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orian peace process evaluation committee holds monthly meeting in Ouga

Posted by African Press International on September 4, 2007


Abidjan (Cote dIvoire) The Evaluation and Accompaniment Committee (ECA) set up by the Ouagadougou political agreement, holds its monthly meeting Tuesday 4 September in Ouagadougou to assess the peace process started since the signing of the agreement at the beginning of March, APA learned from official sources in Abidjan.

The direct dialogue facilitator, Blaise Compaore, will chair the Ouaga meeting.

According to the spokesperson of the Ivorian Prime Ministers office, Meite Sindou, the meeting to be held at the Ouaga 2000 complex at 9a.m. will assess the implementation progress report of the Ouagadougou political agreement.

Signed on March 4, 2007, the Ouagadougou political agreement which is the roadmap of the Ivorian government intends amongst other actions, the redeployment of the civil service, dismantling the militia, disarming ex-combatants, identifying the population and organising elections within 12 months.

Though the dismantling of the vigilante groups was carried out, the disarmament of ex-combatants is yet to kick off, despite the “Flame of peace” ceremony held on 30 July in Bouake to mark the end of the war.

The redeployment of the civil service is underway while the public hearings to lead to the identification of the population are still to begin.

So many issues to be discussed during this ECA meeting, which is open to members of the international consultative body whose creation was ratified by paragraph 9 of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1765.

This provision includes the special representative of the UN Secretary-General, the UNDP resident coordinator, and the representatives of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the European Union, the African Union, the African Development Bank, ECOWAS and France.

At national level, three representatives of the Presidents office and three others of the former rebel group, Forces Nouvelles (New Forces), will take part in this meeting whose conclusions are awaited by all.

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