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Is it the end of “one finger salute” – tingiza?

Posted by African Press International on September 23, 2007

Moi in disbelief! He was not greeted with theusual Kanu one finger salute – tingiza. Kenyans are beginning to look at the one finger salute differently, but Biwott, Barngetuny (in a hat)and Moi seen here see it differently. By API*APN

Story by Nation – TOM MATOKE
Publication Date: 9/23/2007

Former President Daniel arap Moi yesterday came face to face with a hostile crowd at a fund-raiser in Aldai constituency.

Tempers flared when a charged crowd heckled area MP Mr Jimmy Choge after he said that people living in the area should remain in Kanu and follow Mr Mois decision to support President Kibaki.

Mr Choge told area residents not to support Mr Raila Odinga for the presidency but he was met with chants of ODM! ODM…

Mr Moi all the while sat and watch in disbelief as the crowd shouted at Mr Choge and former nominated MP Mr Ezekiel Barngetuny.

No one finger salute

Mr Barngetuny criticised the supporters of ODM for shouting at the meeting, saying that they had been hired. Most of the people in the crowd also refused to raise the one-finger Kanu salute when they were asked to do so by Mr Moi.

Mr Moi said the country had more than 300 parties which were confusing Kenyans and told the local community to remain in Kanu since it had a national outlook.

Mr Moi warned that they would regret supporting ODM blindly.

The former Head of State vowed never to enter any alliance or work with Mr Odinga. He pleaded with the area residents to vote for President Kibaki in the December General Election so that they can be in the next government.

Lifted and published by Korir, API*APN

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Raila’s agenda: If elected president, he will punish looters from previous and present government

Posted by African Press International on September 23, 2007

The course of action Raila Odinga will take, if elected president, punishing looters from the previous and present government is definately making those who know they are guilty to urinate in their underwears!

The difficulty, however that Raila will face is what to do with people like William Ruto, a man Raila has promised to give the premiership. Ruto was in the previous government and is promised a job by Raila. Promises like that cannot just be cancelled after the elections. One has to respect promises. But Ruto has been accused of looting while under former president Daniel Moi. It has been reported that he has pending cases in court. Of course, we cannot judge the man and punish him before being proved guilty by the courts.

Now it will be a wait and see game on who, if elected president, Raila will severely punish. Any president who deals with the corrupt very severely is welcome by the Kenyan people. Poverty is a big problem in the country and yet a few big shots are millioneering with public funds. The contents in the story by the nation below is something to watch!

By Korir, the Chief Editor (API*APN

Publication Date: 9/23/2007

Mr Raila Odinga on Saturday outlined the agenda of an ODM government minutes after returning to the country from a foreign tour.

Mr Odinga addresses a rally at Muliro Gardens, Kakamega. Photo/Jacob Owiti

A confident Mr Odinga also a sent message to his rivals for State House, President Mwai Kibaki and ODM-Ks Kalonzo Musyoka: Prepare for the campaign of your lives.

Outlining the priorities of his administration, if he wins power, during a press conference at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Mr Odinga said reforms were uppermost in his mind, especially cutting the powers of the President and sharing them with a prime minister.

We do not want a situation of 500,000 Kenyans living in plenty while 33 million cannot afford a single meal a day, he said, pledging to implement projects and policies that would take wealth to the majority, spur growth and create employment.

Mzee Pekeshe addresses party supporters at the Muliro Gardens in Kakamega. Photo/ Jacob Owiti

He proposed the creation of Usawa Restitution Instrument through which those who have looted public wealth will return it in exchange for amnesty. Those who do not will be severely punished, he promised.

Past economic crimes

His government, he added, will quickly deal with all past economic crimes and conclude all pending cases.

He later flew to Kakamega where he launched his campaign at a colourful rally attended by thousands of supporters.

Speaking in Nairobi, he criticised Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC) director Mr Aaron Ringera for failing to use the powers of his institution to tame corruption.

This man has traversed the entire world at great expense pretending to look for the principals behind Anglo Leasing when the entire nation of 33 millionfrom the parking boy to the chief executive can tell him that Anglo Leasing is right here in Kenya. And it has Kenyan faces! he said.

