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Carew boosts Norwegian football

Posted by African Press International on August 24, 2007

His teammates, his coach, Norwegian fans and even Argentinian rival Lionel Messi — one of the best soccer players in the world — were hailing John Carew after Norway’s surprise victory over Argentina Wednesday evening.

John Carew was everyone’s favourite after he scored two goals and helped the Norwegians beat Argentina.


The Norwegian national soccer squad beat Argentina’s 2-1 in a so-called “friendly” match at Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo. Not many had expected that Norway, not exactly known as an international soccer powerhouse, would be any match for Argentina.

Instead the Norwegians did lots of things right and Carew was the big hero. Commentators said afterwards that he “owned” Ullevaal Stadium, which was packed with 24,000 fans for the occasion.

Norwegian coach ge Hareide, who’s long supported Carew even when the player has landed in trouble for his hot temper and flashy lifestyle, was delighted. “I don’t think there are many better than him in Norway’s recent (soccer) history,” Hareide said. “Today we got to see a bit of the capacity he has.”

Many believed Carew performed better on the field than Argentina’s much-vaunted player Lionel Messi. Carew himself wasn’t at all sure about that, but mentioned that Messi had greeted him and thanked him later for a good match.

The 2-1 victory over Argentina doesn’t mean much regarding Norway’s chances in qualifying for the European Championships, but it certainly boosted morale. The team faces Moldova and Greece next month.

By Nina Berglund

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Noway: Daughter charged for murdering mother

Posted by African Press International on August 24, 2007

Police are appealing for witnesses after a 35-year-old woman was charged with murdering her mother in her flat in downtown Oslo Tuesday.

Police found the 56-year-old mother murdered in her flat in downtown Oslo.


Police were met with a bloody sight when they entered the flat of the murdered 56-year-old woman in downtown Oslo Tuesday afternoon.

A 35-year-old woman, arrested after she cut herself with a knife and threatened to jump from the roof of the building in which her murdered mother lived, was last night admitted to the psychiatric ward at Ullevl hospital.

According to witnesses and neighbours, the arrested 35-year-old was the murdered womans daughter, reported last night. She is now charged with the murder.

The daughter has failed to show up for her voluntary psychiatric treatment at an out-patient clinic in Oslo since 2003. According to the clinic, known as Tyen Distriktspsykiatriske Senter, her condition at the time did not warrant forced hospitalization.

The daughter is thought to have murdered her mother with a knife between noon and 3pm Tuesday afternoon. During that time, police received a phone call from the flat in which her mother lived, reporting a burglary. Police believe it was the daughter herself who made the phone call, assistant chief constable Terje Kristiansen said at a press conference Wednesday.

Police, however, left the scene when they did not hear any noise from the flat. They returned less than an hour later when neighbours reported that a woman threatened to jump from the roof of the building.

“After we had returned and taken care of the woman, we could follow the trail of blood leading to the flat on the sixth floor, where we found a dead person,” Kristiansen said.

The 35-year-old woman is not yet interrogated by police. Police are appealing for witnesses who may have heard or seen anything from the flat between noon and 3pm Tuesday to come forward.

By Kristin Solberg and Nina Ldemel

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Norway: The current CEO of industrial firm Norsk Hydro, Eivind Reiten, was elected Thursday to be the new chairman – StatoilHydro

Posted by African Press International on August 24, 2007

The current CEO of industrial firm Norsk Hydro, Eivind Reiten, was elected Thursday to be the new chairman of the soon-to-be-merged StatoilHydro. Statoil’s employees, however, voted against him.

Eivind Reiten isn’t popular among Statoil employees.


That doesnt bode well for Reiten, who long had expected to become StatoilHydro’s first chairman and would have preferred broad support.

StatoilHydro is in the process of being formed through Statoil’s acquisition of Hydro’s oil and gas operations. The current Statoil CEO, Helge Lund, will have the same top post at the new firm.

Statoil’s employees, however, are sending a clear message that they don’t have a lot of confidence in Reiten. They cite three main objections to his chairmanship of StatoilHydro.

First, they see a possible conflict of interest since Reiten will continue as CEO of Hydro.

They also think it’s too demanding for anyone to be both chairman of StatoilHydro and chief executive of Hydro, which will remain one of Norway’s largest industrial concerns even after selling off its oil and gas business.

They also don’t much like Reiten’s support for high executive pay. His acceptance of lucrative stock options program at Hydro, which recently gave him a cash windfall by Norwegian standards, was decidedly unpopular among the rank and file.

