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Tribalism in Kenya creates deep-rooted hate

Posted by African Press International on September 13, 2007


Let those who believe that Raila hates Kikuyus out of jealousy know that it is the Kikuyus and the few extremely rich ones who got their wealth during the Kenyatta era under unclear circumstances -who fear him.They fear the Luo people alot for being outspoken.
These are the same people who have for a long time and for their own personal gain fed propaganda on Raila to later generation of Kikuyu children that not only Raila, but the whole Luo community is bad and an enemy that they should never entertain.

Let them give substantive reasons why they hate Raila.
How many Kikuyu political elite have been mentioned in regard to corruption in Kibakis Government? Let them tell us what Raila has stolen from the Public?.

The demolition of houses is still going on two years after Railas dismissal from that docket by Kibaki?. The people have decided that Raila is their choice just as he thrashed Kibaki during the referendum through the peoples vote.

God almighty is working through him to liberate Kenyans and no one can stand on the way of Gods mission. Not even the millions being contributed by the rich. Remember Kiraitu Murungis laughter at ODMs referendum campaign kitty when he boasted that the government had money that would shake every corner of this country.What happened?.

Railas time has come and surely he will triumph. Even after campaigning tirelessly for Kibaki who was on wheel chair can you still say Raila hates Kikuyus? What was Kibaki by then, a Luo? I wonder.

By Meshack Ombiyo


Please Meshack,open your eyes,Raila campaigned for Kibaki with the Executive Premierrship in mind, finally he had found someone who would hand power to him on a silver platter,lots of it,remember the way he overshadowed the rest of the team including the more visionary leader Wamalwa Kijana, I bet my last pair of clean socks he was hoping somehow someway Kibaki doesn’t make it because that would have put him in a very good position to even garner for the presidency, but apparently sad for him it never came to be, G od had other good plans for Kenya.

In ODM, he found a very good platform to fan his thinly veiled anti-Kikuyu philosophies, a dream come true, Picture this: Nazlin Umar is hoarded by marauding Kisumu youth, with a record of opposing Raila, there was no way, according to the youth, she will come to Raila’s home turf to oppose him, no way! The lady needed police escort just to be safe, nobody, not even this Nationalist Raila spoke against that.

Nazlin took it as it is and probably moved on. Now fast forward to Nyeri where Raila and his group are hounded out of a privately owned hotel for apparently the same reasons as Umar’s. Raila goes ahead to hold a few press conferences and make a big deal about it. He even goes back to the same region hoping it happens to him again so that he can come back and hold a microphone and tell the Meshacks and the rest, Oh Look, I told you this people cannot be trusted, they are criminals.

Let us just call a spade a spade here. He is a tribalist and worst of all a populist. The Waswahili say Chema Chajiuza Kibaya ChaJitembeza, that is why this chap is spending so much and cris-crossing the globe in his quest for statehouse, of course the West Love him.

An African leader driving million of shillings worth of a vehicle through one of the largest and poorest slums in the world is what they love to see. He is their guy, anyone to make the Africans look more silly, you will even shake the Queens hand for that..

If God intended for Raila to be President he would have been in his first shot at it back in the MOI days, but he never succeeded. Meshack you seem to have forgotten that, such Blasphemy..!

By One Concerned voter.

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