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‘Kibaki Tena’ in Scandinavia – December 2007 presidential election

Posted by African Press International on September 7, 2007

Following the nominations of presidential candidates from the orange family, Raila Amolo Odinga and Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, the race for the state house has reached a higher pitch. President Mwai Kibaki, whom the opinion polls favour, will not have an easy ride unless he puts his troops under one central command. This is the most suitable time for him to make the much awaited strategic move and announce his choice of ground so that Kenyans can know the direction to follow.

The situation at the moment facing Kibakis re-election is really worrying because Kibaki forces are not united just as during the last referendum. It would be unfortunate for them to be caught by surprise for a second time and needless to say, this would have dire consequences for Kenya.

Those in Kibaki Tena campaign teams should put to use all the resources at their disposal in order to ensure that Kibaki is re-elected. Some politicians within Narc-Kenya have been critical about the lobby groups which are seeking and soliciting support for the president. Their suspicion on figures leading these groups is unnecessary and they should instead reinforce with tactical ideas of how best to fuel this machine.

The time and hour has come and there is no room for more blunders. To begin with, some Narc-Kenya politicians are too unpopular to sell the idea of Kibakis re-election; they have become liabilities and not assets. These politicians are the ones that stimulate Kenyans to approach the issue of the current governments reinstatement with caution and mistrust.

The trouble in Narc-Kenya started when some of the sitting parliamentarians, tried to block aspirants seeking to be elected on Narc-Kenya tickets. The elections which were held were very deceptive and many promising and progressive politicians were locked out and instead of strengthening the flower party, they moved to other Kibaki friendly parties and this is the danger Narc-Kenya still faces today.

We who are supporting and would like to see Mr. Kibaki being re-elected and complete his second term, must now be in the frontline in trying to bring all the forces that are backing Kibaki under one conjugation. The lobby groups are doing a good job, but the questions are who is trying to bring these forces together? How will the parliamentary nominations be done? Under which ticket? Who will convince the aspirants that, fielding many candidates will only work to the advantage of the ODM?

At the moment, there should be in place a think tank, working on these questions and be practically preaching unity at the constituency level and also trying to weigh and feel who are stronger candidates so as to rally the electorates behind that candidate.

Its out of this basis that we are forming the Kibaki Tena lobby group here in Scandinavia so as to consolidate and seek ideas or a formula on how we should help in ensuring Kibakis re-election.

In the aim of retaining President Kibakis leadership, we wish to come together as dedicated patriots to lobby for his second term. Aware of the benefits of his extended rule, it is of great importance that all development conscious Kenyans team up and drum for his support.

What we desire to form is a Diasporas lobby group consisting of like minded Kenyans, not favouring political parties as long as they are in support of Kibaki Tena. In short all parties and persons who feel that the incumbent administration is good enough for Kenya are welcome.

Note that this is not a political party but a lobby forum for Kibaki abaki.
Some of the goals we wish to attain are (1) to stress on the importance of voting (2) to highlight the importance of Kibakis re-election.(3) to help in whatever way possible in Kibakis re-election.

By Muirani Wa Githuku and P. Bryan Njoroge (Njoro) (members, Narc-Kenya Scandinavia).

For More Information, Contact, My Expression, Muirani or Njoro.

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