It also didn’t sit well with either Statoil or Hydro employees that Reiten granted his communications director, Cecilie Ditlev-Simonsen, a leave of absence with full pay after she admitted to tax evasion and then called the criticism she received “a huge strain” on her. Her “leave” status was switched to sick pay on Thursday, and Hydro’s unions have made it clear they don’t want her to return as communications director for the company.

The Statoil employees, who were allowed to vote on the chairmanship since Statoil is the acquiring company, said they nonetheless respected the “democratic process” that elected Reiten chairman of StatoilHydro by a vote of eight to four in its corporate assembly. Former oil and energy minister Marit Arnstad was elected vice-chairman while Elisabeth Grieg, Grace Reksten Skaugen, Kjell Bjrndalen, Roy Franklin and Kurt Anker Nielsen were elected as board members.

By Nina Berglund

Lifted and published by Korir, API*APN tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525 source.aftenposteneng

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East African Community might colapse due to member states failure to trust one another

Posted by African Press International on August 24, 2007

By Amos Kareithi

Some East African Community (EAC) member States dread the creation of a political federation for fear of domination and land grabbing, a Kenyan minister has said.

East African Co-operation minister, Mr John Koech, said worries over domination and exploitation were undermining the realisation of unification.

Some countries, he said, feared Kenyans would take their land and dominate some sectors owing to their perceived aggressiveness.

The country has been depicted as the most developed and frequent reports of appropriation of public land has sent the wrong signals, Koech said.

But the minister dismissed the notion: “These are matters to be dealt with by the governments. There is no need to fear. What we want to achieve is a common market for the over 110 million people.”

He added: “Some Ugandans also fear that their newly found oil deposits will be over-exploited.”

Speaking on Wednesday at an induction of the 27 East African Legislation Assembly MPs at Whitesands Hotel, Mombasa, Koech caused laughter when he pointed out that there are lessons to learn even from grabbers.

Koech gave a personal experience, saying had colonialists not grabbed the “fertile lands” of Kericho, his homeland, residents would not have excelled in tea growing.

“Let�s learn how to use our resources. It is useless to continue guarding resources we are not exploiting and complain when someone else benefits,” argued the minister.

He advised East Africans not to be overwhelmed by the fear of the unknown, recalling that it was only after the early explorers overcame theirs that new lands were discovered, ushering in development.

He said the Customs Union, operationalised in 2005, was the first entry point of EAC. The Common Market was expected to be functional by 2010.

EAC member States� Central Banks, the minister said, are discussing how to harmonise policies for a common monetary union.

Koech said the theme of a political federation was popular among the residents, adding that a recent survey showed 70 per cent of Kenyans, 74 per cent Tanzanians and 77 per cent Ugandans support it.

He added: “I have a dream one day we shall have a United States of East Africa. First we must consolidate some building blocks. We should start with the common market.”

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Kalonzo’s ODM-Kenya opens talks with Kanu in a bid to front a joint presidential candidate

Posted by African Press International on August 24, 2007

By Mutinda Mwanzia and Phillip Mwakio

ODM-Kenya has begun talks with Kanu to form a coalition ahead of the General Election.

Kanu nominated MP Mr Mutula Kilonzo said the party chairman, Mr Uhuru Kenyatta, had given him the green light to initiate the talks with ODM-Kenya leaders.

“Uhuru is in the know about what is going on. We are also expecting him in the talks, he said.

Other political parties, he said, had also shown interest in entering into a coalition with ODM-Kenya.

He spoke at a news conference at Kyusombunguo Lukenya Guest House, Machakos District, where ODM-Kenya leaders and party officials are attending a two-day retreat.

The retreat, funded by the Republican Institute, has also drawn officials from little-known parties aiming to form coalitions with ODM-Kenya.

The officials will discuss how to harmonise the party structures, the special delegates conference to pick their presidential flag bearer scheduled for next week, the logistics for the conference and the mode of picking delegates.

The partys presidential hopefuls, Mr Kalonzo Musyoka, Dr Julia Ojiambo and Ms Nazlin Umar attended.

National Labour Party chairman Mr Kennedy Kiliku, ODM-Kenya chairman Mr Daniel Maanzo, Kalonzo Musyoka Foundation Chief Executive Prof Philip Kaloki, and MPs Mr Daudi Mwanzia (Machakos Town), Mr Itwiku Mbai (Masinga) and Mr Charles Kilonzo (Yatta) also attended.

