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The tribalism being talked very much in Kenya, was started by late first President Jomo Kenyatta

Posted by African Press International on September 12, 2007


The tribalism being talked very much in Kenya, was started by late first President Jomo Kenyatta, who allowed his tribes men from Mt.Kenya region to acquire wealth and go to other Provinces to buy properties ans settle there to do Business freely and they are there enjoying life very well wthout any problem, and yet they do not want any other tribe to do Business in their region Mt.Kenya (Central Province) The question is that is that tribalism or what is it?

To prove this, you can see how their Administration in leadership contributes jobs in senior sectors, and Ministries. Do the Central Province people think they are only Kenyans to acquire everything in the country? Are other tribes in Kenya blind or fools who can not see this messes?

Lastly the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga worked hard to elect the first President of Kenya Jomo Kenyatta, The question is that was he Oginga a tribalist to do that? And why now his son Raila Odinga want to show Kenyans the new changes in the country, and is now being seen as a tribalist. Do our brothers Kikuyus see that point or not? Elect RAILA as the President of the new changes in Kenya without doubt.

Those people who are opposing him are those who looted the taxpayers money, and are trying to woe the people whom they made to be unable to stand on their own. Just to fool them. What do they think about forty three years (43yrs)of Indipence people being dominated? Those corrupt people in Kenya are those now trying to unite parties for the President’s re-election, and can not even agree on one line.

Where were they when the parties were operating in their individuals? And now they are even not sure whether they will make it or not? I am urging them to vote for Raila. Their evils have reached in Heaven even God has acknowledged it.

By Peter L.Akhonya
Cincinnati, Ohio

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