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For sure, the saying that power corrupts and corrupts absolutely……

Posted by African Press International on September 20, 2007


For sure, the saying that power corrupts and corrupts absolutely cannot go without mention here.

Kenyans in 2002 gave Kibaki absolute power to correct all the economic, social, judicial, executive, triabal, individual and cultural wrongs and get the country back to its rightful path. Kibaki did not need any protection from Kikuyu, Luo, MijiKenda, Orma, Borana, Somali, Luhya, Kamba, Dorobo etc or from sycophants, kitchen cabinets or even Moi. This made some vocal and sincere politicians like the late Karisa Maitha to say that the 2002 was the last a Kikuyu president Kenya will ever have since it is hard to trust.

In 2002 Kibaki had a clean mandate and his presidency was extremely secure and even would have had a very easy second term at pleasure. However, no sooner than he received 21 gun salutes, he allowed himself to be moved and be convinced by selfish individuals that Raila was his greatest enemy and then nasty politics which our people wished were a thing of the past in our dear republic, resurfaced with a magnitude that never existed before!!! I have never been that bored before!!

The fact that I, all Kenyans and the entire world saw how diligently Raila, Kalonzo, Nyong, Kituyi, late Wamalwa and others burn midnight oil campaighning for Kibaki who by then was down from a road accident was a guarantee that Kibaki judged by all standards should not have even even tolerated even an iota of idea or imagination of ever kicking any these KEY FIGURES from the GOVERNMENT THEY FABRICATED TOGETHER!!!

The fact that Kibaki failed to honour an MOU that he signed at will before the Camera and that even Kenyan’s who were conceived on that day were witnesses, makes him loose his face in totality before the electorate and more so people who share principles of trust, truthfulness and those who abhor lies.

The fact that he had the guts to purnish more than 5 million voters of Kenyan origin who exercised their constitutional right of rejecting draft constitution that he adulterated by kicking them out of their righfully elected government and further endorsing the minority to run the government against Kenyans will is a serious breach of leadership etiquette.

This is enough evidence to tell anyone in the republic of Kenya that he is not the kind of leader Kenya has been yearning for. Especially after painful experiences with the previous two regimes. In 2002, the smaller parties united to kick the big parties. In 2007, the smaller tribes and the marginalised tribes seemingly are going to coarlesce to teach the bigger tribes a lesson.

I saw how hard honourable Raila Amollo Odinga sustained positive energy to ensure that NARC remains together, but the more he worked hard to keep the positive image the nastier the political game became to an extent that the mafia from our beloved Mt. Kenya area deepened their frustration on Raila and the rest is history.

Please whoever is reading this piece of information I am sharing should not think O factor is at play, I stand corrected if all I have started above is not a fact, or if there is any reason available to counter the above facts. I am very objective in my observation and analysis. In 1997 I voted for Madam Cahirity Kaluki Ngilu yet Raila contested but I did not support his canditure otherwise, I would have voted him on tribal lines. But this time round, I am voting Raila in unconditionally because I believe he has remained on the right path for a very long time. Its time we all joined him on the right path. I belive that supporting him on these 2007 elections will make all tirbes (Kikuyus, Luos, Luhyas, Kambas, Boranas, Burjis, Somalias, Turgens, Taita’s, Tavetas, Giriamas, Kaumas, Kambes, Digos, Embus, Meru, Tiganias, Tharakas, Turkanas and all honourable tribes and subtribes in Kenya) loose nothing, but the unjust allocation of resources, social injustices, corruption and insecurity
among other societal vices.

I would ask the team who did the above research to inform this site, who are the preferred ODM candidates outside the Luo Nyanza. Because, Raila winning presidential votes to become Kenyan fourth president depends on all the eight provinces of Kenya. We need information here showing what it would be like in all the other parts of country.

Only Nyanza will not take this very able leader to statehouse. But whatever it takes, we all of us living in Kenya and in diaspora must ensure that this leader is given a chance to prove himself, Kibaki has already squandered his Golden opportunity, tribal politics must be kept out of this discussion please.

By Silvanos,
Nairobi, Kenya

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