Kilonzo said there was a chance that rival leaders in ODM and ODM-Kenya could be persuaded to front a joint candidate against President Kibaki.

“I am still pleading with the two Orange factions to consider talking to one another and end their political shenanigans, he said.

He said the split was not healthy for the two groups and was bound to give Kibaki an easy victory.

The nominated MP said he was also ready to involve negotiators of international repute to bring the Kalonzo and Langata MP Mr Raila Odingas groups to a round table for talks.

Kalonzo and Ojiambo declined to field questions from journalists, saying that they would issue a comprehensive statement on Friday.

LPK Secretary General, Mr Peter Kubebea, said the party would hold rallies in Malindi on Sunday and another in Bungoma on Tuesday next week.

Meanwhile, ODM could be reaching out to the populous Mijikenda community at the Coast ahead of the General Election.

A lunch meeting at the exclusive Mombasa Club yesterday, between ODM presidential aspirant, Mr Najib Balala and the chairman of the Mijikenda Community and Council of Elders Association (Micosea) , Mr Ali Chizondo gave a clear picture of political re-aligments and the quest for a commanding share of the Coastal vote. .

Micosea which was formed early this year to lobby for Mijikenda rights as a people has remained mum over recent political developments at the Coast including the re-organisation within SPK which has taken onboard several Coast legislators.

At the Mombasa Club, the leaders who emerged from the closed door meeting said all other regions were coming together and were holding talks.

“There is nothing wrong with us meeting. Balala is our man and our meeting here is purely a Coastal affair. There is nothing wrong with us gathering, Chizondo said.

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Kenya’s Kibaki lashes out at his ministers for skipping parliamentary sessions due to laziness

Posted by African Press International on August 24, 2007

By Martin Mutua and Caroline Mango

Outraged by perpetual quorum hitch in Parliament and a less than impressive performance by the Government side, President Kibaki summoned Cabinet ministers and their assistants for a dressing down.

The meeting at State House, Nairobi, came after crushing defeats of Government in Parliament on important Bills, with huge political implications for the President.

Ordinarily, Thursday is a day for the President to meet the Cabinet to review and briefing on Government programmes.

But the meeting, which also saw the presence of Assistant ministers, was an extraordinary session at which a disappointed Head of State is said to have tongue-lashed his ministers as he cited their poor performance in the House.

Sources told The Standard that the President appeared to have been incensed by the defeat of a Government Bill and an adjournment Motion in a single week, due to poor attendance of Cabinet ministers.

Last week, the Opposition ganged up with some Government backbenchers to defeat a Constitutional Amendment Bill, in which Justice minister Martha Karua sought to increase parliamentary seats by 40 and create an additional 50 special seats for women.

Members, particularly women MPs and those from the Government side, are said to have, prior to the debate, put pressure on Karua to step down the Bill to allow for consultations. But the Justice minister is said to have stood her ground.

The Bill was of a constitutional nature and, therefore, required a two-thirds majority of MPs to sail through.

When the Bill came up for debate, there were about 80 MPs in the House, with most ministers and their assistants giving it a wide berth. Consequently, the Bill was thrown out since the Standing Orders demand that there be at least 145 members present to physically vote.

The same week, the MPs again defeated an Adjournment Motion that had been moved by the Leader of Government Business and Vice-President, Mr Moody Awori, after both the Opposition and Government backbenchers ganged up, blurring the line between Government and Opposition and defeating the principle of collective responsibility for ministers.

President rejected MPs Sh3 million gratuity

Legislators are said to have been angered by the Government move to seek adjournment yet they had demanded to have the Statute Law Miscellaneous Amendment Bill brought to the House for debate.

The Bill, which came up for debate in Parliament on Thursday, was seen as being used by MPs to blackmail the Government after it provided for a gratuity of Sh1.5 million for each MP, far lower than the Sh6 million proposed earlier.

On Thursday, sources at the State House meeting told The Standard that the President was unhappy with persistent quorum hitches in the House resulting in failure to pass Government Bills.

The sources said the President told the ministers and Assistant ministers that it was their responsibility to be in the House to ensure there was quorum and therefore that Government Bills sailed through.

The President reportedly told the ministers to work as a team and temporarily suspend other engagements to attend all sessions to ensure that the Government did not lose again.

Sources said the President expressed concern that some ministers deliberately avoided Parliament when crucial Bills come up for debate.