An Odinga government will scrap the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs but strengthen anti-graft institutions, the office of the Attorney General and Solicitor General to fight the vice. KACC, he said, will be changed to improve its efficiency

The office of the Ombudsman, recently established by the Kibaki administration, will be strengthened under the policy of a listening government to ensure that the complaints of the public are dealt with expeditiously, he said.

To be implemented will also be the Public Officer Ethics Act where all office holderscivil servants, Members of Parliament and the Presidentwill declare their wealth.

All appointments by the Public Service Commission will on the basis of regional and gender balance, he said.

Mr Odinga jetted into the country early yesterday and was welcomed by hundreds of supporters who had started arriving at the airport as early as 5.45 am, an hour before the candidates plane touched down.

Dressed in Orange T-shirts, caps and and carrying Raila for President banners, the supporters asked that he address them, before he headed to the Nairobi Hospital to visit MPs Mr William Ruto and Mr Omingo Magara who were injured at a rally in Kisii on Friday.

Speaking to his supporters, Mr Odinga said: My message to Kenyans is that we will have a new government by December 31 and we will fight together to win this battle.

The River Nile has left Jinja and Nyayo (retired President Daniel arap Moi) and his group will not be able to stop it from reaching the Mediterranean (Sea).

Mr Odinga was a way on a two-week visit fo the the United States and Europe when President Kibaki will vie under Panu and Official Opposition Leader Uhuru Kenyatta threw in the towel, casting his lot with the Head of State.

Mr Odinga, the Langata MP, who is vying for the presidency a second time, said the resources of the Kibaki, Moi and Kenyatta families will not stop the ODM.

We cannot pretend that we can marshal the resources they can and the instruments of coercion at their disposal. Our biggest weapon is that we are with the people of Kenya, he said.

We will mobilise people; we will move to all parts of this country, if need be on foot to pass our message to the voters.

He made light of President Kibakis new coalition, saying he had watered down the political competition.

President Kibaki has come with a mule instead of the horse they were promising. On one side you hear it is Democratic Party, Ford Kenya, Shirikisho or Narc Kenya. We are the only horse in this race and we will deal with them, he said.

He was received by his running mate Mr Musalia Mudavadi, ODM chairman Mr Henry Kosgey, partys pentagon members Mr Najib Balala and Mr Joseph Nyagah, MPs Reuben Ndolo, Joseph Nkaiserry, Mohamed Khalif and David Sudi. Others were Jesus Is Alive Ministries Bishop Margaret Wanjiru, former Head of Civil Service Sally Kosgey and a host of ODM officials and aspirants.

The ODM candidate described the alliance of President Kibaki, Mr Moi and Mr Kenyatta as a conspiracy of fate and urged Kenyans to support him to defeat them.

Today, Daniel arap Moi who was evicted from State House five years ago has effectively returned there. And the man who served as his Vice President is in the same State House. And recently he has sadly been joined there by the official Opposition Leader, Mr Uhuru Kenyatta, he said.

He claimed that President Kibaki won Mr Mois endorsement after promising not to go after funds that Mr Odinga alleged Mr Moi and his family have kept in foreign banks.

Mzee Moi is a prisoner of President Kibaki because he sought the Presidents support in order not to act on a corruption report implicating him, Mr Odinga alleged.

Defected to ODM

During the rally, Information assistant minister David Were defected to ODM and said more MPs will follow suit in the coming days. It had been rumoured in the week that MPs associated with Housing minister Soita Shitandas New Ford Kenya were to defect to ODM at the rally.

But only Mr Were, who left his government-issue vehicle parked at Wilson Airport, Kakamega mayor John Khakabo and 12 councillors crossed over.

Mr Were met a hostile reaction when he tried to criticise the Government for allegedly failing to deliver.

There were traditional ceremonies to bless the candidate from Giriama elder Pekeshe Ndeche, and Luhyia elders Lukas Watakha and Joseph Khaoya.

Mr Odinga was given a shield and a spear, symbols of his obligation to protect the rights of Kenyans if he is elected.

