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How come Raila got 167 votes in Nairobi alone, while the rest managed less than 20 votes? A closer look at the figures leaves many gaps.

Posted by African Press International on September 7, 2007

agwambobitter.jpgRaila came out victorious at Kasarani grounds by defeating Musalia, Ruto, Nyaga and Balala. It is now emerging that the whole thing was a scheme meant to make him to be the flag bearer of ODM splinter group. Delegates were given hand-outs before the elections and they surely voted for the gains.

The other men, Ruto, Musalia, Njagah seemingly remained in the dark when the scheme was being catalysed. The only man who managed to be tipped and decided to quit gracefully was Balala of the Coastal Province.

The way things were done should be a lesson so that the same does not happen during the December vote.

A thought by API*APN editorial.

The story below should give some lessons to future aspirants.


By Kiburi Kago

The next three months promise to be exciting political theatre if the performance at the ODM and ODM-Kenya nominations is any guide.

It is now pretty obvious that Mr Kalonzo Musyokas and Mr Raila Odingas portraits and party symbols will sit side by side with those of President Kibaki in the ballot papers. But as the countdown to the big day continues, it is hilarious to hear ODM deputy captain Mr Musalia Mudavadi accuse the Government of scheming to confuse voters and allowing the registration of two ODM factions.

This came only a few days after Raila was crowned the commander-in- charge and a first-among-equals at Nairobis Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani. Orange is the common symbol for the two opposition political parties.

The only difference is that ODMs is a full ripe orange, while Kalonzos is one and a half, sitting pretty on the map of Kenya. When wily city lawyer Mr Mugambi Imanyara beat the followers of the original Orange Democratic Movement to the registration counter, they resorted to registering ODM-Kenya and submitted the one and a half orange as their symbol.

Imanyara surrendered ODM the party he clandestinely registered soon after the Orange triumph during the 2005 referendum on the draft constitution to Raila and his allies last month amid fanfare.

But Kenyans will recall the riotous mob that camped outside Electoral Commission of Kenyas headquarters at Anniversary Towers baying for Chairman Mr Samuel Kivuitus blood when he hesitated to make out their symbol.

Pushed to the wall, the ECK caved in. Now, the Raila group is characteristically crying foul. In a paid up advertisement thanking the delegates for their confidence in him and their maturity during the nomination at Kasarani, Raila singled out nine people, among them Imanyara, for special accolades.

Imanyara was garlanded for his generosity of spirit in handing over ODM, thus enabling “the forces of democracy to move forward”. The lawyer-cum-politician lost to Energy minister Mr Kiraitu Murungi in the race for the South Imenti seat in the 2002 General Election.

Raila also had kind words for those who competed with him for the ODM presidential ticket as well as those who run the party secretariat. He singled out former Vice-President Mr Musalia Mudavadi, Eldoret North MP Mr William Ruto, Gachoka MP Mr Joseph Nyagah and Mvita MP Mr Najib Balala as “just men” who had showed true sportsmanship and patriotism and demonstrated solidarity and team spirit.

For the secretariat, Raila specifically mentioned MPs Mr Henry Kosgey, Prof Anyang Nyongo and Mr Omingo Magara together with the partys executive director, Ms Janet Ongera.

Yet it was obvious to all that Kosgey, the MP of Tinderet, Nyongo of Kisumu Rural, Magara of South Mugirango and, of course, Ongera were at his beck and call. They were the ones who called and assembled the delegates.

Yet they had, prior to the Kasarani meeting, traversed the country drumming support for Raila. They had dropped all pretence of neutrality and openly campaigned for him. It was at Kasarani that the many months of labour and planning came to fruition.

After Kasarani, questions continue to prop up. Why did the number of delegates fail to add up? If, for instance, every constituency had ferried 20 delegates to Kasarani, how come Nairobis votes tally were 187 and not 160?

How come Raila got 167 votes in Nairobi alone, while the rest managed less than 20 votes? A closer look at the figures leaves many gaps. But more critically, how and who picked the delegates? Just like many other parties, ODM has not held grassroots elections.

On the eve of the Kasarani meeting, Raila emerged from a church service oozing with confidence. Was it just a gut feeling and deep belief or did he know something the rest did not? The crowning of Raila was a well-choreographed script that started to run when he launched his campaign last year. He has carried on an unremitting crusade to become President.

