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Court halts new book on ‘princess’ angels’

Posted by African Press International on September 30, 2007

A lawyer representing Princess Martha Louise has won a court order to halt sales of a book that he claims amounts to commercial exploitation of Norway’s controversial young royal.

Princess Martha Louise won a court order halting publication of a book with her photo on the cover.

PHOTO: Heikki Saukkomaa/SCANPIX

Lawyer Cato Schitz told news bureau NTB that he had filed a motion with the court seeking to get the book stopped, and that the motion had been approved.

“I have received the judge’s oral promise that the motion will be granted,” said Schitz.

A small publishing house in Horten, south of Oslo, called Publicom Forlag produced the book, entitled Mrthas engler (“Marthas Angels”).

The book is essentially a Norwegian translation of a British book, “Seeing Angels,” which first was published five years ago. The book is about communication with angels, something Princess Martha Louise herself claims she can do.

She created a media stir last summer when her plans to start a healing school that would teach others “how to contact their own angels,” among other things, emerged publicly. Palace officials stressed that the princess’ “angel school” was her own private venture, and not linked to her royal title.

Others argued that her royal title assured her of huge publicity around the venture, and that it put the royal family in an awkward position.

Palace ‘upset’
Newspaper Dagbladet reported earlier this week that palace officials were upset by Publicom’s version of the British book, because it features a photo of Princess Martha Louise on the cover. Apart from a new forward written for the Norwegian version, it otherwise has nothing to do with the princess and she did not grant her permission to use the photo.

Torgeir Lorentzen of Publicom contended the publisher was within its rights to tailor the book to the Norwegian market. “We believe that it wasn’t necessary to obtain permission,” Lorentzen told Dagbladet, noting that the princess’ angel venture is part of a “public debate,”

The princess, through her lawyer, demanded that sale of the book be forbidden and that its distribution be banned. She also demanded that books already in the stores be withdrawn.

Palace spokesman Sven Gjeruldsen said Friday that it’s “generally not legal to use members of the royal family in connection with marketing.” He had no further comment.

By Nina Berglund

Lifted and published by Korir, API*APN source.aftenposteneng.ntb

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