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The first class to study Norwegian language and culture in China

Posted by African Press International on September 12, 2007


This September Chinese students will for the first time undertake studies in Norwegian language and culture at a Chinese University.

Faculty of European Languages at Beijing Foreign Studies University together with the Norwegian Embassy have been working for a long time to make it possible for Chinese students to study Norwegian. Starting this year BFSU will for the first time offer a four-year program in Norwegian Language and Culture (bachelor programme).

Beijing Foreign Studies University

Beijing Foreign Studies University is renowned for its special focus and competence on language studies and offers the largest number of foreign language programs in China. It has evolved to an important training base for diplomacy, foreign trade, translation, journalism, culture and education. Former Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing is a former BFSU graduate together with over 300 ambassadors and more than 700 councillors. No wonder, BFSU is known as the cradle of diplomats in China.

The Norwegian Language and Culture Program

From hundreds of application 16 students were picked out to be the first class of Norwegians at BFSU. They will follow an intensive curriculum not only consisting of language training but will also study Norwegian history, society and culture. The programs goal is to enhance the understanding of Norway in China.

To help the students to improve their knowledge in Norwegian language and culture, they have three eligible and experienced teachers.

Brd Sandvei has a long experience from teaching Norwegian as a second language for foreign students at the Norwegian University of Oslo. Educated as a linguist, he has been responsible for the translation teaching -program at the University of Oslo for many years. He is now employed by BFSU to teach Chinese students Norwegian language.

He will be joined by two Chinese teachers with a long experience from Norway. One of them is the former Chinese Ambassador to Sweden, Mr Wang Guisheng , who also lived and studied in Norway for a long period of time during the 1960s. Mr Wang himself is a former student of BFSU. The second one, are Liang Youping who has been station at the Chinese Embassy in Norway for three periods.

Opening Day

29. August was the official opening day of the school year at BFSU. The opening day the students met up with their teachers to show the representatives from the Norwegian Embassy Charge dAffair, Mr Kjell Tormod Pettersen, and Acting Cultural Attach, Mr Christoffer Liholt, around the new classroom. The students had the opportunity to ask questions regarding Norway, an opportunity they eagerly took. The questions asked were a clear evidence of the students curiousness towards Norway. For instance, one student wanted to learn more about Norwegian food and Vikings. If this is a representative situation for the rest of the school year Norwegian language and culture studies at BFSU are in good hands.

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