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We shall speak words of faith to the mountain and it will tumble down

Posted by African Press International on September 16, 2007

Commentary by Nyatigi

There is absolutely no reason for anyone with a clear conscience to thumb his/her chest as yet. The day Mr Uhuru decided to abscond from being an official leader of the opposition was a grim day for the road to democracy in Kenya. It brought back those unpleasant memories of yesteryears characterised by one party system of authoritarian rule.

The period when the spirit of democracy was nearly none existence; and instead, it was a period characterised with lack of equity coupled with propagation of chauvinistic tendencies. These are the years when cronies and toadies had field days and everything was carried out through acclamation. This move by Uhuru Kenyatta will certainly go down as the greatest betrayal in history.

The Kenyans have to act in haste to curtail this progression towards the dark days. They must come out in one accord irrespective of geopolitical location and creed to usher change in and to vote out status quo with its erstwhile retrogressive traits. It is our prayer that the spirit of equity will prevail come the December election. It is our prayer that nepotism, chauvinism and cronyism will be things of the past come January next year.

Nobody has been elected yet, so do not blow your trumpets you proponents of status quo. The agents of change are yet to go round the wall of Jericho seven times in order to effect an imminent change. We shall speak words of faith to the mountain and it will tumble down. We are sanguine that the spirit of equity will subjugate the spirit of status quo and its revolting traits.

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