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A man who wildly stabbed fellow passengers on board an Oslo tram three years ago is now seeking compensation from the state

Posted by African Press International on August 27, 2007

A man who wildly stabbed fellow passengers on board an Oslo tram three years ago is now seeking compensation from the state. He claims he never should have been released from psychiatric care just days before he went amok, and his victim’s own mother agrees.

The stabbing spree in Oslo shocked police and witnesses.


Police later displayed the knife used by the assailant.

PHOTO: Jarl Fr. Erichsen/SCANPIX

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The man, an immigrant from Somalia in his 40s, killed one of the passengers and wounded four others in the bloody attack on board the #17 tram as it rolled by Bislett Stadium on an August afternoon in 2004.

He had been sitting quietly on the tram when he suddenly pulled out a large knife, which he’d just bought in downtown Oslo, and started slashing at everyone around him. The shocked driver of the tram brought it to a halt and frantically called for assistance.

By the time it arrived, the man had fled, hijacking the car of a passing motorist. One of his victims, a 23-year-old man who didn’t hear the uproar around him because he was deaf, was stabbed to death.

The assailant was eventually captured later that day and has been committed to psychiatric care ever since. Newspaper VG reported Friday that he now claims the state is liable for turning him into a killer because he didn’t receive the care he needed at the time.

His attorney wouldn’t elaborate on the case, nor would the organization that promotes patients’ rights in Norway.

State health authorities earlier criticized a doctor at Ullevl University Hospital for releasing the man from acute care without having a plan to follow up his treatment. An intern on duty had actually handled the release, but the doctor was viewed as being responsible.

Support from victim’s mother
The victim’s mother, Karin Mjland, told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) on Friday that she understands why her son’s killer is seeking compensation.

“I understand that he needs a confirmation (that the stabbings weren’t entirely his fault) to get on with his life,” she told NRK. “Living with the knowledge that youve killed someone and injured four others, must be terrible.”

She and her family have also blamed Ullevl Hospital for the death of her son. “We feel they’re responsible for the loss of our son,” she said.

By Nina Berglund

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Norway: Young bride feared dead

Posted by African Press International on August 27, 2007

Police have been using specially trained dogs in their ongoing search for a young Vietnamese woman brought to the Bergen area as the bride of a Norwegian man. Police think she’s been murdered, and were holding her husband, his brother and his parents over the weekend.

Dung Tran Larsen (left) had hoped for a better life in Norway. Now the young Vietnamese woman who came to Bergen as a bride is missing and feared dead.


Thi Phuong Dung Tran Larsen hasn’t been seen since July 14.


Police later won court permission to incarcerate both the husband and mother-in-law of Dung Tran Larsen, age 22, who hasn’t been seen since July 14.

Dung and her cousin both came to Norway as the brides of two Norwegian brothers from Loddefjord in Bergen. The young women were hoping for a better life in Norway, but reality didnt match expectations.

Dung’s home became a small basement apartment in the home of her husband’s parents. Witnesses say her mother-in-law was the “boss” of the family, and that relations were strained.

Dung, who acquaintances say maintained a cheerful appearance, also confided that she felt trapped in the house, and that her freedom was restricted. She had her first child within a year of arrival in Norway and gave birth to the couple’s second child in June.

Her husband reported her missing on July 20, and police mounted a massive search. Their investigation later raised suspicions that her family knew more than they were telling. Her cousin was reportedly threatened by the husband’s brother while she was undergoing police questioning.

Dogs trained to search for human remains reportedly reacted to at least one site as they went through the family’s home and car last week. The four family members held over the weekend are all charged in the case, with her husband charged with murder. His father and brother were released, but his mother also remained in remand custody.

By Nina Berglund

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Uganda to have a new national carrier

Posted by African Press International on August 27, 2007

By Samuel Otieno

Uganda will soon have a new national carrier to ply the East African routes.

The regional air routes are currently dominated by Kenyas national flag carrier, Kenya Airways, and its sister Tanzania carrier, Precision Air.

Ugandan president, Mr Yoweri Museveni, says the new airline will bring in competition to edge out those that are currently plying the regions routes.

To be set up with the aid of the spiritual leader of the Shia Ismaili Muslims, The Aga Khan, the new airline, will bring competition to the regions aviation industry, said Museveni.

He said the move is likely to make Ugandas Entebbe International Airport even more competitive in the region.

He described the airlines in these routes as “burlish, arrogant and expensive” simply because Uganda has no airline of its own.

“They are fond of frustrating us simply because ours is mlambo (a corpse),” said Museveni.

