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Posted by African Press International on September 1, 2007

What next after ODM and ODM Kenya nominations? The harder task then begins! Winning the presidential election in this year general election wont just be easy more so for the opposition.

Many reasons abound for this. First, unlike 2002 there is no outgoing president that there is a void to be filled. Currently there is an incumbent who is gunning for the second term in office. He clearly starts his campaign from a vantage point and enjoying the advantages of incumbency among others.

Secondly the ODM houses have not made their case any easier after the splits and spitting at each other. Chances of uniting especially for the favourites likely to win respective nominations look remote. But it is still possible for the two and the two parties to forge an alliance. A day in politics is a long time and anything is possible.

Thirdly, unlike 2002 there is no great urge to root out a ruling
powerful party. Curiously it is even logically difficult to know which party is ruling.

Fourthly, the current government has had a good measure of success that it is not easy to beat it on several fronts. However it too has its glaring weaknesses like in fight against corruption.

Fifth the largely descanted youth are likely to vote along the tribes of their parents voting patterns. Kenya being a highly tribally minded state gives some ‘tribal kings’ a starting edge in polls. Currently there are 5 main large tribal groupings which will necessary give impetus to any of the leading candidates in this year’s poll. However it should be reckoned that the youth today are very informed and very fluid in making decisions.

For ODM leaders the nomination is a hurdle they obviously needed to overcome, but the battle has just begun.

ikunda1.jpgStory by our East African Correspondent

Harrison Mwirigi Ikunda

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