The Langata MP appealed to the President to ensure that the campaigns were peaceful.

I am appealing to President Kibaki to ensure a peaceful election and if he beats me, I shall concede. But if I beat him, which I am confident I shall, he should hand over peacefully, he said to cheers from the large crowd.

Mr Mudavadi accused the Government of being out to cause chaos by pitting tribes against each other. He asked ODM supporters to be peaceful, saying violence could derail their partys agenda.

Mr Odinga called for the arrest and prosecution of Roads minister Mr Simeon Nyachae, claiming he hired youths to beat Mr Magara and Mr Ruto. Kenya, he said, should set an example for Africa by remaining peaceful and democratic.

In a humorous interlude, Mr Odinga said he was retracting his earlier declaration that this years election will be a two-horse race.

Bring a horse

He said: I had asked President Kibaki to bring a horse but he has brought a chameleon. It has several faces. The race is now between a horse and a chameleon.

Mr Odinga said he would keep his promise of free primary and secondary education.

Some say we dont have money. I know where it is. It is in the accounts of looters, he claimed, adding that he was privy to information indicating that there was more than Sh700 billion of stolen public funds in foreign accounts, he said.

ODM chairman Mr Henry Kosgey asked the youth in Rift Valley Province to stop harassing matatu operators from Kisii.

Others who addressed the meeting included Mr Balala and Mr Joseph Nyagah. Mr Ruto was still recuperating from injuries he sustained during the Kisii fracas on Friday.

Mr Odinga is scheduled to tour Kericho District today and Kisii tomorrow.

Lifted and published by Korir, API*APN tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

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Moroccan presents first female candidate for UNESCO head

Posted by African Press International on September 23, 2007

Casablanca (Morocco) The permanent delegate of Morocco to the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organisation (UNESCO), Aziza Bennani, aspires to become the first woman to vie for leadership of this international body in October 2009.

Already in November 2001, Aziza Bennani was in the spotlight when she was elected chairperson of the UNESCO executive council with 58 votes.

She followed in the footsteps of other women before her, namely Canadian Marie Bernard Menier, Pakistani Attiya Inayatullah and Honduran Sonia Mendieta De Badaroux.

“I was elected despite all my handicaps; I am a woman, an Arab and a Muslim… The decision to entrust this function to a Maghreb woman is proof of UNESCOs commitment to gender equity and its rejection of the fusion between Islam and terrorism,” she noted in her nomination speech.

Born in 1943, Bennani was a lecturer at the Rabat Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty since 1982.

She was appointed dean of the Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty of Mohammedia (near Casablanca ) in 1988. She became the first Moroccan woman to hold this post.

In March 1994, Azziza became high commissioner of disabled people before climbing the career ladder quickly to become Secretary of State for Culture (1997-1998).

A PhD holder in Spanish literature of the universities of Mohammed V in Rabat and Paris X Nanterre, Aziza Bennani published lots of works on the Hispanic or Hispano-Moroccan literature and civilizations, women or peace.

She is a member of the intergovernmental experts group for the development of various international conventions such as the ones on oral and immaterial heritage, and cultural diversity.

This Moroccan scholar is also an adviser to the United Nations Alliance of Civilisations high level working group.

On 21 March 2006, Azziza received an honorary doctorate from the University Lumiere Lyon 2 in France .

Aziza Bennani was honoured several times including Officer and Knight of the “Wissam Alaouite” Order of the Throne in Morocco, Lazo de Dama of the Civil Order of Merit in Spain, Cultural Order of Merit in Portugal and Chevalier of the Legion of Honour in France.

“Purity is not an ideal, furthermore, any single cultured society is doomed to wane, even disappear… Any closely nationalist, identity and community conception is a complete contradiction to any modernistic project for the future,” she wrote.

As a member of the permanent secretariat of the Mediterranean womens forum in Turin, she denounced prejudices, radical speeches, all types of extremism that want to monopolise the holy scriptures and legitimate discriminatory ideas”.