Museveni said he was forced to bury the defunct Ugandan national airline after it died, adding that it is against his culture to maintain dead things. Uganda Airlines collapsed in 2000.

“It does not matter how much you love something, when it is dead, it is dead and you burry it. Even my mother I loved her so much but I buried her when she died,” he said.

The monopoly, Museveni said, had pushed the costs of flying on these airlines way above the roof especially when flying around Africa.

For instance it costs about US$400 to fly return from Entebbe to Nairobi, only an hour away. “This needs to be improved. We cant wait for the competition to come in. I dont mind leaving the Fying Blue programme behind,” a Ugandan national told The Standard in an interview.

“Just that we buried Ugandan Airlines, they (competitors) thought they will dominate forever. Now Aga Khan has said he will give us an airline and so they will not dominate forever,” said Museveni.

Museveni was speaking in Uganda during the foundation stone laying of the Bujagali Hydro Electric Power Station in Jinja, Uganda, last week.

Referring indirectly to Kenya Airways, Museveni said airlines plying Entebbe route are fond of mistreating Ugandans. “Some airlines are operating at ungodly hours and at times they put us on their flights as early as 5am. What time do you wake up in this case, midnight?” posed Museveni amidst applause.

Kenya Airways has flights that depart Entebbe International Airport at 5am to Nairobi, which means that passengers have to check in at the airport at about 3am.

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Sahelo-Saharan strip countries to hold summit on insecurity

Posted by African Press International on August 27, 2007

Bamako (Mali) A summit on insecurity in the Sahelo-Saharan strip is billed to take place in Mali under the joint initiative of Mali and Libya, Malian head of state Amadou Toumani Toure disclosed Friday during his several-day visit to Libya.

Speaking to the Malian television, the Malian leader explained that he agreed with his Libyan counterpart Mouammar Khadafi on holding a summit “in coming weeks, or latest in coming months”.

This will be an opportunity for leaders of the countries bordering the Sahelo-Saharan strip to share their concerns and basically find common solutions to the growing insecurity threat in this area, Toure said.

According to the Malian president whose country spans along the wide sandy Sahara desert, the region currently harbours various illicit activities, ranging from drug trafficking to religious proselytism.

The statement of the Malian leader comes after an agreement between Mali and neighbouring Niger last Wednesday in the Malian city of Gao (about 1000 km north of Bamako).

The two countries agreed to allow their security forces track down bandits across their borders.

Before meeting his Niger counterpart on Tuesday, Malian Security and Civil Protection minister Gen. Sadio Gassama commissioned a new security checkpoint at Anderaboukane, at the border with Niger.

These events are taking place while a training operation on fighting terrorism is going on in the furthermost outskirts of the Malian capital city. The Staff officers of 10 Sahelo-Saharan countries are attending the training.

The 10-day training, called “Flintlock 2007”, started last Monday with lecturers from the Special Forces of the United States, Canada, France, Great-Britain and Netherlands.

In addition to Mali, participanting countries include Algeria, Morocco, Burkina-Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Tunisia, Mauritania and Senegal

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Ethiopia launches US$1.67 billion rural electrification program

Posted by African Press International on August 27, 2007

Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) Ethiopia has launched $1.67 billion rural electrification program aimed at supplying power to 1,714 towns and villages, APA learnt here on Monday.

Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) said that it will electrify 1,714 rural towns and villages in the coming 12 months throughout the county.

The program, which is expected to benefit around 350,000 customers, will start this month.

According to EEPCo, funds for the program have been secured from its own resources and international aid agencies.

Currently, the power service coverage in a country of 77 million population is 22%, up from 17 % in the past few years.

The company is planning to increase the coverage to 32% in the coming 2-3 years as part of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

EEPCo is a state-owned company responsible for power generation, transmission, distribution and sale.

Official data shows Ethiopia has economically exploitable hydropower potential of more than 30,000 megawatts.

Despite the huge potential, exploitation rate is only about 2%.

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China, United Arab Emirate fund CAR

Posted by African Press International on August 27, 2007

Bangui (Central Africa) The United Arab Emirates and China have Saturday given the Central African government two separate financial aids for a global amount of 3 billion CFA, Mohamed Kahlil disclosed.

The UAE have disbursed 2 million Euros (1.4 billion CFA) following a funding convention signed by the Central African Planning and International Cooperation Minister Sylvain Malicko and the Representative of the United Arab Emirates in Bangui, Mohamed Kahlil.

This financial support of the United Arab Emirates is only aimed at strengthening existing structures in the country that are taking care of orphans and children of the street, Mr. Kahlil said during the official signing ceremony.

