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In Luo Nyanza for example, you do not find much democracy per se.

Posted by African Press International on September 10, 2007

Nyatigi is right:You are wasting your time.You are however justified in asking where Nyatigi hails from.

For to Railas fanatic followers, how he ascends to power in Kenya is not important. He should just ascend to power! How dare you analyse and waste your time asking irritating questions?

Unfortunately for the ODM fraternity, full democracy is not equivalent to propaganda.It is rigorous and tiring, just so that the lives of over 30Million people are not put in the hands of dishonest propagandists and party ideologues whose only interest is to sit down and share among themselves Kenyans tax money among other resources like they always did for over 20 years. A few years ago our country was on its belly,penniless after years of plunder and misrule.

We are still reeling from the miscarriage of democracy and justice in those years. Most of the people in the diaspora today left in desperation. The lives of millions are yet to be affected in any significant way. That is anybody who wishes to ascend to political power in kenya must submit themselves to very close scrutiny indeed.

In Luo Nyanza for example you do not find much democracy per se. The majority of the populace is Not Yet [u]Huru to choose from the many or major political parties to be found in Kenya. They are intimidated by Railas supportes to stay in whatever party/political outfit he chooses.

raila_sunday.jpg<Raila Odinga.

Failure to stick by Raila automatically earns you the label of traitor and enemy with dire consequences to your physical safety.

Raila has done nothing to discourage the trend making many Kenyans including poor Luos to see him as dishonest and a risk to Kenyas nationhood.

In neighbouring Kisii and among the Luhya people the populace is able to shop for political parties of their choice in the free economy of politics. The same is true for Cental, Nairobi and Rift Valley provinces. Not so in Luo Nyanza. Is this the democrat Raila and his handlers want the world and Kenya to believe that he is? Going round the world soliciting funds from unsuspecting people so that he goes back to Kenya and closes Luo Nyanza, suffocating it under a primitive political formation in a Raila zone?

The intolerance associated with Raila seems to know no bounds. Even previously respected academician Prof.Anyang Nyongo and a host of others with long academic experience appear helpless in differentiating between what is narrow and dangerous and what what is wider and best for the nation.If they chose to sing a different song they would not see the next perliament. Is this the man and the party they want Kenyans as a whole to support? Do they want us to support neo-moism in odingaism?

In desperation to craft a nationally representative team you find notoriously corrupt individuals sorrounding Mr Odinga in his ODM outfit. These are people who make a complete mockery of democracy, very well schooled in the manipulation or corruption of the running of a country.

People like William Ruto and chairman Kosgey,as well as others like Dr Sally Kosgey. They have not been called corrupt because thay are of Kalenjin ethnic group but because of the role they played in impoverizing Kenya together with others like Kuria Kanyingi, Kamotho, Gichuru former MD KPLC, Ntimama, Fred Gumo, Simeon Mkalla, and a selection of others from other ethnic groups who,shunned by the majority of Kenyans are now fighting for their economic survival and political relevance within Railas ODM. They are strongly supported by Charles Njonjo.

By associating with such political absurdity and obnoxiousness at the altar of greed for power Raila has shown peculiar political naivety and permanently excluded himself from ever leading the nation of Kenya.

The best he will hope to achieve in December and he better watch his political half brother Mr Kalonzo Musyoka is Official Leader of Opposition.Kalonzo knows he can beat him in this post in the little time remaining before going to the polls, hence his dtermination in being free from Raila nad going it alone in the sister political oufit ODM-Kenya.

By Githae,

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