Published by Korir, API*APN, source.apa

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Posted by African Press International on September 23, 2007

Maputo (Mozambique) Some donors and funding agencies that provide direct support for the Mozambican state budget on Saturday pledged to channel US$435 million in budgetary support for 2008.

The development comes shortly after the Mozambican government approved a draft U$3.5 billion national budget for next year.

Most members of this group, known as the Programme Aid Partners (PAP), have allocated to specific programmes and projects in 2008 and have raised their aid to Mozambique.

PAP said in its brief statement received by APA on Saturday that Britain had been the donor with the largest support to the state budget with US$79.7 million followed by the World Bank with US$70 million, the European Commission US$66 million, and Sweden US$50 million, with significant contributions from other partners.

“The figures were announced at the end of the six monthly review of progress by the government and the PAP donors.

“The meeting also agreed a set of targets for 2008, and, in some areas, indicative targets for 2009 and 2010”, reads the document.

The document calls for a net rate of school attendance by six year old girls of 74 per cent in 2008, rising to 80 per cent in 2009.

The document calls for a major push on agricultural extension and wants to see 222,300 peasant farmers assisted by the governments extension services in 2008, and a near doubling of this figure (to 411,000) in 2009.

The Mozambican government said on Saturday that economic growth should remain unchanged at 7 percent in 2008 and inflation should dip to 5.7 percent from a targeted 6 percent this year.

The Planning and Development Minister Aiuba Quereneia disclosed those targets in an interview with APA, shortly after the Mozambican government approved a draft US$3.5 billion national budget for next year.

Mozambiques economy, which is booming due to a combination of increased foreign investment, debt relief and improved agricultural production, grew by 8.8 percent in the first half of 2007, putting it on track to hit the governments 7 percent growth target

Published by API*APN source.apa

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Kenyan politics

Posted by African Press International on September 23, 2007


Mtongoria Says:
September 22nd, 2007 at 11:06 pm e

Korir, you are really wrong. I must assure you that Raila will beat Kibaki with his Panya Nguruwe na Uhuru party badly.
To the Muslims, just vote for Raila but dont think a civilised country like Kenya would be governed by retrogessive and barbaric laws you call Sharia. You bettter live in Somali, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq where your believes are tolerated. Kenya is not an Islamic State and with such thinking as Abdis, Muslims will remain a minority group just like the Ogieks.

Published by AP*APN

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Humanitarian agencies renew commitment to peace in Uganda

Posted by African Press International on September 23, 2007

Kampala (Uganda) The humanitarian community in Uganda including United Nations agencies has said that the key to securing a peaceful, just and durable future for all Ugandans is the conclusion of a final agreement between the government and the Lords Resistance Army (LRA).

In a statement released to mark the International Day of Peace on Friday, the community said it remained committed to supporting the government and people of Uganda in the implementation of the peace in northern Uganda, the scene of the LRA insurgency.

They called upon the government and the LRA to continue their commitment to the peace process in order to find a lasting negotiated solution to the 20-year-old conflict.

The community applauded the continued engagement and progress that has been made in the peace talks so far.

Published by Korir, API*APN source.apa

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Raila Odinga wants to talk to Kalonzo Musyoka – The man he castigated earlier

Posted by African Press International on September 23, 2007

Story by NATION Repo

ODM Presidential candidate Raila Odinga said negotiation doors with his ODM Kenya rival Kalonzo Musyoka were still open.

Mr Odinga, who spoke in London at a dinner hosted in his honour in Westminster Hotel, on Tuesday, said ODM was ready to negotiate with parties that shared  its vision and ideals, for the benefit of all Kenyans.

The Langata MP was answering a question raised by one of the guests on his relationship with Mr Musyoka, who recently chose nominated MP Julia Ojiambo as his running mate.

My Government will be grounded on the fundamental principles of equity and prosperity to all Kenyans. Of priority will be the eradication of corruption, tribalism, and equitable distribution of resources to all Kenyans, Mr Odinga told the guests.

He said he had traversed the entire country and identified unique concerns for each community in Kenya, each requiring a distinctive approach.

Mr Odinga praised Kenyans in the diaspora for expressing interest in local politics and other important issues.

