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Teenager caught driving 199 kilometers per hour in an 80 zone may loose licence for life.

Posted by African Press International on September 11, 2007

A 19-year-old male was stopped by police in southern Norway, after being caught driving 199 kilometers per hour in an 80 zone. “I hope some day he’ll thank us for saving his life, and probably others’ as well,” the chief of the highway patrol for Rogaland and Agder counties, Bjart Gabrielsen, told local newspaper Lindesnes Avis.

The young man was picked up by radar at Haugesletta, near the coastal town of Mandal, last week. His speeding, roughly equivalent to 120 miles per hour, set a new record.

“We’re trying to put a stop to this kind of recklessness,” Gabrielsen said. “I’m quite satisfied that he won’t be doing any more driving for a very long time.”

Cases of such excessive speeding generally result in the immediate confiscation of the driver’s license, sometimes for life. Fines are high, and jail terms can be handed out as well. It wasn’t determined what punishment the young man faced, but his license was revoked.

Police said they’d had complaints from residents of the area about what they called “wild” driving, and had responded to calls for patrols.

By Nina Berglund

Lifted and published by Korir, API*APN tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525 source.aftenposteneng/NTB

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