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Posted by African Press International on September 20, 2007

AnInternet site has provided space for visitors to discuss their nocturnal excursions in Nairobi.Koinange Street features prominently. “Drive along Koinange Street and you will see a parade of all sizes,” recommends a commentator.

Another appears to be excited about the possibility of finding underage girls on the same street, and goes on to announce that some are not desperate girls exploiting the last means of survival, but college students who are simply looking for a ‘good time,” “Dont be surprised to meet girls with college degrees from USA or Britain..” concludes the commentator.

And on the online encyclopeadia, Wikipedia, the place is described as “a busy street in the city of Nairobi, Kenya. It is the red-light district in Kenya.” There’s only a brief mention of the genuine daytime business, before the discussion reverts to the red -light district aspects of the street.

It is this unsavoury nocturnal image that has caused some business people and professionals into action.

They want the daytime activities of the area to also be brought to prominence because to them, the street has an equally bustling commercial activity during “honourable hours,” and stands out as a “one-stop shop.”

The organisers of the Koinage Street Carnival say their aim is not to confront prostitution per se but to let people know that there is another side to the street.

pauline1.jpgBy Pauline Onyango, API*APN correspondent.

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