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Protests by the passengers of an Air France Paris-Bamako flight Sunday led to the cancellation

Posted by African Press International on May 29, 2007

Paris (France) Protests by the passengers of an Air France Paris-Bamako flight Sunday led to the cancellation of the travel, APA has learnt.

The disclosure was made by the Rseau Education sans frontiers (RESF – Borderless Education Network), an organisation supporting the families of undocumented aliens.

RESF said a man in his forties had embarked on Air France flight AF 796 en route to his native Mali, after being deported for lack of residential permit.

But the sans-papiers (undocumented aliens) were roughly treated, worsening the already tense situation, the network reported.

The passengers handed a joint statement to the networks members, who were dispatched to the airport to see what was happening.

The passengers gave a detailed report of the aborted deportation.

A few minutes before the doors were closed, we heard screams from the back of the plane, the scenario of a usual deportation, two people attempting to control a violently struggling man in his forties…

A violent scene ensued, with one of the police officers trying to strangle the passenger, while the other was punching him on him stomach. His wails turned into hoarse complaints, they said.

Among the boos of the passengers, the man was finally strapped to restraint. He fainted, with his eyes rolled upward, his tongue hanging out, his lips mossy. The police officers were caught in panic and decided to rush the man to hospital.

Many passengers thought the man was dead, which heightened the emotion, with women crying, others coming from all the corners of the plane, increasing the confusion.

The man was evacuated to an unknown destination, while one of the passengers, reported to be the leader of the protest, was remanded in custody.

The crackdown angered RESF, which is seeking to answer a series of questions about the undocumented alien.

How is his health condition? Where is he? What will become of him?

RESF said such extremely violent practices are unacceptable and demanded that no legal action be taken against Dubois or any other passenger.

The organisation urged Air France to assume its responsibilities toward the passengers, saying “beside transporting them, it is also responsible for their security.

RESF called the French carrier to condemn the violence in the strongest possible terms.

It was the police brutality that forced the passengers to intervene to stop it in the face of Air Frances inaction, the network argued.

Published by Korir, African Press in Norway (APN)/ African Press International (API) tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525 source.apa

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Kenya: A personal message from Apostle Solomon

Posted by African Press International on May 29, 2007

Thank you editor for the good work that you are doing and the Lord bless your work.

Well, today I am back and I want to talk about what is going on in Kenya now. As you see things the man Raila is the one to watch. He is ahead of all those who are in ODM-K presidentialrace.

After he got his car “the hummer”, things have really changed, and I am going to say as we see now he will win the presidentcial race. This man called Ruto wanted to return his kanu team to Kibaki to support him, but things have changed. Also the man Kalonzo does not have power to win the presidency. Uhuru is locked up in Kanu affairs. As we hear from his family, he wants his party as tool to support Kibaki who is his friend.

But up to now things are really good for raila as we see he whole community of kalenjins are for him. We must remember Kalonzo has some linkwith the Kikuyus who are his best friends and will easily come out of line as soon as he is elected.

Also Iam not happy with the way the Kikuyus are attacking Bishop Gilbert Deya that he sells children. This is envy. You know Gilbert is from Raila’s tribe and those who are from the Mt. Kenya do not want any one else to be above them.

Up to now the president does not have a party to use in getting back to the presidency. What I am saying here is thatRaila will win the presidency.

By apostle solomon

Published byAfrican Press in Norway, (APN)/ African Press International, API tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

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Kenya: Are those surrounding Raila honest with him or are just bunch sycophants?

Posted by African Press International on May 29, 2007

Are thosesurrounding Raila honest with him or are just bunch sycophants, shameless opportunists and indiscipline politicians only interested in wining elections posts and getting appointments in case Raila became the next President?

Why are receiving mixed signals from the so called Raila’s die hard supportersboth here in diaspora and inKenyaon the serious Majimbo debate ?Someone maywonder whether these group aregenuinely supports his political philosophy or they are just interestedhow they can smartly misuse him to get favorsto win elections or get public appointments oncehebecame Kenyan fourthPresident.

Why are these group donot back the Majimbo call ? While Raila stated so well in all his campaign trails applications to Kenyans and the world that in his government will re-introduced the Majimbosm, hepubliclyIncorporated Majimbo in his Presidential launching in recently in Nairobi.

