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In Luo Nyanza for example, you do not find much democracy per se.

Posted by African Press International on September 10, 2007

Nyatigi is right:You are wasting your time.You are however justified in asking where Nyatigi hails from.

For to Railas fanatic followers, how he ascends to power in Kenya is not important. He should just ascend to power! How dare you analyse and waste your time asking irritating questions?

Unfortunately for the ODM fraternity, full democracy is not equivalent to propaganda.It is rigorous and tiring, just so that the lives of over 30Million people are not put in the hands of dishonest propagandists and party ideologues whose only interest is to sit down and share among themselves Kenyans tax money among other resources like they always did for over 20 years. A few years ago our country was on its belly,penniless after years of plunder and misrule.

We are still reeling from the miscarriage of democracy and justice in those years. Most of the people in the diaspora today left in desperation. The lives of millions are yet to be affected in any significant way. That is anybody who wishes to ascend to political power in kenya must submit themselves to very close scrutiny indeed.

In Luo Nyanza for example you do not find much democracy per se. The majority of the populace is Not Yet [u]Huru to choose from the many or major political parties to be found in Kenya. They are intimidated by Railas supportes to stay in whatever party/political outfit he chooses.

raila_sunday.jpg<Raila Odinga.

Failure to stick by Raila automatically earns you the label of traitor and enemy with dire consequences to your physical safety.

Raila has done nothing to discourage the trend making many Kenyans including poor Luos to see him as dishonest and a risk to Kenyas nationhood.

In neighbouring Kisii and among the Luhya people the populace is able to shop for political parties of their choice in the free economy of politics. The same is true for Cental, Nairobi and Rift Valley provinces. Not so in Luo Nyanza. Is this the democrat Raila and his handlers want the world and Kenya to believe that he is? Going round the world soliciting funds from unsuspecting people so that he goes back to Kenya and closes Luo Nyanza, suffocating it under a primitive political formation in a Raila zone?

The intolerance associated with Raila seems to know no bounds. Even previously respected academician Prof.Anyang Nyongo and a host of others with long academic experience appear helpless in differentiating between what is narrow and dangerous and what what is wider and best for the nation.If they chose to sing a different song they would not see the next perliament. Is this the man and the party they want Kenyans as a whole to support? Do they want us to support neo-moism in odingaism?

In desperation to craft a nationally representative team you find notoriously corrupt individuals sorrounding Mr Odinga in his ODM outfit. These are people who make a complete mockery of democracy, very well schooled in the manipulation or corruption of the running of a country.

People like William Ruto and chairman Kosgey,as well as others like Dr Sally Kosgey. They have not been called corrupt because thay are of Kalenjin ethnic group but because of the role they played in impoverizing Kenya together with others like Kuria Kanyingi, Kamotho, Gichuru former MD KPLC, Ntimama, Fred Gumo, Simeon Mkalla, and a selection of others from other ethnic groups who,shunned by the majority of Kenyans are now fighting for their economic survival and political relevance within Railas ODM. They are strongly supported by Charles Njonjo.

By associating with such political absurdity and obnoxiousness at the altar of greed for power Raila has shown peculiar political naivety and permanently excluded himself from ever leading the nation of Kenya.

The best he will hope to achieve in December and he better watch his political half brother Mr Kalonzo Musyoka is Official Leader of Opposition.Kalonzo knows he can beat him in this post in the little time remaining before going to the polls, hence his dtermination in being free from Raila nad going it alone in the sister political oufit ODM-Kenya.

By Githae,

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What do men really want in a woman?

Posted by African Press International on September 10, 2007

Publication Date: 9/10/2007
There is an American movie titled Diary of a Mad Black Woman. I am yet to watch it from start to finish because every time I start watching it, I too feel like getting off my behind and heading for the garage of packed dreams and aspirations and setting it on fire.

Yes, fire I said, because, with all the condemnation and selective appreciation coming from a society that demands too much of women, who can blame them for going crazy?

I am a 30-something, voluptuous (read, not at all thin), dark (not chocolate brown, whatever that means), educated, well-travelled, opinionated and independent-minded daughter of my parents.

On a good day, I could say my financial base is manageable. On a bad day, I would not hesitate to ask for loan application forms. Still, I know that I will sing yet another Merry Christmas resting on the laurels of the single-women’s club.

Sounds liberating for a number of sisters doesn’t it? Wrong. Society does not think so. And here is why.

Last Saturday, the men of this country spoke. They described to the world the kind of woman they want.

