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A question to Kenyan lawyers in Kibaki government

Posted by African Press International on September 21, 2007


I have some questions to ask my fellow Kenyans, who call themselves, “learned friends”, Lawyers in another term.

We have so many Kenyans with that tittle, well educated, and in the Cabinet and also represents people in the Law courts, in various areas like; Constitution of the country, Land cases, criminal cases, and civil cases,etc.

My question may be laughable to some people, and very painful to others.The question is this; In Kenyan Government, we have learned Lawyers who are Ministers in KIBAKI administration, and mainly theGovernment Adviser on all Government dealings, by name “MARTHA KARUA” a Minister for Constituitional Affairs,etc. Managing the Government to move smoothly.

Can Karua tell Kenyans what is happening in Kibaki’s re-election for the second term constitutionally? Now Lawyers like Kiraitu Murungi and others, where are they now with their qualifications as learned friends? Are we Kenyans being led by blind leaders or where are we?

Kenyans want to get that answer correct. BecauseKibaki’s re-election party PANU, is seen as a corruption party in the eyes of manyin local and international circles.

Can Hon. MARTHA KARUA speak on this issue?

By Peter L.Akhonya,

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