“The President was not happy and he told us that we had let him down before Kenyans who expected us to deliver as a Government,” said a source.

The President rejected members demands to have them paid Sh3 million each as gratuity, but agreed to their getting Sh1.5 million as had been recommended by the Cockar report, said the source.

The President is said to have told the ministers that he was ready to work with all political parties.

The sources said the Head of State told them that if political parties worked in harmony, there was no doubt he would be re-elected.

No snap elections

The sources further said the President assured his ministers that the life of the current Parliament would go to the full term and that the polls will be held in December and, therefore, there was need for them to carry on with House business.

Earlier, several ministers cancelled, postponed or delegated their other engagements to be at State House for the meeting.

Cabinet minister, Dr Noah Wekesa, who was attending an official function in Kisumu, had to return to Nairobi to attend Parliament after he was told what transpired at the meeting.

“I have to rush to Nairobi and attend Parliament proceedings this afternoon,” said the Science and Technology minister.

Meanwhile, First Lady Mrs Lucy Kibaki has hit out at MPs over the persistent lack of quorum.

She said that the quorum hitches had seriously hindered House business leading to a backlog of pending Bills.

“This is a very serious affair. The country has never seen MPs who stayed away from the Chambers before like is the case today,” she observed, adding: “Some of us were disappointed on that day”.
She blamed the death of the Bill seeking to set aside 50 special seats for women on male MPs who walked out of the Chambers.She dismissed as flimsy excuse claims that the Bill was not properly brought before the House. She said those saying that the seats were meant for women in Nairobi were wrong “because the MPs were to debate and decide how the seats were to be distributed”.

The First Lady was speaking at Ukia Girls Secondary School in Kaiti Constituency on the occasion of the Anglican Church of Kenya Mothers Union Annual Conference.

Present were local MP Mr Gedion Ndambuki, Manpower Development Assistant Minister Ms Adelina Mwau, ACK Machakos Bishop Joseph Kanuku and Makueni DC Mr James Mwaura.

Mrs Kibaki said the Ninth Parliament had frustrated President Kibakis efforts to put the Affirmative Action in place.

Additional reporting by Beauttah Omanga

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Raila’s ODM is not registered: The group may be locked out if the government influences ECK and Registrar of societies

Posted by African Press International on August 24, 2007

Publication Date: 8/24/2007
Hundreds of politicians, including some presidential aspirants, may be barred from running for Parliament this year should the Electoral Commission of Kenya make good its threat to block candidates from parties that fail to comply with their own nomination rules.

Ms Eunice Kiriro Msagha, a clerk with ECK (left) registers voters in Kilifi in the recently concluded registration drive. The polls team has laid down tough new rules to govern nominations. Parties that fail to meet their own internal regulations will have their candidates locked out of the next General Election. Photo/FILE

ECK chairman Samuel Kivuitu has written to all the registered political parties, warning them that they must set and comply with nomination rules, in a move that is intended to help restore order among the chaotic and unregulated organisations. He says the parties must publish the rules and strictly adhere to them.

In one of the tough proposed measures, returning officers have been instructed to reject any candidates who fail to demonstrate that their parties carried out proper nominations.

Welcomed move

ODM and Narc-Kenya welcomed the move by the ECK.

Narc-Kenya executive director Sande Oyolo said the party had already set rules on nominations.

We have already pre-empted them, Mr Oyolo said in a telephone conversation with the Nation.

Mr Oyolo said the party had mandated Energy minister Kiraitu Murungi to work on nomination rules for the December elections.

On his part, ODM secretary-general Peter Anyang Nyongo said the rules were not knew.

That has always been the case since the 1992 elections, Prof Nyongo said.

He said ODM would adhere to the rules and cautioned against some ECK officials using the rules to wrongly punish some candidates.

The commission has drawn up a raft of rules to be followed by political parties in naming their candidates to comply with the law. They are as follows:

  • Parties must have written rules or regulations governing nominations;
  • Registered political parties should send their nomination rules or regulations to the ECK;
  • The nominations must adhere to these rules;
  • ECK officials will scrutinise the process to ensure that parties and candidates adhered fully to the rules and regulations before giving them nomination certificates;
  • Parties which fail to follow the proper procedure will have their candidates barred from participating in elections.

If effected, the conditions could spell doom for briefcase political parties, whose only requirement before candidates are nominated is the payment of fees.ECK records

The situation is messy in the 150 political parties in the ECK records.

