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Posted by African Press International on September 3, 2007

BY SHEM KOSSEAs political realignments and general elections continues to gather speed, riveting a reminder of the 2002 run up to transitional elections, a global movement that consists of major indigenous Churches, have come up with a viable economic and political strategy to drum up support for Raila Odingas led Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).Christian Democratic Movement of Kenya (CDMK), Kenyan chapter, under the flagship of Reverend George Okoth Otura-the long term political ally of the late doyen of the Kenyas opposition politics Jaramogi Oginga Odinga-as its president.And Mr. William Odiwuor movements European roving Ambassador, Mr. George Omondi International investment Adviser and Miss Grace Holla in charge of women economic and political empowerment, met at Hague, Netherlands, where they unveiled movements strategy geared towards creation of federal system of government.The quartet who are executive board members of the CDMK, Divulged that the strategy which is broad-based is inching closer to ODM with a bottom aim of forging working relationship.Since, its top cream leadership-through Raila who is one of its leading lights- crusades for majimboism. Something, which the CDMK embraces.

Renowned for his astute politics and oratory skills, Rev Otura said that the strategys wider scheme, in partnership with Christian governments, Coalitions and parties world over, is to move with jet-like speed for realization of majimbo type of government in Kenya and subsequent massive development in the respective jimbos.

Adding that the Western blocs trust in unitary system of government-more so Kenya, has plummeted Since it excels in creating loop holes of high profile corruption. And ODM has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that it can accord Kenyans the much yearned for change thundered the fiery top clergy, who is currently exiled in Canada for political reasons.

Instrumental for the Kenyas struggle for second liberation, Otura fled to Canada close to five years ago claiming that his life was in danger.

The packaged strategy to be rolled down soon in phases will first cover 4 regions Rift Valley, Coast, Western and Nyanza Provinces.And with the latter province-with respect Luo Nyanza-toping in the pack of their long list of priorities. Followed, closely with Kisii and Kuria districts respectively.The said regions he observed have never rightfully benefited out of the central governments share of resources and yet they are the key contributors of the countrys immense resources.For starters, the Clergy, a vastly experienced election strategist spanning to over 2 decades who is prevalently Railas political ally, is a silent Kingmaker.He hinted that the unwrapped strategy, after several months of unbiased opinion polls, identified potential candidates in Luo Nyanza constituencies, to be supported by CDMK in conjunction with worlds major investors-to clinch parliamentary seats in the forth coming elections- in order for the CDMKs development set goals to be archived fully.Ahead in the pack is the development conscious Mombasa based international business magnate Edwin Yinda (Alego Usonga), insurance guru Ochieng Daima (Nyakach), Pragmatic Eng Jack Apollo Owuor (Nyando) and prominent lakeside city lawyer Olga Olago Aluoch (Kisumu town West).Creative and initiaive Peter Odhiambo Odhengo (Kisumu East), Charismatic Orwa Ojode (Ndhiwa), maverick Zadolock Syongo (Gwassi), development oriented prof Ayiecho Olweny (Muhoroni) top clergy Fr John Pesa (Migori), elderly Eng Philip Okundi (Rangwe) and leading University don Dr Akinyi Wenwa Odinga (Kasipul Kabondo).Others are stringent prof Anyang Nyongo (Kisumu Rural), Dr. Oburu Odinga (Bondo) Dr. Adhu Awiti (Karachunyo), youthful lawyer Ochilo Ayacko (Rongo), Ochola Ogur Nyatike) rapidly aging Odhiambo Mamba (Uriri) and out spoken lawyer Gerald Otineo Kajwang (Mbita).Also in the long list of movements preferred candidates are firebrand reformist-cum-legal expert James Aggrey Bob Orengo (Ugenya) high-ranking economist Joe Donde (Gem) and eloquent journalist Raphael Tuju (Rarrieda).Though the trio should consider decamping to ODM and subsequently pledge unswerving loyalty and unwavering support to the party for their bids to be supported.Otura largely seen to be trusted by Raila owing to his accurate political judgments and widely believed by critics to be having a tendency of rigging in, in elections those, whom have identified with him for years, disclosed that reputable researchers in Kenya conducted the opinion polls.

And, subsequently forwarded the findings to potential Diasporas hierarchy-cuminvestors, the would-be donors.

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