The writer is a commentator on political issuesLifted and published by Korir, API*APN tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

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Speaking out on murder that rocked the nation

Posted by African Press International on September 7, 2007

kaiser21.jpgBy Lucianne Limo

<The accused and his wife, with friends in the US. The is a man under siege. Wanted over a murder, his protestations of innocence from distant land bespeak of a bitter man, ready to face his accusers. Police want him in connection with the death of Mill Hill Missionary, Fr John Anthony Kaiser. But Francis Kiisikirr Kantai, who lives in the US, is seething with rage over claims that he knows more than he told the court.

The court recommended that he should be investigated to establish whether he played a role in the priests death.

Although I highly welcome any investigation, I feel like I am being sacrificed, abandoned and betrayed by my country and church, Kantai says.

He believes that the people who were summoned to testify at the inquest in Nairobi and Naivasha Law Courts were selected to implicate him.

Kantai, who is married to Kaisers cousin, Camille, says he is not afraid to clear his name.

“Why would I kill the priest? I had a very good relationship with him. He was my friend, my mentor and pastor, and for the last several months before his death, I was like a son,” he said.

The Roman Catholic Priest died on August 23, 2000, at Morendat junction near Naivasha-Nakuru highway.

In charge of Lolgorian Parish in Ngong Diocese then, he had lived and worked in various local parishes for about 40 years.

The priest was not only fluent in English, but also Kiswahili, Ekegusii and Maa.

Church refused to bless their marriage

After an inquest, the court trashed evidence advanced by the Americas Federal Bureau of Investigations that Kaiser committed suicide.Nairobi Chief Magistrate, Mrs Maureen Odero, ruled that the priest was murdered.

She therefore recommended that four suspects, among them Kantai, be investigated over their possible role in his death.

But speaking via telephone from his Nebraska home, Kantai insisted that he had no reason to kill the Father.

“Fr Kaiser was my whole world and I knew without him, life could have been hard. I loved my job and I couldnt jeopardise it. Besides, I had met this girl who was Kaisers relative (Camille) and he was the only link I had to her,” he recalls.

kaiser1.jpgKantai said he married on May 25,2002, in Monz, Zambia, after the Kilgoris church failed to respond to their request to bless their marriage.

He claims the church was not reluctant to accommodate him due to his rosy association with the dead parish head.

The couple later had their union blessed in a Catholic Church in the US, and now has three children Nakuyo Margaret, four, Lepiro Kaiser, two, and 10-week-old Nyamalo Grace.

Kantais relationship with Kaiser soured when he moved to Lolgorian Parish.

He at first worked as a catechist for the priest, but he says Kaiser assigned him more responsibilities.

He told me to recommend another catechist for him so that I could assist him fulltime in his quest for justice and peace, he added.

Kantai recalls an incident he describes as “very disturbing”.

“I slept at Mtakatifu Wote Centre and Kaiser at Mill Hill. He told me to meet him the following day at Mill Hill so we could go to Lolgorian,” he said.

At Mill Hill, the caretaker informed him that Kaiser was in the living room and upon entering, he found him watching a movie about a priest who shot himself.

“I sat behind him and watched him rewind this clip three times. I thought he was doing this while he waited for me, so I called him as he rewound the clip a fourth time. Father then stood up and said, “Twende (Lets go).”

He then remove the cassette from the machine,” he recalls.

Kantai explains that he was at his home in Nkararo when Kaiser was reported dead. And he swears that he did not know that Kaiser had plans to go to Nairobi on the day he died.

“This can be proved if Kaisers 2000 calendar could be found; that is where he wrote his (daily) plans,” he says.

Kantai, who moved to the US on October 3,2003, says no day passes without the priests name being mentioned in his home. It was for the love of the Father that he named his son after him to keep his memory, he says. “I felt lost when I heard about his death.”

And even though he looks forward to the revelation of who killed Kaiser, Kantai does not see what will come from him being questioning by police since he said “everything” at the inquest.

Lifted and published by Korir, API*APN tel +4793299739 or +4763002525

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Kenya’s December presidential elections may be postponed for one year

Posted by African Press International on September 7, 2007

By Evelyn Kwamboka

The General Election could be delayed following a court order temporarily stopping the award of a tender for printing electoral materials.

Lithotech Esports (Pty) Ltd of South Africa, obtained the orders on Thursday, claiming two companies awarded the tender by the Electoral Commission were not qualified for the job.

Universal Print Group (Pty) Ltd and Smith & Ouzman Ltd were awarded the tender to print and supply ballot papers for this year and 2008.

Universal got the tender for the materials in respect of referendums, presidential and local government elections while Smith clinched that for parliamentary elections.

