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Posted by African Press International on September 27, 2007

kibaki-campaign.jpgPresident Kibaki – right photo – is seeking re-election for a second term in office on a platform of a conglomeration of parties operating under an umbrella called Party of national Unity. However since the Sunday declaration of his party of choice few weeks ago, the party seems not to have gotten its footing right what with the incessant fighting and quarrel’s amongst the coalescing parties and others like Democratic Party (DP) who should naturally feel part of the coalition.

The import of all this is that sitting MP’s would as much wish to have an easy path back to parliament especially riding on the phenomenon of euphoria witnessed in recent past general election. At the same time the entrenched interests who would want to control the re-election campaigns are also leading the messy like circus that has caused jitters across part of the voting spectrum.

Kibaki can count himself popular but may need to do more on the campaign front. That is not in doubt, what with several tangible achievements and reforms accomplished under his leadership during his first term in office as president. But his team does look as if in disarray something he would probably have to forcibly put in order.

As this is happening the ODM brigade led by Raila Amolo Odinga the seemingly de-facto opposition leader during Kibaki’s first term in office look to be make a good match. To match Raila’s campaign strategies, euphoric charismatic and highly charged and energized campaign, would require more creativity. It is no doubt as at now that Kibaki and Raila are the front runners in the race.

The few months remaining will require a lot of more input from the two leading contenders and also not to fully rule out Kalonzo who may opt to enter into coalition with any of the two. All said and hopefully we are in for a very charged hot political campaigns but hopefully
ikunda4.jpgBy our correspondent, Harrison Mwirigi Ikunda,
P.O. Box 51806,

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