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A Mozambican court has stripped parental powers from the country’s most famous child, Rosita Pedro Mabuiango

Posted by African Press International on July 23, 2007

Maputo (Mozambique) A Mozambican court has stripped parental powers from the country\s most famous child, Rosita Pedro Mabuiango, after a court found him guilty of stealing state goods and property donated to the infant, Radio Mozambique has reported

The court has now entirely entrusted all of Rositas possessions to her mother, who has developed a troubled relationship with her husband.

Baby Rosita, aged 7, was born in a tree as the crocodile-infested floodwaters of Mozambique\s Limpopo River swirled around her and her terrified mother Sofia Cherindza in 2000.

At the time, the country was grappled with deadly floods that claimed over 700 lives.

The birth of Rosita, who became an instant baby celebrity, brought critical worldwide attention and US$500 million in international aid to Mozambiques worst emergency in 50 years.

But according to Radio Mozambique, the Chibuto District Court has found that the goods donated to the family by the government and by foreign and local well-wishers, which included livestock, a refrigerator, a generator and a solar panel, had all been sold by Rositas father Salvador Mabuiango.

We have found that the father has sold the child\s property. And we have been unable to recover most of the goods,\” the Chibuto district attorney, Jose dos Santos, told the national broadcaster.

Dos Santos said all the court could do was remove Mabuiango\s paternal power of the child and declare that, from henceforth, all of Rosita\s property would be handled exclusively by her mother.

A recent APA visit to Chibuto established that the house given by the government had cracked walls, leaking roofs and the cattle given by the government had already been slaughtered and some of it sold.

The government had given assistance for Rosita and her family, providing them with a new house, furniture, a farm, four head of oxen and bank accounts containing money for Rosita\s education.

But everything went horribly wrong when Rosita\s father, Salvador Mabuiango, decided to steal the goods that had been lavished on his daughter.

Rositas mother, Sofia Cherindza, expressed her satisfaction over the court ruling.

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