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What the ODM needs now a serious education of what best system will serve the best

Posted by African Press International on September 9, 2007

“Mr Ruto said should ODM take over the government, they will push for majimboism as a way of ensuring that all parts of the country are allocated equal share of development funds.” according to

The ODM has demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that they embraced Majimboism, close to 70% voters are set to vote them on the same ground.

It isupon us to educate theKenyan populationto better understand what is themeaning of Majimbo and the reason why the should go for.

Rutohas proven todynamic leader who understand the usefulness of equal division of natural resources and taking charge of taxes at the regionallevel.

It is my prayer that Raila stick with theseyoung mento build on thefuture strong regional governmentsthatcreate wealth in all regions.

The RegionalParliamentswill be fundamental whereas the Rift Valley, Western, Nyanza, Coast, North Eastern, Central, Eastern and Nairobi, will have to elect respectRegional Governors as the head of every region, replacing PC

ODM popularity international is climbing very rapidly following their Manifesto on the reintroducing Federalism in Kenya, Kenyan is in the heart of world and any workable system will be supported.

What the ODM needs nowa serious education of what best system will serve the best, Majimbo verse Unitary Government. Voting pattern will only be 2, the Pro-Majimbo verse Unitary System.

Twende Kazi sasa !

By Rev Okoth Otura,

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