Mr  George Muruli, ODM publicity secretary in the UK, said ODM supporters there congratulated Mr Odinga on his nomination as the partys presidential candidate.

Various parties

Back home, ODM leaders yesterday criticised Panus strategy of winning the December General Election through use of various parties.

Pentagon leader William Ruto and MPs William Ntimama and Joseph Nkaissery said Kenyans should not accept to vote for President Kibaki under Panu and then vote for different party candidates for parliamentary and civic seats.

That system cannot happen in the 21st century. We should vote three piece. ODM presidential candidate, parliamentary and civic, said Mr Ruto during the burial of Kajiado North parliamentary aspirant Moses Ole Sakuda’s mother.

Mr Ruto said it would be difficult for voters to demand transparency and accountability from leaders if they voted them in office on different parties.

Mr Ruto said ODM was sure of winning the polls and that President Kibaki will be leader of Opposition next year.

Mr Sakuda is seeking to end Education Minister George Saitoti’s more than 20-year grip on the Kajiado North parliamentary seat. Prof Saitoti attended church service but skipped the burial ceremony.

Lifted and published by API*APN tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

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Kenya: Beating them up – a lesson before real campaigning starts

Posted by African Press International on September 23, 2007

By Beauttah Omanga, Robert Nyasato and Ayub Savula

Violence and ugly incidents marred the campaign trail as ODM leaders, Mr William Ruto, Mr Omingo Magara and an aspirant were viciously attacked by youths in South Mugirango constituency as they attempted to attend a fundraiser presided over by Roads minister, Mr Simeon Nyachae.

And in Busia, ODM-Kenya presidential candidate, Mr Kalonzo Musyoka and his running mate, Dr Julia Ojiambo were heckled by a rowdy crowd, forcing police to intervene and escort them to safety out of town.

In scenes reminiscent of ordinary thugs being chased out of the market, the MPs had to run for dear life and even had their clothes torn by blood thirsty youths.

Ruto, Magara and the aspirant, Mr Chris Bichage were injured after they were pelted with stones and hit with clubs by the hostile youth who barred them from entering the Nyachae meeting venue.

An arrow aimed at the MPs narrowly missed Bichage who sustained serious injuries from blows.

Police protected KalonzoIn Busia, police had to usher Kalonzo to his vehicle then escort his convoy with police vehicles seven kilometres out of the town.In one of the ugliest incidents of this years electioneering, the MPs in both incidents were humiliated in scenes later condemned by ODM politicians.

Ruto, Magara and Bichage had to flee for dear life with youths in hot pursuit, baying for their blood.

They were rescued by a matatu into which they jumped and asked the driver to speed off to safety.

The incident occurred at Nyamarambe playgrounds where Nyachae was presiding over a fundraising for youth groups in Magaras South Mugirango constituency, apparently without the MP being informed.

The ODM team that had earlier attended another function in Gucha landed at the field in a helicopter and headed for the dais.

But even before the dust raised by the chopper could settle, youths armed with clubs, arrows and stones charged at the politicians.

Also caught in the fracas was former Finance minister, Dr Chris Obure, who had just arrived.

The helicopter flew off as youths aimed missiles at it.

Magara and his team were hit with stones before police charged at the youths, firing in the air to scare them away.

The MPs bodyguards also drew guns and shot in the air as chaos reigned.

A pistol belonging to Magaras bodyguard fell as the ODM team ran out of the venue.

But a police officer retrieved the gun and handed it to the bodyguard as mayhem reigned.

Ruto and Magara were hit several times with stones while Bichage was roughed up and thrown to the ground.

Ready for combatThe vehicle in which they sought refuge took them to Rongo town.

A youth armed with a bow and arrows charges at Eldoret North MP, Mr William Ruto, on arrival at Nyamarambe.

Ruto was injured on the knee, while Magara was badly hurt on the right hand. Bichage sustained multiple injuries and a dislocation on the shoulder. An arrow aimed at him whizzed past his head.Nyachae and other Ford-People MPs remained unmoved at the main dais as the ugly scene unfolded.

