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Ngilu declares her stand: She supports Kalonzo as ODM presidential candidate and Raila as deputy

Posted by African Press International on September 17, 2007

Written By:KNA,Posted: Sun, Sep 16, 2007

ngilu_charity07.jpgCaption: Health Minister Charity Ngilu : ‘I will apply my 2002 magic that brought together president Kibaki and the late Wamalwa Kijana to unite Kalonzo and Raila.

Health Minister Charity Ngilu has on Sunday declared support for ODM Kenya’s presidential candidate Kalonzo Musyoka but on condition that Mwingi North MP unites with ODM’s flag bearer Raila Odinga.

Speaking during a funds drive in her Kitui Central constituency, Ngilu said she would apply her 2002 magic that brought together president Kibaki and the late Wamalwa Kijana to unite Kalonzo and Raila.

The Health Minister also expressed shock at Uhuru Kenyatta’s move to support president Kibaki’s re-election.

“There are three serious presidential candidates in this year’s general elections and I had planned to run but realized I would spoil chances for Kalonzo,” said Ngilu.

She further said she had endured tribulations in the current leadership adding that the last straw was when retired president Moi said he will support Kibaki’s re-election this year.

She said Kalonzo couldn’t win the presidency on his own.

“ODM-Kenya’s flag bearer Kalonzo is very good but he cannot win the presidency on his own and the only way is to unite with Langata MP and ODM presidential candidate in the initial ODM family,” said the Kitui Central MP.

She suggested that Kalonzo should be the ODM family presidential candidate while Raila should be the vice-president adding that failure to unite will confine us to the opposition.’

The Minister singled out the rejection of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), invitation of KANU MPs in government of national unity, sacking of ministers who opposed the referendum and her recent arrest and detention as some of the tribulations she had suffered.

“Ndinduu ndauwia maongu” (a friend does not cook bitter food for a friend) said Ngilu in Kamba dialect adding that the support of Kibaki re-election by leader of official opposition Uhuru Kenyatta was shocking.

She asked the Kitui Central electorate to give her permission to pursue her mission of uniting Kalonzo and Raila in the run up to the general elections pointing out that she had united a fragmented opposition in 2002 to end kanu’s 24 year rule..

The harambee netted 421,410 shillings with Kitui central contituency development fund (CDF) giving 300,000 shillings while Ngilu gave a personal donation of 30,000 shillings.

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