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New Moroccan Premier urged to form government

Posted by African Press International on September 20, 2007

Rabat (Morocco) King Mohammed VI of Morocco has requested the new Prime Minister, Abbas El Fassi, to hold “open, extensive and consensual consultations” with political parties and recommend ministers for the various posts, sources has confirmed.

Out of the 33 parties that contested the parliamentary elections on 7 September in Morocco , the Istiqlal party led by Fassi, came first with 52 seats and was followed by PJD with 46 seats, while MP came third with 41 seats.

Fassi appointment stems from his “firm attachment” to “democratic traditions” the King said when he named the Premier to the post.

The King said he expects a cabinet” that would “meet the major priorities and challenges of the nation, and to consolidate the democratic process and stimulate the countrys overall development”.

El Fassi succeeds technocrat Driss Jettou as prime minister, who held the post since November 2002.

It is the first time since late 1958 that the Istiqlal Party (created in 1943 under French Protectorate) has ascended to the post of Prime Ministry of the country.

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