With four months to the next General Election, it is not clear, for instance, on which party President Kibaki will seek re-election to his second and final five-year term. At least three political parties, Democratic Party (DP) of Kenya, Narc and Narc Kenya are claiming that he is their man.

And on the Opposition side, the split in the Orange Democratic Movement has created an interesting field, with Langata MP Raila Odinga and his Mwingi North counterpart, Mr Kalonzo Musyoka, leading each faction.

Both are planning their separate National Delegates Conferences to name their candidates to run against President Kibaki without even holding grassroots elections. Controversy has also arisen over who has a right to control the delegates, whom both camps are claiming as their own.

Registered parties

The new rules are contained in letters to the secretaries-general and party leaders of all the registered political parties. Mr Kivuitu said all the parties must follow their nomination procedures as spelt our in their constitutions.

He put on notice parties that do not have nomination rules, urging them to formulate and forward the same to his office.

In any case ECK will not recognise any alleged candidates from a registered political party unless such a party had previously supplied the ECK with a copy of rules and regulations for candidate nominations through its chairman, the memo signed by Mr Kivuitu read in part.

Invoking the provision of Section 123 (1) of the constitution of Kenya and Section 17 of the National Assembly and Presidential Elections Act (Cap 7), Kivuitu said: The ECK promises to adhere strictly with these laws when time comes.

The law recognises a political party as one which is duly registered and which has complied with the requirements or rules of nominating candidates for the National Assembly.

Reiterating that it is not enough for a political party to be merely registered, the ECK chairman ruled that a party must have rules or regulations for the nomination of its candidates to Parliament.

And these rules and regulations must comply with a law made by Parliament for the purpose, said Mr Kivuitu.

And that law is the one identified as Section 17 of national Assembly and Presidential Elections Act (Cap 7). Section 17 (1) of this Act states: A person shall be deemed to be nominated by a political party for election as a member of the National Assembly for purpose of paragraph (d) of section 34 of the constitution if one is selected in the manner provided for in the constitution or rules of the political party concerned relating to members of that party who wish to contest Parliamentary elections and subject to subsection (4), the party certifies the selection to the Electoral Commission.

Paragraph (d) of Section 34 of the constitution referred to is that provision which makes it mandatory for a candidate to the National Assembly to be nominated by a political party for the elections.

Mr Kivuitu extended the net to include the nominations for the election of councillors.

On the strength of the provisions of Section 58 (2) of the Local Government Act, these constitutional and legislative provisions apply with equal force to the nomination of candidates for Local Government elections, read the terse statement.

Running into trouble

This effectively means that all registered political parties must do a reality check to establish whether they are within the stipulated guidelines before running into trouble.

This is an early warning to the political parties, most of which are just about to start nominating their with presidential, parliamentary and civic candidates.

Commenting on the ECK directive, Maendeleo ya Wanawake Organisation chairperson Rukia Subow told the Nation in Nairobi that in the past, party nominations have been largely fraudulent and have largely favoured men.

Ms Rukia said: People would come to a nomination station and cause havoc, carry away all the nomination documents and later announce their favourite candidates as the winners from the partys headquarters. This has to stop.

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AU envoy arrives in Sudan for consultations on Darfur

Posted by African Press International on August 24, 2007

Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) African Union Special Envoy for Darfur Salim Ahmed Salim arrived in Sudan late on Wednesday for a week-long visit to consult on the preparations for the upcoming negotiations on Darfur.

The visit comes shortly after that of his United Nations counterpart Jan Eliasson and is a follow-up to the Arusha meeting of the Non-Signatory Parties to the Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA), held on 3-5 August 2007.

Africa Union officials told APA that Salim has already started consultations in Khartoum with senior government officials including Foreign Minister Lam Akol and National Intelligence and Security Services director-general Gen. Sallah Gosh.

He has also held extensive consultations with the DPA-Darfur Peace Agreement signatories in Khartoum.

He is scheduled to meet with womens groups in Khartoum before leaving for El Fasher on Sunday, where he will meet with senior officials of the African mission in Sudan including Gen. Martin Luther Agwai, the force commander at the missions Forward Headquarters in Darfur.

He will also meet with the deputy joint special representative of the United Nations- African Union mission in Darfur, Gen. Henry Anyidoho.

Salim will pay a courtesy call on the governor (wali) of the North Darfur State before travelling to Zallingei where he is scheduled to discuss the peace process with Darfurian leaders and civil society representatives.