It was there in the Saturday Nation in case you missed it the survey carried out by Infotrak Research & Consulting and Harris Interactive Global.

I sat with my copy of the paper and tried to compare my scores according to the 1,200 men interviewed.

I must say it was a reflective moment because, yes, you guessed right, I scored quiet poorly and this is why: 50 per cent of the men interviewed said they would go for a woman who worked part-time.

I work full-time, only 39 per cent of men would tolerate me.

Forty seven per cent of men want a woman who is chocolate brown. You know what? I swear by the gap between my front teeth that I do not know what chocolate-brown means in relation to complexion.

Here, is another: 76 per cent of the men interviewed would rather have medium-built women. Now, I have a problem with that. Where I come from, and that means a womb called Africa where women are revered for their childbearing abilities, I would easily be described as a woman with hips meant for childbearing.

Many a woman like me have had to bear similar comments thrown at them, especially because they are not thin.

Allow me to derail you for a moment. My good friend Wahu once tickled me with a comment she got from her father before she was introduced to her in-laws.

Having spent some time away from home and watching her figure before her wedding day, Wahu was greeted by her father at the door with a horrified look.

What happened to you? There is no food back in the city? If that is the case, then stay here and eat until you gain some weight, otherwise, your in-laws might think you were never fed in your home! In short, her father wanted her to be fat.

Back to the survey. I gather that quite a number of men have an issue with voluptuous women (read fat) and I wonder where we who were well-fed by our fathers will end-up.

It was an interesting survey, especially when I picked out a quote from a man who said he did not want a woman who will bend down to kiss him, (woo unto you tall model-height women) and men who revered women who had the ability to bear children (since when did we decide who is able or unable to procreate?).

Then again, there are those who would rather have women who earned less than them and those who preferred those who were less educated than they were.

Going by this, for those highly educated and highly paid women, I wonder if this would mean resigning from a managerial post to settle for a much-lower position to please a man, or take academic credentials and qualifications that are a threat to the man’s ego and flush them down the toilet. It’s a difficult rut to be stuck in.

Candid responses

All in all, it was an important survey. The men, interviewed claim to have been open and candid in their responses. Sadly, it is those very same responses that provoke desperation, depression and frustration in today’s woman.

The African Woman is to me, the most violated, humiliated and vandalised piece of creation. To be a woman is challenging enough, ask any gynaecologist.

Various stages of life be it conception, gestation, childbirth, childhood, adolescence, puberty, menopause, to mention but a few “womanness is one tough haul.

To be an African woman in the changing world is even more gruelling.

Everyone seems poised to panel-beat the woman from her original being. She is never perfect in society’s eyes.

At conception, her father hopes that she is a boy and automatically, she is a disappointment even before she makes her entry into the world.

Right from childhood, society emphasises that the little girl has to work twice as hard to achieve half as much as the boys in a male-dominated world.

Her mentors and guardians want her to pursue her education, get the highest marks, get many degrees, get a well paying job and assert herself as a woman of substance. She does this too, delaying marriage and childbirth for the sake of the top prize on graduation day.

She gets the top job and the fat cheque but when she looks around for a suitor, no man wants a woman with more credentials than his and with a much bigger salary to boot.

This desolate woman with glittering credentials suddenly finds herself admonished with sullen indifference; what kind of woman does not get married? What kind of woman does not bear children?

This same woman, who has been competing for the top prize all her life suddenly becomes a loathed entity.

Then again, you meet the homely-wifely woman who got married at 18 years of age, right after finishing her O level examinations.

Several children later and some challenging wear and tears of marriage to boot, her looks are not exactly the same as they were when she got married. Neither is her figure.

Childbearing does amazing things to the road maps in the body and soul of a woman, which only she can understand.

Her walk may slow down, her skin may wrinkle, some parts will sag and her body may just refuse to bow to her demands.

This becomes a desperate call for a woman eager to please. Always meant to please, that is what women have been expected to do.

To please and to succumb to whatever panel-beating is demanded by society. We all know the fallacy that has dodged the female species since time immemorial they just have to prove their worth.

As the survey spells out, our men have spoken. Too bad for all the women who do not fit the bill.

An anecdote

However, I only have this point to make and it comes in the form of an anecdote.

A father once said that he wanted to give his daughter all the love that he could give. He said he wanted to build her self-esteem and drum it into her that she was beautiful and wonderfully made and devoid of imperfection.

