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UN: Ivorian President wants sanctions lifted against compatriots

Posted by African Press International on September 28, 2007

Abidjan(Cote dIvoire) Speaking from New York where he is participating in the UN General Assembly that opened Tuesday, Ivorian head of State, Laurent Gbagbo, Wednesday afternoon pleaded for the lifting of the sanctions against some of his compatriots.

The Ivorian president, who was speaking for the first time at the UN headquarters since he came to power in 2002, said the country was getting out of the crisis since the signing of the Ouagadougou Agreement on 4 March 2007 under the supervision of President Blaise Compaor of Burkina Faso.

ivorianpresident.jpgLaurent Gbagbo also pleaded for the UN to reduce its security troops in the country as peace was prevailing in the country since the signature of the Ouagadougou peace agreement, adding that the “phase 3 no longer corresponds to the reality on the ground”.

Due to the relative calm in the country, the Ivorian Head of State also requested the lift of the embargo on weapons imposed on Cote-dIvoire since the beginning of the war “in order to allow the country to ensure the security of the people and properties”.

Besides, as part of the post-war reconstruction, Cote-dIvoire needs the support of the international community for which President Gbagbo requested support particularly to rehabilitate the countrys economic infrastructure.

Furthermore, he reiterated the desire of his country to “rapidly” hold free, fair and transparent elections, which, according to him, are a prerequisite for the national economic revival.

Hence, he urged all stakeholders in the conflict to step up their committed to sustain the peace process.

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