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Kenya: Chief Government legal adviser has seen no report implicating Moi

Posted by African Press International on September 5, 2007

Publication Date: 9/4/2007

AG Amos Wako

Key Government officials appeared to read from different scripts over the fate of a report detailing how billions of shillings stolen from the public were hidden in foreign bank accounts.

Although spokesman Alfred Mutua had earlier said the Government had received the report prepared by a risk consultancy firm, Kroll Associates UK Ltd, in 2004, the Attorney-General, Mr Amos Wako, yesterday said he had not seen it.

And although he confirmed receiving the report, Dr Mutua last week dismissed it as incomplete and inaccurate. He said: We did not find that the report was credible. It was based on a lot of hearsay.

But yesterday, Mr Wako, the Governments principal legal adviser, said that on matters of corruption and economic crimes, his job was only to prosecute.

Investigations are conducted by the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission. I am told that the matter is still under investigations, he said.

Author of report

When contacted, Finance minister Amos Kimunya said: I am neither the author of the report nor has my name been mentioned. The report has also not named the Treasury, so I cannot comment on it.

Mr Kimunya further said the Government had indeed asked for assistance from various organisations among them Kroll with a view of carrying out investigations on looted cash stashed abroad.

He, however, directed inquiries to KACC, saying that Parliament had given the commission powers to investigate.

The permanent secretary for Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Ms Dorothy Angote, had earlier said the Kroll report had been handed over to the Government and passed on to the commission. But she said it could not be acted upon because it did not have substantial evidence.

Ms Angote asked why developed nations allowed money stolen from the Third World to be stashed in their banks and later blamed looters in the impoverished states.

We are pushing for an agenda where the Group of Seven industrialised nations can announce that nobody will be allowed to bank suspicious money in their countries, she said.

The report commissioned by the Government lists a number of companies in its 110-page report which was leaked via the Internet last week. The report contains detailed information on the extent of looting from public coffers by key figures in the Kanu government.

The last instalment of the report was delivered to the Government in April 2004, about a year after the investigation was commissioned.

Kroll Associates are among the leading forensic investigations firms in the world.

Hidden in banks

Its investigators uncovered fresh information about wealth hidden in bank accounts, company shares and real estate in the US, the UK, South Africa, Australia and tax havens in Europe and other countries, including little-known Cayman Islands.

The report also recommended areas for further investigations and methods that could be used to recover the stolen money estimated at over Sh130 billion.

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