He said he was doing this, knowing very well that in future some fool would break his daughter’s heart and kill her self-esteem.

When this happens and am almost sure it will (being a man, he obviously knew better), I want my daughter to know that there was at least one man who loved her unconditionally and believed in her and her beauty, and that man is me her father.

In that simple but Herculean point, I understood. In all honesty, we all know who between the sexes is the problem and the solution to the madness at the same time. Trust me, it is not the women.

Waiting for KPLC and city councilI hate to be the prophet of doom but I just wonder what the Nairobi City Council or the Kenya Power and Lighting Company would do or say if there was ever a major tragedy because of this particular lapse.

Two years ago, a young man called Augustine Okubasu called me frantically seeking intervention from the KPLC or the NCC concerning live power-lines that are dangerously hanging beneath a huge tree behind his house in Kaloleni Estate.

Augustine who lives in the estate’s house number J17 was worried that the live power-lines would trigger an accident with immeasurable damage, especially since many children played around the house, oblivious of the dangers lurking just above their heads.

When we sought intervention from KPLC, there was a promise for rectification. That was in 2005.

Yesterday, Augustine called me again. In his voice was the concerned cry of frustration from a father eager to protect his family.

You see, Augustine informed me, his wife had just given birth to their third child. The baby girl is now a week old.

Those live wires are still hanging dangerously beneath the huge tree behind my house, if there was ever an accident, perhaps a strong wind that blows the wires together or a fire … My other two children also play with their friends out here. But then I have my new-born baby girl?.

Father’s anxiety

Augustine could not finish this sentence that speaks of his anxiety.

He said he had tried talking to both the KPLC and NCC employees when they made their rounds but sadly, both seem to be shifting blame on one another, while the live wires hang ominously under he tree, like menacing fangs of a predator hunting its prey.

Like Augustine, if a tragedy were to happen as a result of this careless lapse, I truly wonder what the KPLC and the NCC will have to say.

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Uhuru Kenyatta backs Moi as expected and supports President Kibaki for a second term

Posted by African Press International on September 10, 2007

Publication Date: 9/10/2007

Official Opposition leader Uhuru Kenyatta is in talks with parties friendly to President Kibaki for a possible coalition as the General Elections date draws closer.

The new development emerged as a high profile team of pro-Kibaki parties held a two-day closed door meeting in Naivasha to thrash out the details of a grand coalition on whose ticket the Head of State will defend his seat in the December elections.

Mr Uhuru Kenyatta

The Naivasha meeting was meant to conclude negotiations between Kibaki-friendly parties which had been going on at Nairobis Silver Springs Hotel. It could have been the reason behind President Kibakis hint on Saturday that he would soon talk politics. The President dropped the hint during the National Prayer Day.

Opt out of race

Sources at Sopa Lodge Hotel in Naivasha said that Mr Kenyatta attended the meeting that brought together leaders from the Kibaki friendly parties, which include Ford Kenya, Democratic Party, Ford People, Narc Kenya and other parties.

The meeting begun on Saturday and ended late last evening.

The presence of the Gatundu South MP and Kanu national chairman gave credence to reports that he may opt out of the presidential race. It could also mean that Mr Kenyatta will neither team up with ODM-K presidential candidate Kalonzo Musyoka nor work with ODM flagbearer Raila Odinga. During the 2005 referendum, Mr Kenyatta was part of ODM, but pulled out mid this year, saying ODM had become a party and was therefore in competition with Kanu.

Various Kanu MPs have crossed over to ODM, ODM-K, DP, Safina, and other parties while he contemplates the next move to protect his political career.

Yesterday, Siakago MP Justin Muturi, a close ally of the Kanu chairman, said: It is clear that if we are not going to field a presidential candidate, we will work with parties willing to enter into coalitions.

Mr Muturi added that since ODM had ruled out forming coalitions, Kanu was open to talks with those seeking alliances.

Certainly parties which are supportive of Kibaki are an option but we will want structured talks between party organs, said the Opposition whip in Parliament.

It is in this light that Mr Kenyatta has called a meeting of Kanus Governing Council (GC) next Monday to take stock of the political developments and decide whether to field a candidate or join a coalition and support its flagbearer.

It is understood he will be seeking the GCs mandate of to continue with the talks.

Mr Muturi strengthened reports that Kanu would not contest when he said on Friday: I dont think there is a point for the chairman to run. In politics you must calculate very carefully before deciding to go for the big seat… We need to rebuild for 2012.

