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China gives CFA14 billion to support water supply in Douala

Posted by African Press International on September 3, 2007

Douala (Cameroon) Cameroons Economy and Finance Minister Polycarpe Abah Abah Thursday said the Chinese government has loaned 13. 8 billion CFA francs to the country for the water supply development and extension project in Douala.

According to the minister, this already available loan is expected to solve the drinking water problems experienced in the economic capital which population is officially estimated at 2.5 million inhabitants.

One part of these funds will be allocated to the construction of a new water collection, pumping and processing plant on the Moungo River, at about 30 kilometres from Douala with a daily capacity of 50, 000 cubic metres, he pointed out.

The remaining funds will be used to rehabilitate the current water supply system of the Massoumbou and Japoma plants, in the outskirts of Douala.

With a daily capacity of 150, 000 cubic metres, Douala will have its drinking water potential increased to 250, 000 cubic metres per day.

Despite a rising population, only 400, 000 people have access to drinking water from Cameroons national water company (SNEC).

With the lack of safe drinking water, residents in Douala are prone to water-borne diseases and epidemics mainly cholera. According to medical sources, the last big cholera epidemic killed more than 500 people out of an overall 10, 000 affected in 2005.

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