The South African company told the court that ECK erred in evaluating tenders. It alleges that ECK used in its evaluation a criterion not provided for in the tender documents.

Lady Justice Roselyne Nambuye issued the orders stopping ECK from implementing the award until September 11.

On this date, an application to completely stop the commission until a Judicial Review case to be filed is heard and determined will be argued inter-parties.

The judge allowed the South African company to apply for orders seeking to quash ECKs decision on the tenders in its Judicial Review application.

The court granted leave to the firm to apply for orders directing ECK to award the tender to it. It was also granted leave to apply for Judicial Review for an order of prohibition directed against ECK.

The order is to forbid ECK from implementing the awards, executing any contract with the alleged successful bidders and placing orders of Local Purchase Orders.

Through its lawyer, Mr S Owino, the company said if the tender were to be evaluated transparently, it ought to have been the successful.

ECK advertised in February and March for prequalification and tender for printing and supply of ballot papers for the period up to June 30 next year.

The case comes barely two months after the Constitutional Court allowed ECK to contract a firm to print electoral materials for the General Election.

Lifted and published by Korir, API*APN tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

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Spain eyeing Guinea – New embassy

Posted by African Press International on September 7, 2007

Conakry (Guinea) The Spanish minister of employment and social affairs, Caldera Sanchez Capitan, Tuesday announced his countrys plan to open an embassy soon in Conakry and to support vocational training of young Guineans.

M. Capitan made this announcement at the end of an official visit to Conakry and said the embassy will be opened very soon as the ambassador has already been appointed.

According to him, there still remain some steps to go through for the establishment of the embassy, which is part of moves towards strengthening cooperation between the two countries.

During the visit of the Spanish minister, the delegations of both countries discussed immigration issues, especially since Guinea has become one of the embarking points for the illegal migrants who have been flooding into the Spanish coasts.

Spain also pledged to support vocational training centres in a bid to help young Guineans access better training to better serve their country or easily land a job in Spain in case they wish to work in that country. The initiative, which is already underway in other countries of the region like Senegal was hailed by the Guinean authorities.

Last year, Spain had provided Guinea with a financial assistance of 5 million Euros as part of the fight against illegal migration.

Published by Korir, API*APN tel+4793299739 or+4763002525 source.apa

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‘Kibaki Tena’ in Scandinavia – December 2007 presidential election

Posted by African Press International on September 7, 2007

Following the nominations of presidential candidates from the orange family, Raila Amolo Odinga and Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, the race for the state house has reached a higher pitch. President Mwai Kibaki, whom the opinion polls favour, will not have an easy ride unless he puts his troops under one central command. This is the most suitable time for him to make the much awaited strategic move and announce his choice of ground so that Kenyans can know the direction to follow.

The situation at the moment facing Kibakis re-election is really worrying because Kibaki forces are not united just as during the last referendum. It would be unfortunate for them to be caught by surprise for a second time and needless to say, this would have dire consequences for Kenya.

Those in Kibaki Tena campaign teams should put to use all the resources at their disposal in order to ensure that Kibaki is re-elected. Some politicians within Narc-Kenya have been critical about the lobby groups which are seeking and soliciting support for the president. Their suspicion on figures leading these groups is unnecessary and they should instead reinforce with tactical ideas of how best to fuel this machine.

The time and hour has come and there is no room for more blunders. To begin with, some Narc-Kenya politicians are too unpopular to sell the idea of Kibakis re-election; they have become liabilities and not assets. These politicians are the ones that stimulate Kenyans to approach the issue of the current governments reinstatement with caution and mistrust.

The trouble in Narc-Kenya started when some of the sitting parliamentarians, tried to block aspirants seeking to be elected on Narc-Kenya tickets. The elections which were held were very deceptive and many promising and progressive politicians were locked out and instead of strengthening the flower party, they moved to other Kibaki friendly parties and this is the danger Narc-Kenya still faces today.

We who are supporting and would like to see Mr. Kibaki being re-elected and complete his second term, must now be in the frontline in trying to bring all the forces that are backing Kibaki under one conjugation. The lobby groups are doing a good job, but the questions are who is trying to bring these forces together? How will the parliamentary nominations be done? Under which ticket? Who will convince the aspirants that, fielding many candidates will only work to the advantage of the ODM?

At the moment, there should be in place a think tank, working on these questions and be practically preaching unity at the constituency level and also trying to weigh and feel who are stronger candidates so as to rally the electorates behind that candidate.