Besides, China has granted CAR a subsidy for 1 million dollars (about 500 million CFA) as part of the budget support.

The convention was signed by the top Advisor of the Chinese embassy in Bangui, Jiku Itu, and the Central African Minister of Planning, Sylvain Malicko.

On this occasion, the Chinese diplomat indicated that the budgetary support from his country is aimed at giving a shot in the arm of the Central African government that has a lot of problem in paying the salaries of its civil servants.

On the other hand, Mr. Maliko underscored that the money of partners will enable its country to keep some of its commitments, particularly its daily concerns on the living conditions of abandoned children, but also the thorny issue of salaries.

Besides, The Minister of Planning declared that the money will be used objectively in the areas specified by the conventions signed by the parties.

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UK tightens issuance of visas in Tanzania over fraud

Posted by African Press International on August 27, 2007

Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) The British High Commission Tanzania on Sunday announced that it will begin restricting the issuance of visas after discovering fake application documents.

The move is aimed at blocking illegal immigrants from entering the United Kingdom, Mr John Bradshaw, the High Commissions Press and Political Officer told journalists in Dar es Salaam on Sunday.

He said a four-month survey by the High Commission reveals that 22 per cent of the applicants used fake documents.

A survey between April and July 2007 reveals that out of 144 applicants 32 of them used forged documents to enter the United Kingdom.

The fraud cases include forged passports, bank statements and birth certificates.

Mr Bradshaw said that such cases had always been reported to the police, but said the Commission will no longer accept drop-by visa applications on Fridays beginning next week.

Drop-by visa application method was intended to increase efficiency in issuing visas, but said the system will now go on between Mondays and Thursdays.

He said that the Commission introduced online applications about a year ago to ease queues and the Commission will now require fingerprints for all applicants.

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Biwott – the total man- to unite Kalenjins ahead of the general elections

Posted by African Press International on August 27, 2007

Retired President Moi has asked Kanu branches to meet and replace party officials who are in the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party.

And he announced that he would soon tour the country to consolidate Kanu ahead of the General Election. Moi said he would campaign against ODM, the party Kanu secretary-general, Mr William Ruto, wants to clinch its ticket for the presidency.

Moi was speaking in Eldoret after a closed-door meeting with Agriculture minister, Mr Kipruto arap Kirwa.

“As a former President, I will not sit and see these people (ODM) polarising this country through politics of tribalism,” he said.

The former Head of State told Kanu branch officials from 14 Rift Valley districts who met in Eldoret to replace those who “had defected to ODM”.

“Prevail upon them to come back to their house. If they refuse, you have no choice but to replace them,” Moi said.


Moi to soon name his preferred candidate

The retired President said ODM had hijacked Kenyans by falsely pretending that they would use the movement to champion a new Constitution.

“Before you knew it, they had transformed ODM into a party and forgot all about the Constitution. Are these people you can trust?” he posed.

Moi said that since ODM became a party, all that its party leaders had been doing was to brainwash Kenyans with empty talk.

Moi reiterated that he would soon name his preferred presidential candidate and asked Kanu members to support his choice. He further mandated Keiyo South MP, Mr Nicholas Biwott, to spearhead Kalenjin unity in Kanu.

Moi spoke at Kenmosa Village in Eldoret, barely a kilometre from Poa Place, the venue where Kanu chairman Mr Uhuru Kenyatta was meeting Kanu officials and aspirants from outside Rift Valley.

Coincidentally, it was at Poa Place, a recreational centre a kilometre from Eldoret town, where some Rift Valley elders met and endorsed ODM as the province�s choice a week ago.



Leaders lashed out at Ruto and Raila



It was at Kenmosa that Moi held talks with Kirwa, together with Biwott, Bomet MP Mr Nick Salat, Mr Jimmy Choge (Aldai), former Nominated MP Mr Ezekiel Barng�etuny and former Maendeleo Ya Wanawake chairperson Mrs Zipporah Kittony.

Kirwa left immediately after the three-hour meeting, while Moi and the other leaders proceeded to meet the Rift Valley Kanu local leaders.

The local leaders, who spoke ahead of Moi, lashed out at Ruto and Lang�ata MP, Mr Raila Odinga.

Former Nakuru Kanu branch chairman, Mr Wilson Leitich, led the pack by dismissing the alliance between Ruto and Raila.

“Nowadays, this man (Raila) thinks he owns Rift Valley through our son (Ruto). He should know that Rift Valley has not yet decided who to back for the presidency,” he said.

Other MPs at the meeting were Mr Paul Sang (Bureti) and Anthony Kimetto (Sotik).