Last week, Mr Kenyatta told mourners in Karuti Village, Muranga District, that Central Province should vote as a bloc. However, he failed to name the presidential candidate they were to rally behind.

Indications that he was headed for talks with the pro-Kibaki parties became clear three weeks ago when he held a dinner meeting with Ford Kenya chairman Musikari Kombo, who is leading the team, at China Plate Restaurant in Nairobi.

It is understood that Mr Kenyatta laid on the table conditions of an umbrella party and Kanu being allowed to field parliamentary and civic candidates in its strongholds were it to enter into a coalition.

Since then, President Kibakis handlers have been sending signals to the Kanu chairman to join their efforts to form a formidable coalition capable of winning the next elections. Sources said President Kibaki had indicated his willingness to work with the Gatundu South MP in his next government should he win the elections.

The grand coalition party, which Ford-Ks Noah Wekesa, DPs George Nyamweya and Ford-Ps Jimmy Angwenyi have been spearheading, meets Mr Kenyattas condition of corporate membership.

Dr Wekesa, the Science and Technology minister, said leaders of political parties seeking to form the grand coalition are scheduled to unveil the name of the party by next week.

Our job was to agree on the tools of coming together, the coalition name and how it will be driven, he said.

Among those who organised and attended the Sopa Lodge talks were Cabinet ministers Kombo, Raphael Tuju, who is also the Narc-K chairman, Mutahi Kagwe, Henry Obwocha and David Mwiraria.

Sticky issues

Reports indicated that the meeting addressed sticky issues that were delaying the unveiling of the coalition party. On the agenda was concern over lack of a clear leadership for the coalition party that will form President Kibakis political campaign team and the mode of membership to the party and the stake of each partner.

Other items on the agenda at the Naivasha meeting were the coalitions campaign strategy, mode of nominations and a power-sharing formula.

The names of possible parties on the table include the Grand National Union (GNU), Party of National Unity (PNU), Narc Asili, Narc Original and Narc.

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Criminals short dead in Tanzania all identified to be from Kenya

Posted by African Press International on September 10, 2007

Publication Date: 9/10/2007

Six of the 14 Kenyans shot dead in Moshi, Tanzania last week had a criminal record at home, police have found out.

Their names matched with those contained in police criminal records for various offences, they said.

Details concerning the rest are expected to be known after their fingerprints are crosschecked in a database at CID headquarters. Four officers from the Special Crime Prevention Unit are due back today after four days of investigations in Moshi.

Collect bodies

The Kenyan team was instructed to make an independent report, which would be studied alongside an earlier account by Tanzanian police who said the group was killed in a gun fight.

At the same time, Tanzania authorities have given a 14-day notice to relatives of the victims to collect the bodies, otherwise they would be buried by the State at a public cemetery. Their bodies are at Mawenzi Hospital mortuary.

So far, police in Kirinyaga have disclosed that two victims Simon Maina Ndabaki alias Mbole and Peter Maina Waweru were being sought in connection with a series of violent robberies in the area.

Police in Tanzania said the Kenyans were part of a gang that had planned to raid a branch of Exim Bank in Moshi the following morning.

Police also said they were in possession of three AK-47 rifles, three pistols and more than 200 rounds of ammunition, two hand grenades and five bullet-proof vests.

The family of one of the victims, Hannah Nyakanyi Kingara from Kiambu, has since said that she had travelled there on business. Most of the suspects had temporary passports issued in Nairobi last Monday.

Could be averted

They were identified as: Simon Maina Ndabaki from Kerugoya, Moses Kuria Kamau from Nairobi, David M. N. Mbugua from Mwea, Kirinyaga, Peter Maina Waweru from Karatina and William Muiruri Kamau from Nairobi.

Others are: Philip Irungu Wanjiru, Ludovick Gicheru Kariuki of Thika, John Gikonyo Buku from Muranga, Zachary Mwangi Kimathiro from Muranga and Jeremiah W. Macharia.

In Kisumu, Cotu secretary-general Francis Atwoli said the Government was to blame for cross-border crime. He said the shooting of Kenyans in Tanzania wound have been averted had it screened the suspects at the point of exit.

Mr Atwoli warned that involvement of Kenyans in criminal activities in neighbouring countries would slow down the process of regional integration and lock out genuine people from accessing the regional market.

Mr Atwoli was speaking at Sayi Secondary School in Rachuonyo District during a funds drive.

Additional reporting by Daniel Otieno

Lifted and published by Korir, API*APN tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

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