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Are Raila’s supporters honest with him on majimbo debate?

Posted by African Press International on September 13, 2007

Ruto, Balala, Muadavadi andNyagaare working tirelessly to educate the voters on the importance of Majimboism as means to fetch votes for ODM in this coming general election 2007.

It is unfortunate that some group of opportunistsare hanging onRaila’s coat for favors, these masqueraders follows him everywhere withvery little impactto bring about the most needed supportfor ODM to realize his objective of winning election.

Wehave received a serious complain on one schemer living here in Canada in border crossing businessto USA exploiting the genuine diaspora supporters, imposing himself as the gateway to support the ODM cause, these group are very angered with the new fundraisng strategy online, for they have been short changed by high technique ODM campaign tools deployment.

Wewould want to send alert warning to all ODM supporters that the so called diaspora aspirates had failed to meet the requirements and financial obligations recently requested by ODM Secretariat for just ended ODM conference.

They are now planning to fly back with Presidential Candidate Hon Raila Odinga, masquerading to have been the organizers of his visit in the diaspora, please ignore them. Kindly note those who support ODM have less ambitions in running for political offices in Kenya but have devoted their life to bring about economical change through Majimboism for our motherland.

Westill want to ask some of the questions we asked sometimes back:

Are those surrounding Raila honest with him? Or are they just a bunch sycophants, shameless opportunists and indiscipline politicians, only interested in winning election posts and getting appointments in case Raila became the next President?

Why are we receiving mixed signals from the so called Railas die hard supporters both here in diaspora and in Kenya on the serious Majimbo debate?

Someone may wonder whether these groups are genuinely supporting his political philosophy or whether they are just interested in how they can smartly misuse him to get favors to win elections or obtain public appointments once he became Kenyan fourth President.

Why are these groups not backing the Majimbo call? Raila has stated publicly in his campaign appearances to Kenyans and the world that his government will re-introduce Majimbo. He even publicly incorporated Majimbo in his Presidential launching recently in Nairobi.

Are these Railas supporters? Or they just schemers with no compassion for the state of Kenyans? Or is Raila playing political gimmicks with Kenyans just as Kibaki gave empty promise to Kenyans about offering new constitution within 100 days in 2003?

By Rev Okoth Otura,

Published by API*APN tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 63002525

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