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Petition to all ECOWA members

Posted by African Press International on September 27, 2007

This is an official petition to all ECOWAS members Presidents and their Executives-on behalf of West African middle-class crumbling in Diaspora!

They can be found in various modern-day cotton fields, aiding and abating capitalisms schemes. They are youth and young adults who form a bloc of your able-bodies; they are straight A students in their respective schools, and they are perceived as the most resourceful and dedicated workers in their various places of employment. Most of them boast Maters and Doctorate degrees in their fields of specialization.

You would find some in the red-zones of North America, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world with a semblance of development-fighting tooth and nail to stay afloat. Some have devised a means to maintain good credit and engage in meaningful businesses, such as cab driving, African-style boutiques, restaurants and mom and pop shops. Some have forfeited their precious lives to nonentities who claim to be indigenes of the lands they live in. Some are victims of immigration policies that require them to exist in vacuums and utter apprehension of their surroundings and friends.

But most importantly, they are all scared to return home because their leaders (at home) have a history of unscrupulousness and masses abandonment. These bona-fide West Africans are caged in the wilderness, and they are imploring you to hurry up and post their bails

A. Uzor Ogbue, Founder/CEO, Africa Uzor Foundation (A voice in the wilderness) September 25, 2007

Please forward this e-mail to “conscious” Africans!

Happy Independence Day to Nigerians all over the world…


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