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Kenya wants Somalia to be discussed in the Security Council

Posted by African Press International on September 7, 2007

Nairobi (Kenya) Kenya is lobbying the United Nations Security Council ahead of its annual summit at the end of this month to take the current Somalia crisis as part of its agenda, a government official said on Thursday, arguing that the gains made during the recently concluded Somali national reconciliation conference should be strengthened by taking the matter seriously.

Foreign Affairs Assistant Minister Kembi Gitura said in Nairobi that the gains made should not be left to fade but should be strengthened by the UN member countries taking the Somalia security matters seriously.

He said that he has already briefed the French government at the end of his official visit to France on Wednesday on the progress made during the one-and-a-half months peace talks amongst the warring clans that ended last Friday. France is a member of the Security Council.

Speaking to journalists in Nairobi, Gitura said that the Somali Transitional Federal Government was compiling resolutions reached during the reconciliation conference that would enable it to chart the way forward for a peaceful Somalia.

This year\s Security Council summit meets in New York on September 25 and part of its agenda will be insecurity in the Horn of Africa.

\”Some of the key issues that the forthcoming UN Security Council should look into is the posting of the international peacekeeping force in Somalia and to augment the current Ethiopian and Ugandan soldiers, who are already over-whelmed ,\\ said Gitura.

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