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Provisional results favour ruling party in Malagasy legislative polls

Posted by African Press International on September 27, 2007

Antananarivo (Madagascar) The unofficial provisional results of the Sunday early legislative polls in Madagascar are continuing to drop at the home affairs ministry, contrary to the announcement made by the authorities that they planned to carry out quick compilation and publication of reports.

More than 48 hours after the closure of the polling centres on Sunday evening, only the county towns of former provinces conveyed all their provisional results at the home affairs ministry for compilation.

In Antananarivo, the capital, the 12 candidates of the ruling party (Tiako i Madagasikara – I Love Madagascar) including four serving ministers, swept the 12 coveted seats.

In Diego-Suarez (1,300km north), the TIM candidate also topped his challengers with 74 percent of the votes. That performance was predictable because the voting papers of the three other contenders were absent from the polling stations on Election Day. Thus, the electorate had no alternative.

In Mahajanga (800km north-west), the great surprise stems from Hary Kalizy, a famous local journalist who outperformed the ruling partys candidate with 40.75 percent of the votes.

In Toamasina (320km east), the outgoing President Marc Ravalomanana managed to take up his challenge of taking this landmark political stronghold off former President Ratsirakas party.

Thus, Botozaza Pierrot, general manager of the ports authority and TIM candidate won with 44.45 percent of the votes.

The senior minister, Yvan Randriasandratriniony of TIM, won the region of Fianarantsoa (800km south) with 37.70 percent.

In Toliara (1,100km south-west), the mainstream party nearly lost the lead as its candidate, Mana Florent Parfait, narrowly outran his challenger Dimby Benaria, the outgoing MP and TIM supporter.

However, Benaria stood as an independent candidate, picking 31.29 percent against 29 percent.

For the outgoing national assembly speaker, Mahafaritsy Samuel, no result was so far displayed at the home affairs ministry.

However, according to APA interviews, he managed to win his electoral stronghold of Toliara.

For the former Prime Minister, Jacques Sylla, as well, no result was shown for his electoral district of Sainte-Marie Island (900km east). However, APA on Tuesday around midday disclosed that he won this region with 63.20 percent.

The health minister, Jean-Louis Robinson outvoted his two other counterparts with 81.49 percent according to the provisional results so far compiled on Tuesday around 6pm in 99 out of the 183 polling stations in the district of Amparafaravola, ( 750 km east of the capital).

The agriculture vice-minister, Harifidy Ramilison, may embody the single disappointment of Ravalomananas regime because he obtained only 27.43 percent of the votes, according to the data gathered on Tuesday by APA in Fort-Dauphin (1,800 km southeast).

The environment minister, Koto Bernard may outrival his two counterparts that ran for these legislative polls as regards the provisional results received on Tuesday by APA around 6pm. So far, on late Tuesday, there was no result displayed on Bernards table

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