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Ushering a people initiated or engineered change through empowerment of people politically

Posted by African Press International on September 4, 2007

A message to Onyango>

Mr Martin Onyango alias I do not know; I think you are wrong on this or rather you have decided deliberately to cling to a parochial mindset. Hang on a minute; you could also be acting at the behest of someone. Do not forget that the main objective of ODM is to usher in change. One of the ways of ushering a people initiated or engineered change is through empowerment of people politically. This is exactly what Raila has done.

Mr Raila Odinga believes in investing in people at all levels. This is the main reason why he invested his time in encouraging the shrewd politicians from various parts of the country to play mentorship role. Besides this he believes in giving the voiceless back their voices as well as creating enabling democratic space for every citizen to exercise their democratic rights irrespective of political affiliation or geographical location. In other words Mr Raila Odinga together with ODM brigades main aim is to create level playing ground for every citizen of our beloved country.

If you think this is a recipe for confusion then I beg to differ with you in principle. The kind of argument you are trying to advance is not in tune with the modern democratic principles. Current democratic principles are participatory in nature besides being inclusive; by encouraging others to take up the role of leadership, Mr Raila Odinga has achieved decorum amongst his peers. Do not tell me that you accept Mr Kalonzos ploy of hijacking ODM-K with the intention of bringing his colleagues down on their knees as gentlemanly way of treating others you have traversed all kinds of political terrain with? Is this what you would perceive as orderliness? Mr Martin alias; I bet you do not expect people who are compost mentis to take this type of argument earnestly? Pease spare us from this hogwash.

In the meantime; we are happy with the progress of ODM so far. The ODM wave has made statements of intent and is currently gathering momentum. The ODM aims to rid Kenya of nepotism, cronyism and chauvinism. These revolting traits have suffocated our country for the past four decades. Besides this ODM; aims to reposition equity or fairness back to the centre of all our deliberations. The race has began, you either make your choice to vote for people initiated change with ODM or stay put with status quo and its revolting stench.

From Nyatigi

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