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Raila as president: Will he revenge if he gets the top job?

Posted by African Press International on September 24, 2007

Recently quoted by the Standard -Ke, “Raila sent a strong message to looters of public coffers: “Admit your past misdeeds, return the loot and you shall be forgiven.”

He further reiterated “those who forget or pretend to forget their past have a heavy price to pay”.)

Does this sound as total revenge directed to those who may have punished him earlier? Those who detained him, those who sacked him etc….

What is Raila saying in actual sense? The message to root corruption is well received and very necessary. To bring more development to the country is welcome. To continue free education is the best thing for Kenyans. And yet I smell foreign hands in Raila’s statements directed to looters of public funds and how punishment will be administered. The west has always stated that they want to punish Kenyan leaders – those who served in past and present government. Why is it that we have to listen to the westerners?

We all know that Moi government detained Raila and he has a right to be bitter for having lost many years of his middle-ageism in “Nyayo-safe-house-corridors”. As minister of Public Works and Roads under Kibaki, Raila brought down house build near the roads. This angered many and it must have angered Kibaki too. When he sacked Raila from his government, it was probably due to anger because many Kikuyu homes were pulled down along many Nairobi roads.

Raila has a right to get angry for the sacking from the government.

Now the question that many observers must be asking is the type of punishment Raila, if elected president, will give Moi and Kibaki. Uhuru Kenyatta may also become a target for punishment for leaving Raila camp. On arrival fromhis tour abroad Raila was angered by the new developments in the country and he came out clear in his messagesaying Moi having made public his support for Kibaki for president in the coming elections that theformer President Moi had effectively returned to State House.” adding “And the man who served as his Vice-President, Mwai Kibaki, who is now the constitutionally elected Head of State, is also in the same State House. Recently he has sadly been joined by Leader of the Official Opposition, Mr Uhuru Kenyatta.”

The difference between Raila and Moi is the fact that Moi has made up his mind that he will never work together with Raila and that the former president is convinced on what he believes is right for Kenya and the Kenyan people. Quoted by when he announced his support for Kibaki, the former president made it clear:

Former President Daniel arap Moi addresses journalists at his Kabarak Gardens home in Nairobi where he announced he would support President Kibaki in the next General Election. Photo/PETERSON GITHAIGA

I am convinced that President Kibaki ought to be given a chance to complete the constitutionally-accepted two-term tenure, adding

My reason for this decision is that President Kibaki, by virtue of his office as Head of State and Government of Kenya, is a symbol of nationhood.

This indicates that Moi as an elder has no doubts in his mind. But the question now is what the Kenyan people want and especially the youth who may be crying for change. They are saying that the time for the old quard is over and that they should only serve as advisers when consulted and not otherwise.

Younger men like Uhuru Kenyatta who stood for presidency in the last general elections against Kibaki, managing to get votes that placed him as the opposition leader has disappointed many of his followers lately. As leader of the opposition, he has managed it well until lately when he has been accused of an act that no opposition leader in the whole world is epected to do: Jumping into the government and supporting a sitting president.

Many are now wondering whether Moi’s hand is in it – the long jump into the government, or whether it is entirely Uhuru’s own decision. Whatever the case may be, If Kibaki retains the presidency, it is clear that whoever ochestrated the jumb will ensure that Uhuru gets a good position in Kibaki’s cabinet. Indications has it that Uhuru will be rewarded with a ministerial appointment as the Minister for Local Government, a ministry he held during Moi days.

For Kibaki, it is very important to get votes from Western province. This problem can be solved by promising Musikari Kombo of Ford-K the vice presidency, away from his present position as minister for Local Government.

<Moody Awori (Ready to retire form active politics)

Kibaki does not have to worry about Moody Awori, the present vice president. He retires from active politics and gets appointed to head a parastatal body. He has been the strong man representing Luhya/Western province in Kibaki cabinet. He took over from his fellow western man Wamalwa Kijana. This is why it is easy for Kibaki to allocate that position to another western province man who comes in with his own party, Ford-K

Kalonzo Musyoka (Photograph below) has refused to support Kibaki. When ODM-K split into two, he took with him the ODM with”K” leaving Raila with ODM minus Kenya.

Kalonzo can only make an impact in this year’s presidential elections if he uses his righful senses in picking the right horse to ride on. His jumpy-jumpy attitude will not give him votes.

<(Kalonzo Right in the photo, his deputy Ojiambo in the middle)He either joins Kibaki’s PNU horse if he wants to be in the next government. Joining Raila’s ODM may give hima chance to get votes but not enough to give him the top job, because he will be joining Raila, a man who will not go for something smaller than the big job. Reliable source confirm that if Kalonzo backs Kibaki, he will be rewarded with an appointment as the Minister for Foreign Affairs, a docket he is well versed with.

He was joined by Julia Ojiambo, a woman with little impact in Western Kenya. She has always been in parliament as a nominated MP because of disability to win a seat – the Funyula that vice President Moody Awuori has always occupied.

Interestingly, the man in the center of the controversy, President Kibaki(Right photo) -(the controversy between Moi and Raila) is not saying much at the moment. Even his normally vocal wife – the first lady Lucy Kibaki has also decided to keep a low profile.

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