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Guinea Bissau leader calls for national awakening

Posted by African Press International on September 26, 2007

Bissau (Guinea Bissau) The president of Guinea Bissau, Joao Bernardo Vieira said modernising the state is the only solution to overcome the various hurdles to implementing good governance, through a national awakening, and towards ensuring the countrys socio-economic development.

The Guinea Bissau leader made the disclosure Sunday night in a radio-broadcast and televised national address to mark the 34 th anniversary of his countrys independence.

“Administrative reforms and state modernisation are the only solutions to eradicate the various bottlenecks to implementing the principles of good governance and the socio-economic development of Guinea Bissau,” he averred.

President Vieira underscored the need to guarantee national peace and stability, saying these are essential elements to attaining socio-economic progress, as well as fighting poverty, disease and illiteracy.

He hailed the involvement of the countries forming the Contact Group on Guinea Bissau, which he said has initiated various projects across the country as part of efforts to strengthen the still uneasy peace.

Therefore he urged his compatriots to show tolerance and mutual respect and strengthen national reconciliation in a bid to meet the challenges of development.

The president cited a series of mining projects he said would pull Guinea Bissau out of the vicious circles of underdevelopment and abject poverty.

These include blueprints in the fields of phosphates, bauxite, petroleum, marble and fisheries, among others, which are regarded as an alternative to the declining exports of cashew the countrys major source of foreign exchange on the international market.

“Implementing these projects and the administrative reform policy will gradually eliminate the various hurdles barring the emergence of a prosperous Guinea Bissau. These disabilities are contained in political instability, which is undermining our fledging democracy,” he concluded.

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