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Chadian peace talks kickoff Tuesday in Libreville

Posted by African Press International on September 13, 2007

Libreville (Gabon) Delegates of the former Chadian Head of State, Goukouni Weddeye, have Tuesday concluded peace talks in Libreville with a Chadian delegation with the view to the “rally many political and military movements” to the peace initiative.

The delegation of M. Weddeye, the spearhead of the ongoing process, was led by Antoine Bangui, former minister in the early years of the countrys independence, whereas the government was represented by Abderahman Moussa, the National Chadian mediator.

According to the statement released in Libreville, both parties agreed on a roadmap aimed at “getting in contact with all the protests staged abroad and that are susceptible to join the peace initiative”.

“The group of Libreville”, created in this framework, has a three-month mandate to gather these “oppositions”.

“After the deadline, wee shall gather to review the situation. If the goal is not reached, the mandate might be extended for a few weeks”, Mr. Bangui said, in an attempt to consider any problem that the group might be confronted with in its move to gather all the opponents to the President Deby Itnos regime.

“A few movements, about ten, have already joined the initiative”, Mr. Bangui rejoiced.

The former Chadian President, Goukouni Weddeye (1979-1982) has initiated a mediation mission, under the aegis of President Bongo, for the sake of peace in his country.

He met with President Idriss Deby Itno last April at the State House of Libreville in the presence of the Gabonese President.

On July 30th, Goukouni Weddeye returned to Chad to follow-up his action with the support of the government.

Gabon wishes to reach a political agreement to restore peace in Chad, a country torn by armed conflicts for about 40 years.

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