Nyachae has been named Panus advisory board chairman and by the virtue of his position, he is at the helm of President Kibakis re-election campaign.

Tension had been high as supporters of Nyachae vowed that Magara, who is ODM point man in Gusiiland, would not set foot at the venue.

The youths, locally known as chinkororo, wore maroon robes and were armed with bows and arrows in readiness for combat.

They had first been greeted by Nyachae, who commended them for their bravery and defending the rights of their community and its political stand.

“I am proud of these youths; they stood by me when I was campaigning for your MP during a by-election,” the Roads minister had said.

The harambee in aid of youths was orgnised by various parliamentary aspirants who had invited Nyachae as the chief guest.

Medical personnel receive South Mugirango MP, Mr Omingo Magara at the Wilson Airport, Nairobi on Friday.

Magara, also the ODM treasurer, was not invited for the fundraiser and had earlier told The Saturday Standard it was his right to attend as the area MP.Tension remained high after some supporters of Magara earlier stormed out of the function in solidarity with their MP.

Speaking at a Press conference in Rongo town, the leaders blamed Nyachae and Planning minister, Mr Henry Obwocha for the fracas.

They also demanded the arrest of the two ministers.

Ruto called on the Police Commissioner, Maj Gen Hussein Ali, to take action against the two ministers.

“This is not only satanic but primitive for a Government to watch as elected leaders are harassed by armed youths,” said Ruto.

“It is by the grace of God we are alive since the youths seemed to be under instructions to eliminate us,” he added.

Magara claimed some of the youths were imported from other constituencies.

However, Nyachae dismissed ODM teams claims, adding they were the ones who invaded his meeting.

“We did not invite them to the meeting and we are not to blame for what befell them,” said the Nyaribari Chache MP.

Nyachae said his party had never interfered with any of the Opposition rallies in the region and wondered why Magara and his team stormed a Ford-People meeting.

He claimed he has an army of youth who will defend Ford-People at whatever cost.

MPs present at the rally were Mr Jimmy Angwenyi, Mr Zebedeo Opore, Dr Hezron Manduku, Mr Geoffrey Masanya, Mr Mwancha Okioma, and Assistant minister, Mr Joel Onyancha.

At Rongo, Magara said he would not be intimidated to keep off his constituency, saying he was ready to face his critics.

“This primitive behaviour will not deter us from bringing about change in this country. We are determined to get rid of Nyachae and his group,” said Magara.

Their chopper picked them from Rongo and flew them to Wilson Airport, Nairobi, from where they were taken to Nairobi Hospital for treatment.

The three were admitted to the hospital overnight for observation.

At the airport, Bichage was carried on a stretcher as Ruto and Magara showed journalists their injuries.

Ruto and Bichages trousers were torn.

They were met at the Airport by Railas presidential running mate, Mr Musalia Mudavadi, party chairman Mr Henry Kosgey, Secretary General, Prof Anyang Nyongo, MPs Mr Reuben Ndolo, Mr Musa Sirma and secretariat director Ms Janet Ongera.

Mudavadi said the attack was part of a wider plot to stop ODM from campaigning in some areas.

“This is a scheme to bar us from accessing some areas. But nothing and no one will stop the ODM campaign,” said Mudavadi.

A furious Kosgey said: “This Government will go the same way it came. Security is not a favour, it is our right and we demand it.”

Raila, who called on his way from the US, condemmed the attack.

He said: “This cannot deter us from campaigning. When I land there (this morning) we will hit the road and we are unstoppable.”

Raila said he would visit them in hospital this morning.

Earlier, while attending a funeral in Gucha, Ruto urged the Kisii to support ODMs presidential candidate, Mr Raila Odinga.

Ruto spoke at Nyamache, in Bobasi constituency during the burial of a teacher who was killed by thugs two weeks ago.

Magara warned the Gusii to be wary of individuals out to alienate them from participating in the process of forming the next Government.

“We dont want to join the Government through the window. Let us be part of the party that will form the next Government,” Magara said.

Lifted and published by Korir, API*APN tel +4793299739 or +4763002525

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