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Unfairness! Do we really want to know?

Posted by African Press International on September 27, 2007

vicky1.jpgUnfairness. Think about it. What is it really? You compare the word to something you feel is wrong. Unfair is when something is not right. When something is the opposite of right, but yet it isstill not the same as something wrong. You may think what you just read sounded weird, but it is hard to explain and relate the word to just one thing, because people use it in the wrong content all the time. Some would say it is unfair not getting a boyfriend, not winning a simple game or not having the most expensive new thing. Maybe it IS just that for some people, but do you not think we abuse the word unfair?

Do we really know what it means, or have we forgotten the true meaning behind the word? Have we forgotten what TRUE unfairness really is?Some countries are poor and here we are living in Norway, one of the richest countries in the world, and we are acting like we know how it is being poor. You may wonder how it is that some countries are poor while others are rich. We live in our rich countries and we keep looking out to the rest of the world not really knowing what to do or how to help them.

We have countries on the other side of the world that are struggling andspending everyday living a lifenot knowing what tomorrow will bring them. There are many poor continents in the world and Africa is one of them. Africa is part of the third world, a part of the world that has people suffering in their day to day lives. Is it then not a bit strange that they are the ones paying to go to school, paying for their future and their lives? I hear people complainabout how it is not fair that we have to go to school every single day and about how boring it is. And okay, I am not going to lie about this because I have done it myself fromtime to another. People complain everyday about what they ate the day before, that it was not like they expected or that it did not satisfy there needs.

I always say to myself: What about those who do not get any food at all, those who would rather eat the crumbs left, then end up getting nothing at all? What about those people, those families? There is often little, and sometimes no food at all in the under developed countries, and in the newly industrialized countries there is just enough, while in the industrialized countries like Norway, the country that I live in, there is always enough. And even though we are well in this way,we still do not make it our job to make sure the necessary changes they need gets done, but we just continue living our lives saying there is nothing more we can do.

Now I will ask you. Do you believe there is a link between unfairness and voracity? You may not feel so, but I think that we would not have poor countries if we did not have wealthy ones. We all know there are human beings, people just like you and me living in drought, starvation, hunger, war and distress. We say we are helping them as much aswe can, but we are being greedy making the choice of putting ourselves first.

Put into facts, over a fifth of the worlds population are so poor that they experience everyday as a struggle for life. Their own life and of the ones they love! Poverty is the biggest problem in the world today. There are different kinds of poverty. A country could be rich on resources and still most of the population in that same country could be poor. One more problem with poverty is that it is affecting the childrens future. Poverty is the main reason the childrens rights are being violated. They have bad offers within both health and education. Most of them work in agricultural fields as labourers because of lack of opportunities,but could have the mind and talent to become a great doctor. Does it not then feel wrong to know that they do not get the same possibilities as we do?

As we all know the under developed countries get their main help from the United Nations. Their job is to make better the living standards for the people and uplift their status. The problem occurs because most of the countries are already having huge debts. The debts stand in the way for further development. But should that interfere with our initiatives to try all we can to help them. Wouldnt that be fair to them if we helped as we could? I can repeat day in and day out and tell you what is right, what we should do, what we need to do and still nothing may change. But my goal and our goal should be to contribute to making a better day, future and life for these unfortunate people living there lives in those countries.

Being fifteen year old girl, I have noticed children who think having parents is an obvious thing, not knowing that almost half of the children in the world are homeless, lonely and some livinglike orphans. Now if you are living your life in peace and you have it quite good, all I am going to tell you is that you have to appreciate what you have. Appreciate your family, that you can read and write,that you have got friends, that you have the possibility to go to school, that you have your rights, that you havefreedom, that you havea safe and good life, including many other opportunities lined up infront of you.

As you enjoy the opportunities and priviledges lined up before you, remember that some do not have anything at all, and that is what unfairness really is all about!!

By Victoria Korir – 15 years old (Torstad School, 10th grade)

Published by African Press International(API)/ African Press in Norway(APN tel +4793299739 or +4763002525


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