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Raila will help us Kenyan Muslims to introduce sharia law

Posted by African Press International on September 11, 2007

A message to Kenyans

raila_sunday.jpg<Raila Odinga.

I support Raila for president. I am sure Raila will help us Kenyan Muslims to introduce sheria law.It is only sharia law that can bring justice and make us equal.


Guys vote for RAILA, he is the hope from Allah.

By Abdi,

The Standard has reported the following:

Earlier, Balala accused some Government-allied politicians of trying to trick Muslims into voting for President Kibaki.

“Many have come and are even wearing Kanzus (Muslim robes) and caps to fool us. They are just interested in our votes,” Balala, who was celebrating his 40th birthday at Aga Khan Jubilee Hall said.

Former nominated MP, Mr Rashid Sajaad, praised the ODM leader as a friend who had sacrificed a lot for his people.

“I will not let you down. However if I make mistakes, I am only human, let me know,” the Mvita MP said after a ceremony in which he was made an elder. (The Standard, Kenya)

balala.jpgMr Balala, a Muslimstood down for Raila during the presidential ODM faction elections recently: Was there any deal struck between the two men? Could there have been a deal – step down for me and I will enable the introduction of Sharia Laws in the Coast Province if ODM faction gets the presidency.) – API*APN Editorial remarks>

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