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Posted by African Press International on September 21, 2007

Our Kenyan 9th parliament amended the Anti-corruption an Economic Act to drastically curtail the powers of Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC) to investigate economic crimes committed before it’s establishment in 2003.This has led KACC into dropping 13 out of the 18 Anglo-Leasing cases currently under investigation.

Fighting graft is not and will not be easy for countries like Kenya
whose history and social fabric is heavily interweaved with a culture of tolerance to economic crimes as well as glorifying of wealth without due regard to the source and the much the wielders of it have in terms of skeletons in the cupboard. Incidentally this is the biggest challenge facing democracy in Kenya and to large extent other world countries.

In Kenya it is very much possible to buy yourself to parliament. The voters themselves due to widespread poverty and culture of looking up to bourgeois largesse have most faithfully adored rich contestants without due regard to their credibility ability and delivery in being members of parliament. And politicians since independence have ensured perpetuation of this.

It is not enough to have all the best intentions, qualifications,
ability, charisma, vision and so on, for without money it is next to impossible to get anywhere near power. The next route probably is to ride on euphoria, hatred of the holders of the seat say in parliament or to be somehow anointed. That is the morass afflicting our politics.

The powers that be since independence have faithfully nurtured the culture of handouts, cronyism, tribalism, favouritism, discrimination, political terrorism, sycophancy et cetera that it is not unusual to see very sane , reasonable, educated and polished people bending all rules of morality and sanity to sing and dance to the tune of jingoism, cruelty, crassness, craven and grand myopism.

KACC was thus bound to land in serious problems. It is politically expedient to tame it and continue taming it. After all it is likely to afflict serious wounds to some very useful people in the current political dispensation and future political realism. Indeed it is highly likely that it is a dinosaur whose time is simply closing to sell by date. Not unusual in the third world after all!

ikunda2.jpgBy our correspondent,

Harrison Mwirigi Ikunda,
P.O. Box 51806,

Published by African Press International (API)/ African Press in Norway (APN) tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525


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