Keiyo North MP, Mr Lucas Chepkittony, an ardent ODM supporter, made a surprise entry into the meeting just as Moi was concluding his speech.

Led by Biwott, the MPs said Kenyans would be in for surprises when politicians, especially in Rift Valley repositioned themselves in readiness for the December polls.

“You will be surprised who will be in Government come next year. Those who are not with us should hurry and do so before it is too late,” said Biwott.

By Vincent Bartoo

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Former Kenya President Moi gives guidance to the electorate before December elections

Posted by African Press International on August 27, 2007

Publication Date: 8/27/2007

Retired president Moi has picked Keiyo South MP Nicholas Biwott to spearhead the strengthening of Kanu in Rift Valley and reiterated that the future of the Kalenjin community lay in the party.

Former President Daniel arap Moi and Keiyo South MP Nicholas Biwott during a meeting of Kalenjin leaders at Kenmosa Village in Eldoret Town yesterday.

Yesterday, he led five Kanu MPs and party leaders from the province in dismissing ODM as a tribal outfit which was out to cause confusion and engender hatred.

The former Head of State met Mr Biwott, Nick Salat, Paul Sang, Anthony Kimeto, Jim Choge and Lucas Chepkitony for five hours at Kenmosa Village restaurant in Eldoret Town Former nominated MPs Ezekiel Barngetuny and Zipporah Kitony attended the meeting.

Mr Abraham Kiptanui, the former Comptroller of State, and veteran Nakuru politician Wilson Leitich also joined MPs in the talks.

As the Kenmosa talks were on, Kanu chairman Uhuru Kenyatta was chief guest at a fundraiser for Inder Africa Inland Church in Kapsaret location, a few kilometres away.

Mr Moi had earlier held a closed-door meeting with elders from the Kalenjin community attended by Agriculture minister Kipruto Kirwa and Marakwet East MP Linah Kilimo.

Later, he addressed more than 1,000 Kanu supporters from 14 districts in Rift Valley. Mrs Kilimo defected from ODM-Kenya recently and vowed to back President Kibakis re-election

Remain steadfast

Do not be swayed by political waves. Remain steadfast in Kanu until I tell you who you will support for the presidency, Mr Moi said.

Speaking at a wedding ceremony in Nandi South District on Saturday, Mr Moi said he will chart a political path for Rift Valley and yesterdays meeting is perceived as part of efforts to push his agenda.

The former president said he supported the Orange groups position on the proposed new law, but not as a political party.

ODM as caused political confusion among Kenyans for the last 18 months and it is only through Kanu that peace and economic prosperity can be attained, Mr Moi added.

While stressing for unity among Kenyans, the former Head of State vowed to hold meetings countrywide to popularise Kanu.

The leadership of this country requires trustworthy persons and not tribalists, Mr Moi said.

Kanu leaders who attended the meeting called for disciplinary action against party leaders supporting ODM. We do not want political opportunists and Mr (William) Ruto and his group should decide between Kanu and ODM, said former Uasin Gishu chairman Reuben Sile.

Mr Ruto, the Kanu secretary-general, seeks ODMs nomination for the presidency. Mr Kenyatta also met members of the business community at Poa Place in Uasin Gishu.

ODM leaders held talks with elders from Rift Valley, Western and Nyanza provinces at the same venue on Saturday before their rally in Eldoret.

Mr Uhuru was advised to ensure the party forms the next government.

Association of Local Government Authorities of Kenya chairman Josiah Magut said Kanu supporters cannot afford to remain out of government.

You should use all means to ensure we are not left out in the next government, councillor Magut told the leader of Official Opposition.

Mr Kenyatta said the party can only form the next government if it wins
majority of parliamentary and civic seats in the General Election.

Next government

That way, our participation in the next government will be guaranteed because whoever will be elected president will know our presence in the government will be crucial, said Mr Kenyatta.

He stressed that even if the party joined the next government, it will not dissolve saying political leaders in Kenya had proved to be untrustworthy.

He dismissed ODM leaders as insincere and accused them of attempting to dissolve Kanu while they opposed a similar move on their parties as suggested by President Kibaki.

He said most of them were angered when the President announced that all Narc affiliate parties had died.

But the Gatundu South MP said he was willing to build alliances with other parties as long as constituent groups remained autonomous.

He noted that the decision on whether the party will field a presidential candidate will be made by delegates in a meeting to be held later. The fundraising ceremony hosted by Uasin Gishu branch Kanu chairman David Chepsiror was low-key with more focus on the Kenmosa talks.

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Posted by African Press International on August 27, 2007

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Posted by African Press International on August 27, 2007

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