Its out of this basis that we are forming the Kibaki Tena lobby group here in Scandinavia so as to consolidate and seek ideas or a formula on how we should help in ensuring Kibakis re-election.

In the aim of retaining President Kibakis leadership, we wish to come together as dedicated patriots to lobby for his second term. Aware of the benefits of his extended rule, it is of great importance that all development conscious Kenyans team up and drum for his support.

What we desire to form is a Diasporas lobby group consisting of like minded Kenyans, not favouring political parties as long as they are in support of Kibaki Tena. In short all parties and persons who feel that the incumbent administration is good enough for Kenya are welcome.

Note that this is not a political party but a lobby forum for Kibaki abaki.
Some of the goals we wish to attain are (1) to stress on the importance of voting (2) to highlight the importance of Kibakis re-election.(3) to help in whatever way possible in Kibakis re-election.

By Muirani Wa Githuku and P. Bryan Njoroge (Njoro) (members, Narc-Kenya Scandinavia).

For More Information, Contact, My Expression, Muirani or Njoro.

Published by Korir, African Press International(AP)/ African Press in Norway(APN) tle +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

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Kenya wants Somalia to be discussed in the Security Council

Posted by African Press International on September 7, 2007

Nairobi (Kenya) Kenya is lobbying the United Nations Security Council ahead of its annual summit at the end of this month to take the current Somalia crisis as part of its agenda, a government official said on Thursday, arguing that the gains made during the recently concluded Somali national reconciliation conference should be strengthened by taking the matter seriously.

Foreign Affairs Assistant Minister Kembi Gitura said in Nairobi that the gains made should not be left to fade but should be strengthened by the UN member countries taking the Somalia security matters seriously.

He said that he has already briefed the French government at the end of his official visit to France on Wednesday on the progress made during the one-and-a-half months peace talks amongst the warring clans that ended last Friday. France is a member of the Security Council.

Speaking to journalists in Nairobi, Gitura said that the Somali Transitional Federal Government was compiling resolutions reached during the reconciliation conference that would enable it to chart the way forward for a peaceful Somalia.

This year\s Security Council summit meets in New York on September 25 and part of its agenda will be insecurity in the Horn of Africa.

\”Some of the key issues that the forthcoming UN Security Council should look into is the posting of the international peacekeeping force in Somalia and to augment the current Ethiopian and Ugandan soldiers, who are already over-whelmed ,\\ said Gitura.

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Ban Ki-Moon expected in Chadian capital on today

Posted by African Press International on September 7, 2007

NDjamena (Chad) The United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, is expected in Ndjamena on Friday morning, APA learnt from UN sources in the Chadian capital.

The UN boss will have a working session with humanitarian groups, little after his arrival in the Chadian capital, the same sources indicated.

Chadian President Idriss Deby Itno will receive Ban Ki-moon at the presidential palace, the visit schedule indicated.

After a press conference which will follow this audience, the UN Secretary-General will visit Lake Chad , at over 150 km north-west of NDjamena.

He will thus be able to note the emaciation of this large lake, remnant of the Paleochadian Sea.

Lake Chad, which spread on more than 25, 000 sq. metres with over 4 metres depth in some areas, is today nothing more than a large puddle of less than 10,000 sq. metres.

According to the visit schedule, Ban will not be visiting any refugee and displaced peoples camps in Chad.

This one-day visit is within the framework a tour the UN chief diplomat started in Sudan 48 hours ago and which ends in the Central African Republic.

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Sudan, UN confirm Oct. 27peace talk

Posted by African Press International on September 7, 2007

Dakar (Senegal) Sudan and the United Nations (UNO) have Thursday signed in Khartoum a new joint statement while Bank Ki-Moon is on a visit to the country to reassert mutual commitments to restore peace in Darfur, as peace talks are billed to resume in Libya, on October 27, APA learns from sources close to the UN.

Ban Ki-Moon announced that the AU Chairman, Alpha Omar Konare, and himself had decided that the negotiations on Sudan should begin in Libya, next October 27, under the auspices of the UN and the AU, the sources said.

In the document adopted in Khartoum, Sudan commits itself to fully implement the global peace agreement while further reiterating its commitment to protect civilians and hold national fair elections in Sudan in 2009, including in the Darfur, and to entirely end hostilities in the western region and respect the ceasefire.

He also assured that his intention is to work with the humanitarian community according to the terms of the agreement already adopted to this end in March 2007, the sources disclosed.

