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Morocco : Majority parliamentary group rejects alliance with Islamists in new gov’t

Posted by African Press International on September 16, 2007

Rabat (Morocco) The Istiqlal party (Independence), which won the 7 September legislative polls in Morocco, brushed aside any alliance with the Justice and Development party (PJD, Islamist) in the next government, APA learnt Saturday.

“Don’t expect to see Istiqlal and PJD in the same government,” said the secretary-general of Istiqlal, Abbas El Fassi, in an interview with the Moroccan weekly magazine “La vie Eco”, published Friday.

Explaining this stance, Abbas El Fassi said the PJD “went too far” by declaring after the elections in Morocco “there is the PJD, and the other parties are rotten”.

Reaffirming the commitment of the party to “the current government majority”, the Istiqlal leader stressed that Morocco needs a government made up of 25 departments, and junior ministers who belong to the same party as their supervising ministers.

The current Moroccan government, headed by technocrat Driss Jettou, is composed of 33 ministers from five political parties which are Istiqlal, USFP, PPS, the Popular Movement (MP) and the National Independent Rally (RNI) and others are without political affiliation.

Since 1992, Istiqlal (nationalist rightwing) is in alliance with two socio-democrat parties, the Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP) and the Progress and Socialism Party (PPS) within the framework of a “democratic coalition”.

Last Thursday, King Mohammed VI of Morocco received the leaders of the first six political parties in the last legislative polls, within the framework of negotiations to appoint the future Prime Minister.

The King reasserted “his deep attachment to the advisory and participative approach, engaged with the living forces of Moroccan people – and especially party leaders.”

Under the Constitution, the King names the Prime Minister who in turn proposes other members of his government.

According to final results of the Moroccan polls, Istiqlal won 52 seats, followed by PJD with 46 seats. MP is third with 41 seats. The RNI is fourth with 39 seats followed by the USFP which scored 38 seats and the Constitutional Union (CPU, liberal opposition) with 27 seats.

Thirty three parties were contesting the 325 seats in the House of Representatives (Lower House).

The participation rate in these elections, organized according to the largest remainder system, did not exceed 37 percent out of some 15.6 million registered voters.

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