On Monday, he will travel to the capital of West Darfur State, El Geneina, where he will meet with the wali, representatives of internally displaced Darfurians, leaders of civil society organizations and traditional authorities.

He will return to Khartoum on Tuesday on 28 August and brief the international community, including international non-governmental organizations on his consultations in Darfur.

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Sonia Gandhi returns home earlier than expected from her trip to South Africa

Posted by African Press International on August 24, 2007

Pretoria (South Africa) Visiting leader of Indias ruling Congress Party, Sonia Gandhi, on Thursday cut her four-day visit to South Africa by dropping Durban, a seaside city in the Kwa Zulu Natal Province, from her itinerary.

She arrived in the country on Tuesday.

\”Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have now arranged for the Congress President to visit only Johannesburg and Cape Town,\” a spokesperson of the Indian High Commission told reporters at a media briefing in Pretoria on Thursday.

Although the spokesperson did not give any reasons for this change, it was understood that she cut short her visit in the wake of a stand-off between her Indian government and its Leftist allies over the Indo-US nuclear deal.

But Gandhi met the country\s former president, Nelson Mandela, in Johannesburg on Wednesday, and will hold talks with President Thabo Mbeki and his Deputy Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka on Thursday in Cape Town.

South Africas foreign ministry said that in addition to holding talks with Mbeki, Gandhi would also meet Mbeki\s wife, Zanele, in Cape Town on Thursday.

Gandhi is expected to deliver a lecture at the University of Cape Town as part of the centennial celebrations marking the beginning of Mohandas Gandhi\s Satyagraha, or \”Truth Force\” movement, which made the young Indian lawyer, who spent time in South Africa, a global icon of peace.

The Italian-born Gandhi inherited the mantle of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty from her assassinated husband, Rajiv Gandhi.

Rajiv was the son and grandson of two other prime ministers.

Now 60, Gandhi was elected leader of the country\s largest party in 1998, and in 2004 rejected the chance to become the nation\s leader, instead hand-picked Manmohan Singh as Indian prime minister.

Neither Sonia Gandhi nor her late husband, Rajiv, is related to Mohandas Gandhi.

Rajiv Gandhi is the son of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and the grandson of its first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.

India, which became independent from Britain 60 years ago, is the worlds largest democracy, with a population of slightly over one billion.

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Nigeria to train 220 Liberian military personnel

Posted by African Press International on August 24, 2007

APA-Lagos, (Nigeria) The Minister of Defence of Nigeria, Alhaji Yayale Ahmed on Thursday revealed in Abuja, that his ministry has admitted 220 Liberian military personnel into the its Armed Forces Staff College located in Jaji Plateau state, north central Nigeria for training, APA has learnt.

At the signing of a Memorandum of understanding between both countries, Thursday, Ahmed said five of the trainees will become Officers; three senior officers, two junior officers, while 15 will become cadets and 200 will be enlisted men.

The agreement covers training, equipment and providing conducive environment for both countries to know they are each others keeper, and would ensure that by the time Liberia gains its stand and strength there would be a force committed with the necessary training that could really be put to test anywhere in the world, Ahmed said.

Liberias Minister of National Defence of Liberia, Brownie Samukai Jr. led his countrys delegation to Nigeria.

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Posted by African Press International on August 24, 2007

Luanda (Angola) The finals of the 24th African Basketball Championship for men will be played Saturday by the host country Angola and Cameroon, APAhas learnt.

In the semi-finals played on Thursday in the Angolan capital Angola, the host country beat Cape Verde (93-60) while Cameroon beat Egypt (58-52).

This is an all-time finals as it oppose Angola, an eight-time African Champion, to Cameroon, which is a novice attaining this stage of the competition for the first time.

The African Champion will represent Africa at the Olympic Games in Beijing, China, in 2008.


Semi-finals Angola Cap Verde 93-60 Cameroon Egypt 58-52

Other matches Liberia DR Congo 84-92 Mozambique South Africa 85-97 Mali Rwanda 78-74 Morocco Senegal 68-79 Central African Republic Cote d\Ivoire 69-63 Nigeria Tunisia

Rankings 5th: Nigeria or Tunisia 6th: Tunisia or Nigeria 7th: Central African Republic 8th: Cote d\Ivoire 9th: Senegal 10th: Morocco 11th: Mali 12th: Rwanda 13th: South Africa 14th: Mozambique 15th: DR Congo 16th: Liberia

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Posted by African Press International on August 24, 2007

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