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Posted by African Press International on September 20, 2007

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A wife of the former Member of Parliament, Kisumu rural constituency, is allegedly embroiled in a fraudulent land deal.


Mrs. Millicent Ochoro Ayoki, who is the wife to Ochoro Ayoki, obtained close to one million shillings by false pretence from one Mr. Magaga Agola Alot, in a land purchase deal that turned out to be dubious.


According to documentary evidences availed to this investigative journalist, chronicled that Magaga, as a purchaser, bought the land parcel No. Kisumu/Nyalenda B/1657 from Mrs. Ayoki to the tune of 0.85 million shillings.


And 0.7 million shillings was paid on the spot by bankers cheque No. 89939 dated 27.107,drawn from Standard Chartered bank, in favour of the vendor Mrs.Ayoki, states the sale agreement dated 27.1.07. With, the balance being footed using a personal cheque.


The questionable transaction was sealed after Mrs. Ayoki misrepresenting has the bonafide owner of the said parcel of land, armed with search certificate alongside valid and genuine title deed whisked the would-be proprietor, Magaga, to the plot and pointed it out.


It later emerged that it was fraud when the buyer hired the services of the qualified surveyor to go assist his workmen on site to identify exact boundaries, to fence it off.


The surveyors findings unearthed that the land parcel No. 1657 had been subdivided into two namely Kisumu/Nyalenda B 1721 and Kisumu/Nyalenda B 1722.


The former registered in the name of Samuel J. Munene and the latter in the name of Muhidin Ebrahim Doka.And the Sub-division took place in 1997, courtesy of Mrs. Millicent Ochoro Ayoki, the owner.


And therefore by 27th January 2007 when Mrs. Ayoki was purportedly disposing off the whole parcel of land in question, she either knew or ought to have known that the land was neither here nor there, thus giving credence to the allegation that it was a fraud.


It saw some arrests being made with Mrs.Ayoki and the key witness spending in the police cells,said the police sources..


Sources privy to this land deal gone sour, averred that its not a first occurrence for a client to be duped with this non existence sale of this land some have or almost fallen prey to this phantom endless deal.


Though, the short changed client Magaga, who is also the public relations officer of the East African Community, was ultimately refunded his hard-won money, after relentless battle with the relevant agencies, there is more than a meet the eye.


It appears there is a possible collusion or complicity in the fraud by officials of the lands office.


Because, even though, it was crystal clear that land parcel No. 1657 was subdivided and ceased to exist before 1997, the lands office went full throttle to sign certificates of official search.


Also signed were certified copies of the register indicating that the controversial land was registered in the name of Millicent Ochoro Ayoki, the woman at the centre stage of the fraud allegation, which she was at pain to explain when reached for verification.


At the disposal of this investigate writer are the copies of title deed for Kisumu/Nyalenda B/1657 issued to Millicent Ochoro Ayoki on 18th March1997, the sale agreement dated 27th January 2007 and three certificates of official search dated 12th January.2007, 23rd January.2007 and 1st.Feb.2007 showing Millicent Ochoro Ayoki as registered owner of land parcel No.1657 measuring 0.05 ha as at 18th March1997.


Further, certificate of official search for land parcel No. 1721 which was created as a result of subdivision of land parcel No. 1657, a certificate of official search for land parcel No. Kisumu/Nyalenda B/1722 showing that it was created from parcel No. 1657.


And a map showing the location of land parcel No. 1721 and 1722.The said map does not reflect the existence of the parcel No.1657.


Also, the green cards for the three parcels of land showing all transactions affecting the same up, by the time of hammering the deal.


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