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Since and after the referendum Raila has run all his Presidential campaigns on an Anti Kikuyu platform

Posted by African Press International on September 24, 2007


Since and after the referendum Raila has run all his Presidential campaigns on an Anti Kikuyu platform. No matter how well disguised he tries to make it. That is the reality. Why did he feel he had to tell us his son was marrying a Kikuyu? What was the point?

We do not know or care to whom Kibaki’s sons and Daughters are married to. Be they married to tribalists or Racists persons, to us is not our matter. Somewill always try to show you he\she has friends of other tribes or skin colours. They know it’s a good camouflage for their true opposite feelings,…

Well it might get him to Statehouse, (key word here is might) he seems to know or assume the only way to wrestle power from the Kikuyus is to demonise them and pit the other tribes, including his against them, though he had no problem supporting Kibaki a while back, but we all know the rest.

He has gone around the country with that “Us versus them” mindset infecting everybody and anybody who’s willing, it’s very easy to convince that poor man\woman in Busia or Keroka,Kilgoris or Kibera that his or her life has taken that kind of a turn because of “them” and earn yourself some votes.

People nowadys hardly remember Moi was in power for 24 good years, and despite directing most of the country’s little remaining resources to Rift valley and looting, he never did much for this country. Oh! he named a couple of Streets and Institutions “Moi”, much good that did us: What has the current “Kikuyu” President tried to do in the last five stormy years? YES we all know the good, but some of us don’t want to accept it, because too much hate has been planted amongst us.

So for Raila’s case, it is not really a yearn for change nor for the good of the country, (come on, he’s been a leader all his life, does he have anything concrete to show in Kibera where he represents, or he has to be a President first), and if it means planting seeds of hate so be it.

This kind of leaders usually know if anything goes wrong and mwananchi’s blood flows you’ll look for them and their families to ask WHY and you won’t find them, anyway, I still think Kibaki is the right man to continue.

He has kept a cool head while all this has happened, not for his sake I believe, but for all our sake as a Nation. We are so lucky to have such a head of State. I look at Zimbambwe and I despair, knowing where the country was before, and what it is now, simply because they have a bad leader at the helm, giving them a new and different leader today, it will still take them years to rebuild.

I look at Kenya and smile with hope knowing where the country was before and where it is now and still heading,

VOTE WISELY and ensure Kibaki gets a second term to continue leading us into continued prosperity!

By Wei Wei

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