Are these Raila’s supporters or just schemers with no compassion for the state of Kenyans ?Or is Raila’s playing political gimmicks with Kenyans just as Kibaki gave empty promise to Kenyans about offering new constitutions within 100 days in 2003 ?

By Rev Okoth Otura,

Published by Korir, African Press in Norway (APN)/ African Press International (API) tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

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Kenya: The battle for Majimbosm constitution reforms in Kenya, is a deep wound in many hearts and souls of existing and fallen veterans agents of change

Posted by African Press International on May 29, 2007

The battle for Majimbosm constitution reforms in Kenya, is a deep wound inmany hearts and soulsof existing andfallenveteransagentsof change,who lost their compatriots in the course of this long struggle since 1965, through assassinations, maiming in torture chambers, detentionsor fledto exile and never to be heard again. TheLuo community were the main culprits till today.

During this periodofstruggle the fundamental core issuewasthe strongbiasedof thegovernment means and ways of directingservices to the Kenyan citizens by the institutionalized corrupt bureaucraticstealing of otherregionaltaxes remittance, andunequal distribution ofNationalresources, whichwillneverbe attained through the current UNITARY SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT.

Therefore,we should admit that it was a big mistake forthe founder fathers of our Nation such as (the late Jaramogi ,Adala Ouko, TJ Mboya, the only existing Kapenguria detainee Mzee Ramogi Achieng Oneko and many others ) to have scraped the Majimbo System immediately theycame to power and replacingit unworkable unitary system of government.

Kenyans need to domore research once again onaboutpre-Independence constitution reformstruggle history, andfind out whatwas the blue print of the popular system for a continual economical power and democratic distribution of resources which would sustained our Country has a super economical power in the Commonwealth membership categories. It is definite that it was the Majimbo System, which the greedy Kenyatta and Kibaki killed through drafting of sessional paper 65 making Nyanza and N/Eastern Provincesnon-economical regions.

In my earlier days in the constitution reformsstruggle under the discipleship ofbothlate Bishop Dr Henry Okullo and the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga (who were the only voicesfor voiceless, and survived by the grace of God underformer notorious KenyaSecurity Special Branchunit 24 hrs surveillance duringthe brutal Kenyatta’s and Moi’s government regimes).

It was through the pulpit that Bishop Dr Henry Okullolounched and pioneer vigorous constitution reforms withno fear, he initiated politicsof Church and Stateparticipatory componenta long side withmany cells of underground movements, which finally led the Churches to formalizing alternative forum to disseminate the desirable type of the government system which would be best adapted for the future of Kenya.

In this duration, at acertain point, after research across the system of the of the world governmentsbythe involvement andsupport of over 25 countries major donors throughtheirEmbassies inNairobi, the church arrived to conclusion that Kenya will only be peaceful and prosperous if we adapt the Regional Type of Government (MAJIMBOISM)as the last solution to save our country from economical and political crisis. Switzerland Regional typegovernment wasfavored across the board, justas it was in the original paper of the British Colonial Government asthe best system of pre-Independence constitutions,and was backed strongly by the the late Ronald Ngala,Daniel Arap Moiand Martin Shikuku both of original KADU party.

It was unfortunate that the Kikuyu’s clerics were against the said, through the influence Mwai Kibaki who by then was the Vice-President. Infact, Kibaki having knew the intention of the Britain to 1960’s hand power before the release of Kenyatta to Late Tom Mboya andlate Jaramogi Oginga Odinga withMajimbosm System type of government, he had to thwart the second attempt though his Kikuyus Clerics proxies.

The formation of Christian Democratic Movement of Kenya (CDMK), in Switzerland in 2004 was tocampaign for the re-introduction of Majimboism and we will opposed anybody or group which do not back this popular call.

CDMKis prepared to bring aboutRegional System in Kenyaat all cost and no threat or intimidation will stop us from giving Kenyans the best system for political and economical sustainability.

It is unfortunate that the Kenyan politicians leaders have became transparent liars and are all dented economical crime and yet they have blinded the impoverished Kenyan population through political gimmicks and bribes from their own taxes.

By Re Okoth Otuira,

Published by Korir, African Press in Norway (APN) /African Press International (API) tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

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