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Tribes are not the cause of the many palpable upheavals in our society

Posted by African Press International on August 25, 2007

Tribes will always be there in Kenya. It is also not anyone fault that he finds himself belonging to a tribe. Tribes are not the cause of the many palpable upheavals in our society. The problems in our society are as a result of inherent revolting traits suffocating the system. People who shout at the top of their voices in pretext to condemn tribalism are themselves the worst tribal chauvinist.

Believe it or not, all parties in Kenya are made up of conglomeration of tribes. It is also important to point out at this juncture that all leaders from Kenya are elected from a tribe by the tribes. Where does this leave us? Whether people like it or not we shall always have leaders arising from the tribes in Kenya. It is wrong to misconstrue this as tribalism. Tribalism, nepotism and cronyism are totally different traits altogether. Where these revolting traits operate; equity or fairness is pushed out of the window.

I find it very interesting to note that this term tribalism is specifically preserved for certain individuals from a particular community. It is also important to note that this labelling only surfaces when they try to encroach on leadership of the country. I find this rather intuitive and discriminatory to say the least. What makes Mr Kalonzo a lesser tribalist than Raila? From my knowledge Mr Kalonzo is a Kamba whilst Mr Raila is a Luo. This does not make them less respected in our country. This aside, Mr Moi who is quick to label others as tribal chauvinist also comes from a tribe if I am not wrong. Does this make him a tribal chauvinist? I think we are fed up with this claptrap. This will lead us nowhere. We need democratic space in which to operate without the undue influence of people who failed to create it in the first place.

Why cant other leaders in the country try to be like the incumbent? Despite being surrounded with people with inherent revolting traits, he rarely puts his feet on the wrong ground. There is hardly any pettiness in his demeanours. This is particularly evident from his refusal to put the media under lock and key.

By Nyatigi

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Posted by African Press International on August 25, 2007

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Posted by African Press International on August 25, 2007

A STRONG East African community comprising of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi is very very possible. What currently separates the 5 nations is largely very superficial and artificial.

On Monday August 20, 2007 and in Arusha Tanzania, another milestone was covered. In as much that a political federation took a backseat it has always been obvious it will be much slower to implement than an economic Union. Politics drive the economies. So long there is political will to the drive the processes there is no much to worry on such a federation.

Experience with the European Union is a case to mirror. The economic integration of the European Union countries has made the region an economic giant that nobody can afford to ignore in global trade. However politically it is still thorny there. Getting the countries to adopt a political constitution for the European Union has proved a very hard nut to crack. At least referendum conducted in both France and Netherlands resulted in an overwhelming rejection, leaving the union reeling under a search for political direction.

So long as the leaders of the five East African region countries can agree and operationize a custom union, common market and a monetary union with all the political foresight and will needed, this is a region to watch. If there is free movement of people, goods and services in the region and with a common currency much will be achieved. A region with a market force of about 120 million people is too dear to ignore!

ikunda1.jpgStory by our East African Correspondent,

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