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Kenya’s darkest days have just began! May God save Kenya and the Kenyan people

Posted by African Press International on September 3, 2007

Mr Raila Odinga

Nominating Raila Odinga to represent ODM in the next General Elections in Kenya has thrown Kenya into total chaos!

To save Kenya from destruction, President Kibaki who will now represent Narc-Kenya in the race should unite with ODM-Kenya’s Presidential candidate Mr Kalonzo Musyoka and save Kenya from disaster as witnessed during the attempted coup in 1982.

The Kenyan government must not listen to outsiders be they diplomats or those Western countries that want to install Raila as Kenya’s next president.

Kenyans who understand what is about to happen must rise up and support their president and ensure that Raila Odinga never becomes Kenya’s next president.

If Kenyans have forgotten history – what happened during colonialism and during the cold war when the Odinga’s almosty brought war into the country, then let then choose the Odinga’s and land into total war, tribal cleansing and all that will follow there-after…

The important thing now in Kenya is for Mr William Ruto – the Kalenjin,MrMusalia Mudavadi- the Luhyia, and Nyagah to wake up. They must understand that by attemting to take teh State House to Nyanza, the Kenyan people will never forgive them. It is not easy to undersand how these four leaders have just been blindend into believing that the Kenyan people have forgotten that the attampted coup of 1982 took many lives and mr Raila Odinga has admitted being party to that coup attempt!

My call now is for all Kenyan leaders who know and understand what happened in 1982 to rise up and save the country from disaster, torture and killings that will follow if they do not unite and look forward in a continued stability as President Kibaki has shown the way.

It is easy to dream dreams. It is easy to dream for careless change. It is easy to ask for change from the status quo.

But, let the Kenyans remember that their country is the only one in Eastern African that has enjoyed stability despite any accussations.

If Kenyans want to land into war, let them blindly change their leaders now, just for the sake of pleasing the West.

Look at what the West has done in many third world countries in order to sell weapons. The West has helped countries change leaders and secured arms sales.

May God save Kenya and the Kenyan people and guide them to choose stability instead of tribal cleansing.

By Korir, African Press International, API/ African Press in Norway, APN tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525


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