 elections beckons. It all started mid this week when a youthful parliamentary hopeful Joshua Odhiambo Nyamori took the town streets by storm to officially launch his campaigns.

For starters Nyamori is slated to battle it out with the incumbent and out of favour Rev Ken Nyagudi, influential kisumu based lawyer cum business guru Olga John Olago Aluoch, NGO magnet Juliet Ogejo, Nairobi based business woman Rose Buyu, leading kisumu medic James Otieno Obondi, oil dealer Shem Onyango Kwega among others in what pundits argue will be a battle of titans.

Back to Nyamori launch, it kicked off colourfully from the historic Jomo Kenyatta sports ground where he is the manager, but met the wrath of cyclists operators adjacent to Aga khan hall who were shouting slogans in favour of one of his rivals.

Majority of opinion shapers in town and its environ are jittery with Nyamoris candidature on grounds that he is surrounded by busy bodies and people with questionable political backgrounds.

Nyamori will further shun personality-kind of politics and entrench a shrewd structure in order to make meaningful impact in duel observers largely opine he is a duck horse (novice).

If the foregoing scenario is something to bank on and with a little bit of sustainability, then Olago should count on hours to see inside of the tenth parliament. Political analysts argue that he has made considerable tangible development initiatives to catapult his bid.

Beleaguered incumbent legislature Rev Ken Nyagudi will require divine intervention to harmonize the volatile political terrain occasioned by massive allegations that him and his cronies siphoned CDF kitty with glee.

Nairobi based lawyer cum NGO operative Juliet Ogejo has made inroads but will have to redouble her effort to bag the seat.

Top medic Obondi has got goodwill with the electorates owing to his generosity but he is yet to declare his interest.

Its imperative to note that whoever under estimates Kwega is doing so at his own peril. However, his critics and admirers argue that he is playing more of an ivory-tower-kind of politics than he used to be when he made a debut decade ago.

Its worth noting that the entire aspirants will be gunning for the seat under ODM flagship.

The constituency has got a staggering one hundred and thirty plus registered number of voters.

Whoever will move with speed to address the hawking menace, unemployment, insecurity among others stands a better chance of clinching the seat.


shem.jpg<By API/APN correspondent Shem Kosse (left) and Jeff Otieno

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Posted by African Press International on October 12, 2007

Kampala, 10/10/2007

The Ugandan capital is a wash with spy cameras installed in almost every strategic point as to keep the would be terrorists in check during the forthcoming Commonwealth Head of Government meeting (CHOGM)

With closed circuit television cameras now firmly installed on the streets of Kampala and at Entebbe Airport and also along the parts of the Entebbe Kampala highway ,fighter surveillance is now a reality.

I personally counted up to 50 spy cameras which according to local experts cost an estimated Ugshs 2.2 billions and which were last week declared efficient after being tested by Anti-Terrorist specially trained police unit and other security agencies .The aim is to keep all sorts of undesirable characters at bay.

Mr Paul Nasimolo the police communications commissioner told newsmen that the footage shot from different points during the trials was quiet good

The cameras fixed at various vantage points capture all the movements of people and even pickpocket thieves tugging at someones trousers.

E coders and decoders by MTN, pick and relay images to a control centre which location the police spokesman did not reveal for security reasons.

At the control centre ,30 personnel ,currently undergoing training are on standby to respond rapidly to what is happening.

Whenever theres a scuffle on a particular street Mr.Namisolo explained, his staff will zoom in on the action and identify the suspects before saving the data on a server.

The team at the control centre immediately inform other security apparatus which would then dispatch foot patrols and mobile teams to the scene.

The police spokesman pointed out that the stored footage can be used as evidenced once the suspects are arrested and produced in court.

Apart from spying on people who appear to be dubious, the cameras can also be used to track down on traffic offenders street prostitutes and their clients, drug traffickers and anybody believed to be breaking the law.

Like in the Big Brother reality TV show this means people movements and dealings are being monitored on a screen 24 hours a day.

The reason why some of the cameras are positioned at road junctions is to monitor traffic flow, said Mr Nasimolo.

The personnel in the central room will be able to inform traffic police about a jam so that they swing into action!!

Motorists who flout the express penalty scheme are expected to be in for a big trouble because the police will use the same cameras in tracking their vehicles before forcing them to comply with the law.

Idlers, beggars and street children will not be exempted for surveillance especially during the commonwealth Heads of Government meeting (CHOGM)

Once the cameras have picked them the images will be sent to the police control room and the information will be relayed to the nearest police patrol unit for action.

Surveillance cameras are not new to Uganda .They have been used in banks ,nightclubs, shops, factories and casinos for the last 10 years.

Stores like supermarket use cameras to combat shoplifting. Small businesses may have only one camera installed in a prominent place so that shoppers know they are being watched.

In casinos in Kampala , unseen cameras are able to monitor clients from the moment their car drives into the parking slot right down to the particular gambling table they decide to sit at.

Banks too have been having their surveillance systems. Bank staffs said they were aware that all the counters were being monitored through cameras concealed in the roof.

However Kampala will be the first city in east Africa to install closed circuit television cameras on streets and at public places.

According to advocates of the Surveillance society, spy cameras will effectively contribute immensely in the war against organised crimes.

By Leo Odara Omolo

Published by API/APN tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

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