The Sudanese government and the United Nations had signed another joint statement on March 28, 2007, in which Sudan had committed itself to support, protect and facilitate all humanitarian operations in the Darfur, through the rapid and full implementation of all the measures contained in the Moratorium on restrictions, drafted on July 3rd 2004.

The UN rejoiced that Sudan had reasserted its commitment to work with the United Nations and the African Union (AU) to facilitate the deployment of the AU-UN hybrid operation in the Darfur (MINUAD), particularly by granting lands for the building of facilities to host the operation and by facilitating other logistical requirements.

For its part, the UN pledges to contribute to the implementation of the comprehensive peace deal, through the disarmament and demobilization of combatants and the volunteer, safe and worthy return of the displaced people”, the source pointed out, adding that the UN “also commits, along with AU and the Sudanese governments cooperation, to deploy the MINUAD swiftly to support the consolidation of peace in Darfur”.

The UN also promises to contribute to the consolidation of long term peace and development in Sudan by upholding the sustainable development of natural resources, mainly water resources, and by finding solutions to issues relating to climatic change and the degradation of the environment”, the source added.

After he arrived in Sudan Tuesday, Ban Ki-Moon bemoaned during a press conference held in the presence of Prime Minister Lam Akol and President Omar El-Bashir, “the very hard conditions in which aid workers and security agents work so bravely”.

At the Al Salaam camp, I saw 45,000 displaced people living in the most desperate conditions. I was shocked and dismayed”.

Published by Korir, API*APN tel+4793299739 or+4763002525 source.apa

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Posted by African Press International on September 7, 2007

Panic in Kisumu City, Kenyaand its environs have gone notch higher following the impounding of 2 more bottles of sodas with impurities Properties of Kisumu based Equator Bottlers situated along Angawa Avenue-as the Kenya Bureau of Standards still watches the other way.

The said bottles which are still in custody of this investigative journalist were seized last week in a popular restaurant along Jomo Kenyatta Highway situated at shabir centre adjacent, Tivoli centre.

It all started when some two customers in a bid to quench their thirst after enjoying their delicious meal, immediately noticed that the sodas-cocacola and fanta orange- they were about to be served had some foreign materials in them.

Acting on a tip off and having a nose for news the scribe rushed to the scene with an alarming speed. And, advised the amazed duo to foot the bill and hand over the sodas for verifications and investigation with the relevant authorities.

Recently, a similar case reportedly hit a cross section of the press when sodas-Fanta orange and Sprite -were seized. It saw the leading public health officials both from the Ministry of Health and those attached to the city council of Kisumu shocked beyond disbelief by the revelation.

So is the Kenya bureau of standards where a senior officer at the Kisumu Office was equally tight-lipped but was over-heard telling a colleague that the issue was touching on a Company whose one of their seniors was rubbing shoulders with top echelon of Equator Bottlers Company, kisumu.

In a bid to get comments from officials of the company the journalist met the officer in-charge of external operations and quality control, a Mr. Angute who equally confirmed that the bottles were indeed theirs but ran short of elaborating the presence of the foreign materials.

The scribe was shocked beyond disbelief to hear from Angute that such occurrences are not unique and as a policy framework of the company they always part with a paltry 4 bottles of soda or utmost one crate of small sodas to cool the aggrieved parties.

He went further to suggest to this reporter to accept his token of 5 crates in order to avert the disparaging disclosure. A galaxy of restaurants in Kisumu and its environs have of late been plagued with such incidences but their efforts to correct the situation has been hampered by connections and financial muscles of top managers from the Equator Bottlers.

Some of the hapless victims are now threatening legal action against the company as the only option.

And this time round, as the soft drinks impurities saga continues to take its toll, generating heat and concern among the consumers of the Coca-Cola soft drinks internationally, since its a global commercial outfit, a call to the relevant personalities could not be returnedimmediately

The consumer watchdog might be either having an avalanche of tasks or still clutching on objects to apply necessary remedial measure on these unending health-hazard drinks.

Cocacola and fanta orange seized last week:

The former, sealed, was half filled and the latter extremely darker. Both had visible impurities.Two bottles, too, originating from the Equator Bottlers based in Kisumu were seized by this hawk-eyed journalist in the recent past from one of the leading restaurants in the town. In one of the bottles (Fanta) yet to be opened was a bolt. The other (Sprite) contained a plastic material. When he was probed further the owner of the restaurant said this was not the first time bottles from the company was being seized with impurities.

By Shem Kosse ( cell phone +47254723103445 or +254733380116

Published by African Press International (API)/ African Press in Norway (APN) tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

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