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Posted by African Press International on September 26, 2007

Political violence as we near the polls in Kenya seems to very fast rearing its ugly head. Flora Tera an aspirant for North Imenti parliamentary seat was recently attacked and severely wounded while visiting her home in her Meru constituency that she had to nurse serious wounds at Nairobi women’s hospital. And in South Mugirango ODM luminaries William Ruto and Omingo Magara were attacked by violent youths and they had to be flown to Nairobi’s Nairobi hospital for treatment.

Not unusual in Kenya one may say but it is to be expected that with deepened democracy and expansion of democratic space such evil, foolish and archaic practices are a thing of the past. But probably is too much to expect from Kenyan politicians.

Kenyans have witnessed the 1992/1993 political violence particularly in Rift Valley which ostensibly was to prove Multi-party a none starter and 1997 which also involved the same Rift Valley and very unfortunately the tourist haven which is Coast province. Communities which had hitherto lived in peace found themselves going for each others throats.

That in 2007 in a country boasting democracy could be-deviled with political violence is most unfortunate. What probably escapes the minds of Kenyans is that that as much as political leaders differ in a variety of ways they are in the same class of a ‘tribe’ which could be simply classified as the rich. Yet this rich tribe uses some ignorant hoodlums in the poor to cause mayhem if not heckling their opponents as a form of political intimidation.

As we approach the general election and with so much at stakes the world can only pray for Kenyans to respect each others opinion. Violence, rigging, corruption. Vote buying, intimidation and a host of other electoral evils will be at play to determine the political destiny of Kenya. Unfortunately, like most of the third world Kenya is held hostage by a class of very greed bourgeoisie.

By Our correspondent, Harrison Mwirigi Ikunda,
P.O. Box 51806,

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