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Tribes and tribalism in Kenya

Posted by African Press International on September 20, 2007


There is absolutely nothing primitive in one trying to seek solace in social capital. Social capital is taken for granted in this country despite the central role it plays in holding the society in place. It is therefore not prudent to vilify any particular community for naturally seeking their own before resorting to embraces the entire broad-based Kenyan community. This is why I will always insist that the tribes are not the problem in our country.

It is insular to equate tribe with tribalism; tribalism is a trait which can be acquired and the same applies to cronyism and nepotism, whilst tribe as I have pointed out is the fabric through which our countrys rich tradition is interwoven.

The raging debate as to whether so and so from a particular community hates a particular community only helps to advance tribalism and its associated revolting tendencies. These arguments totally pour scorn on the spirit of nationality which was realised at the time of independence. Politics dictates that we agree to disagree, it does not call us to turn to chauvinist and start tearing each other into pieces. If the country is enfolded in the spirit of equity; does it real matter who is at the helm? Strive towards normality should not be misconstrued as animosity towards one particular community.

I do want to believe that honourable Raila has learned to equate himself with the mass. Raila together with likeminded individuals have come together to reaffirm the need to reposition or introduce equity back to the centre of all our deliberations. They are simply trying to target legitimate and constructive ways in which the existing inequalities can be dealt with in order to narrow the gap in the geopolitical terrain.

The ODM wave intends to cultivate the spirit of civil liberty in our society which has hitherto been denigrated in the past and current curators. To reiterate, I do hope this will not be misconstrued as an act of hatred for any particular community.

By Nyatigi

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