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Is it the end of “one finger salute” – tingiza?

Posted by African Press International on September 23, 2007

Moi in disbelief! He was not greeted with theusual Kanu one finger salute – tingiza. Kenyans are beginning to look at the one finger salute differently, but Biwott, Barngetuny (in a hat)and Moi seen here see it differently. By API*APN

Story by Nation – TOM MATOKE
Publication Date: 9/23/2007

Former President Daniel arap Moi yesterday came face to face with a hostile crowd at a fund-raiser in Aldai constituency.

Tempers flared when a charged crowd heckled area MP Mr Jimmy Choge after he said that people living in the area should remain in Kanu and follow Mr Mois decision to support President Kibaki.

Mr Choge told area residents not to support Mr Raila Odinga for the presidency but he was met with chants of ODM! ODM…

Mr Moi all the while sat and watch in disbelief as the crowd shouted at Mr Choge and former nominated MP Mr Ezekiel Barngetuny.

No one finger salute

Mr Barngetuny criticised the supporters of ODM for shouting at the meeting, saying that they had been hired. Most of the people in the crowd also refused to raise the one-finger Kanu salute when they were asked to do so by Mr Moi.

Mr Moi said the country had more than 300 parties which were confusing Kenyans and told the local community to remain in Kanu since it had a national outlook.

Mr Moi warned that they would regret supporting ODM blindly.

The former Head of State vowed never to enter any alliance or work with Mr Odinga. He pleaded with the area residents to vote for President Kibaki in the December General Election so that they can be in the next government.

Lifted and published by Korir, API*APN

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